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SoonR: Not so useful after all May 22, 2006

Filed under: Uncategorized — Tom @ 7:31 pm

I looked deeper into SoonR, something I previously thought was useful. It turns out you have to either download their phone app or use your phone’s browser (their site isn’t too clear on which) that allows you to select a buddy or phone number to call. It then calls your phone and once you pick up, calls your buddy. This isn’t what TechCrunch promised me!

My dream, and I think it already exists in the form of an expensive physical accessory for your computer, is the ability to call my SkypeIn number, put in my pin or whatever (which wouldn’t be necessary for calls from my cell as it would be on the Me list), and then dial the skypeout number. This would allow me to call canada (until the end of 2006) for free! I don’t want to load up a web browser or use an app that probably doesn’t work on my V710 in order to activate this in a roundabout manner, I want to have old school calling card functionality.



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