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IMVU spam? June 6, 2006

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02:02 -!- SyntheticSlut ( has joined #bs
02:02 Hi,
02:02 Just thought you might like to check out this free 3D instant
02:02 messaging software. It’s called IMVU, and it’s an easy
02:02 way to chat, meet new people, and build a customized 3D identity.
02:02 -!- SyntheticSlut ( has quit: Client exited

(Edit Mar 6, 2008: Mac users, complain to IMVU, not me. You’re free to vent in the comments, but this is their official mac stance, and by expressing interest to them you might help change things.)


106 Responses to “IMVU spam?”

  1. nick botulism Says:

    i got a ton of IMVU spam to my catch-all email address the other day (on my domain), each one claiming it ‘wasn’t spam’. i haven’t seen the irc spam yet though.

    • My soon to be wife, by fault of her own bought VIP when she ment to buy only 5000 credits. Now we’ve been searching the imvu site for 2 days now and cant seem to find any not one mention of how to cancel VIP as she does not want to be charged $10.00 a month for something she never intended on purchasing.

      I can’t believe how hard it is to navigate the imvu website; information that should be at hand is hidden behind link after link. If the information is available at all. Something I’m pretty sure is in legal violation. We are now left with calling out credit card company to cancel our card.

      So yes IMVU does SUCK …IMVU its time to smarten up its not like your Microsoft

      • Sarah Says:

        She wont be, Its by month you have to renew it. So they wont keep it going unless she buys another month of it.

  2. Dusty Says:

    I work at IMVU. IMVU does not spam. I don’t know why SyntheticSlut is spamming IRC rooms… While we do have a referral program of sorts, this user did not even post a link.

    If you are getting IMVU email on your catch-all email address, then it is because one of our users must have registered an account using such an email address. (And opted in to all the email types you are receiving, IMVU is opt-in only).

    Every single one of our email types is opt-in only, and each has a one-click link for removing yourself from future mailings.

    We take spam very seriously.

    • uck U :) Says:

      Oh that’s to bad ther person guy or girl Cause guess what Someone -and it was marked IMVU- JUST SPAMMED MY NON NON-SPAM EMAIL ACCOUNT TA TA TAAAAA! So what do you have to say for these allagaions on your company or persons useing their software cause that’s all it is and to me and I hope others software is crap. Hardware is where it is at. That’s that only way you can get things done right. I also don’t care if you peopel say they don’t spam I would have had a SPAM Fing free account if it was not for “their” lack of sencorship of spam Thanks . 😐 Also go head and spam the email I used for this rant cause I know no one will do anything about it anyway F***. I don’t get it Why do you IDIOTs like SPAMMING go get a F***** lifeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

      • Noneofyourbusines. Says:

        Never ever heard heard of IMVU so why did i get 4 mains in row? How the hell did you get my mail?

  3. Tom Sucks Says:

    Dusty: I know IMVU did not spam, and I defended your company in IRC afterward (I have known about it since beta, and used to play There). Other users were quicker to judge.

    We also agreed “why did they not post the referral link?”

    Do you plan on a mac version of IMVU?

  4. Dusty Says:

    no macs

  5. Cassie Says:

    Dusty, you are not planning on a Mac version? REALLY? I own a Mac, and therefore cannot use IMVU. **raises eyebrow**

  6. Flock Sucks Says:


    How are you finding my blog? This can’t be terribly popular. Also, I can easily believe it, it’s the same tech used for and they noted that they will never make a mac version. It is obviously easy, they use the cross-platform Shockwave, and just wrap it for Windows. It could be easily wrapped for other platforms.

  7. takeda Says:

    IMVU are f*cking spammers.

    I found this website because I just received spam from user

    If the company is legitimate and really cares about not spamming people you SHOULD HAVE link where people could report users.

    Since no such link exists (or is really well hidden) you’re no better than any other spamers (you just use your users to spam other people)

  8. mal Says:

    why not just make IMVU for a mac already so everyone could play

  9. Dusty… Maybe it was a one-off that you posted here or something but either way… If you read this, the other day (no sorry I do not remember the date) got predits for a referral to a user in NZ (mzmisery or something, again i’m an idiot and didnt ask questions) anyway the referrer is in the US and doesn’t know (m)any kiwis to invite, and has never (apparently) actually ever invited anyone or distributed urls or links for referrals or anything. Nobody’s complaining really but I thought you might find it interesting.

    Also you’re doin a good job really, Dusty. Some people must think “job” or “work” means “sit around eating donuts” or something but yeh.

  10. Christian Says:

    I got an email with codes to put a referral link on my myspace profile. Unfortunately it got deleted. Where can i get it back?

  11. nick Says:

    No mac??? No surprises there – it should be made law that if you write a program for windows it should support (or they should make a seperate program that supports) all platforms including Mac OSX, Linux and Unix otherwise Microsoft will continue to unfairly have a monopoly on the market. This means no new OS will ever get big or challenge Windows as people will not buy it if software is sparse and software will not be made available for new platforms until it’s widely used. The Mac OSX is now bigger than ever with more homes and business’ making the switch than ever before. If IMVU has no plans for a mac version then remove the part that says one will be written off of the website because it means you are getting people to sign (mac users) through deception and if that is so then IMVU’s sponsers and companies that advertise are paying for advertising space on the basis of false membership and hit numbers. This is all a bit shady if you ask me!

  12. Meatball Jones Says:

    OK, get that Mac version ASAP! It’s so unfair! especially to those of us who HAVE to use mac (either school or work) and we want to chat too!!!

  13. Dude Says:

    I think the guys at IMVU are retarted! Make the mac now, I wont switch to a PC just for IMVU, no, I just wont use the shit. F**K YOU IMVU YOU SUCK!

  14. Storm Says:

    I signed up for IMVU because I had a friend on it, and I was assured (by the IMVU website) that as soon as IMVU came out of ‘beta’, there would be a Mac version. If this is not true, I will not stay, simply because I can’t use the program for the purpose that I’d originally come to IMVU for — to chat with my friend and her friends who do have it.

    I am -very- surprised that IMVU doesn’t plan a Mac version. We’ve got over a dozen households in our immediate circle of acquaintances who’ve switched to Mac in the past 6 months — and now that we’ve switched, we won’t go back!

    I’d reconsider a company decision that cuts out Macs. It makes no business sense to cut out Macs. You’ll be cutting a large proportion of the people who are willing to -pay- for quality hard and software (and who have put their money where their mouths are by purchasing a top-quality computer already!)


  15. Draconovich Says:

    Actually, there IS a way to jerryrig things so IMVU can work.

    All it requires is
    1.Dual Proccessor Intel Mac
    2. Parallells ($49.99)
    3.Windows. ($199.99 for XPHome Version.)

    So, for almost $250, one can feasibly rig their Mac to run IMVU.

    1. $250 for a freeware program? Come on.
    2. The second you use the Windows OS for an internet application your Windows partition of your HD is a big shiny golden piece of virus/hacker/trojan bait. Though, your OSX side will still work.
    3. There’s always an alternative freeware communication system. GaiaOnline, while a message board, is QUITE a bit of fun and friendly to any OS.

    I am VERY interested in IMVU should the day come when it is truly available for the OSX side. Until then, there’s always good ol Ichat.

  16. KC Says:

    K, so IMVUs admins probably all own PC’s, so what? Lots of people who buy virus free computers, buy macs. Myself? I own a mac desktop, and windows laptop, my mac has been with me for a year now, works unbelievably good, my laptop? With me for 2 months, it goes slower than time. Now a lot of PC users say Mac sucks. Well, bite me because it is faster, has better pixels, and is easy to use. Now I use my laptop to use IMVU, but, it freezes half way through the program. Not a glitch, all my friends use it and theres doesnt freeze, it just runs terribly slow. Now on mac, ive compared games on PC to mac, mac runs smoother with better graphics. So please, for the good of about the 25% of households that use mac instead of windows. Make an IMVU for mac. Thanks for your time.

  17. juicy Says:

    Hello, i have a mac, and it really sucks that there is no IMVU available for macs. The game is so fun. Make IMVU for Macs, Thanks

  18. abby Says:

    right, just make imvu for macs, because it is just so simple, more people are buying and using macs these days, and if people convert to mac, im sure they wouldnt go back to a pc, because mac’s are great, and there is alot of functions and programmes, so basically, lesser people will go on imvu with more people switching to a mac, and i dont think the people working at imvu would actually want their sales to drop with a decrease in members, because that would be stupid and dumb, so make imvu work for macs, it would help everybody more .

    and i do love imvu, and i have a mac and two pc’s , but it does annoy me that i have to constantly switch computers just to play imvu, so i dont use it often, and im sure people wouldnt too, cos it would be a hassle .

  19. dave Says:

    “So please, for the good of about the 25% of households that use mac instead of windows. Make an IMVU for mac. Thanks for your time.”

    hate to be the bearer pf bad news but the % of people who use a mac is 4% the % who use linux is 2% and other is 1%

    seriously though i know its all ‘cool’ to be a mac loving yuppie but the interface sucks and look like it was designed by a 5 year old, when will apple learn people want mice with 2 buttons and dont want to pay out of their arse for every minor OS upgrade.

  20. dave Says:

    alsp hate to point this out to everyone, but imvu is a piece of fucking shit, why anyone would use it over bog standard msn/aim is only because their a self centered dickhead.

  21. kl Says:

    You think the design on windows is better ? :O Get your eyes fixed, Apple’s design is MUCH better! In comparison with Apple windows seems to be at least 5 years older ! It’s angular and uggly !
    Apples design actually looked a bit like windows design (

  22. kl Says:

    continuing.. (nowadays)- for 5 years ago.

  23. nikki Says:

    I got my friends to join thinking we would have alot of fun, but half of us have macs so none of us joined. macs are the future. you are just losing buisness.

  24. dinio Says:

    I agree with everyone who has posted detailed complains. It might be hard to believe, but guess what? everyone is using macs. Its the best kind around. I mean for the sweet name of christ… just make a mac version. Is it really that hard?

  25. jns81 Says:

    yeah yeah, mac rules!

  26. jns81 Says:

    And yes, that definitely looks like SPAM up there!

  27. Tom Sucks Says:

    while i’m a mac user you’re all faggots

  28. sarah Says:

    i canot believe that in 2007 a wedbsite like imvu doesnt support is absolutley unacceptable. mac is the future and most ppl use mac for crying out loud . i used to have a pc but it broke now i have mac book pro it is awsome but it wont work with i mvu and i have a avi already . i think IMVU SHOULD ALSO BE FOR MAC NO ECUSES. thanks for ur time

  29. sarah Says:


  30. LaRa Says:

    U better bloody make one for mac cas i can shut ur bloody imvu down with one finger and i anit jokin!!!!!


    Love Lara your favorite person in the world MWA XoXOxoOXXoo

  31. bman Says:

    HEY!! WTF ABOUT A LINUX VERSION!!!????? I run SuSE 10.2 and I WANNA RUN IMVU!!!

  32. l.flame Says:

    make imvu for macs i use a mac everyone uses macs so make it for macks ok shitheads

  33. jackjoe Says:

    FUCK IMVU they’re so fucking gay hat they dont make fucking IMVU for MAC ive always had MAC’s in my household and never had any complains! Fuck MICROSOFT! fuckers

  34. Bea Says:

    Hi, im bea from the Philippines, and i have a boyfriend who is from the UK, and he invited me to join IMVU so we could chat and have fun at the same time, but the problem is — im a mac user. Is there any possibility that IMVU would have a Mac Version for mac Users? Pls dont ignore these comments from me and other Mac users, its really irritating, you would lose a lot of members here in IMVU. Im sure. ty

  35. tomblag Says:

    yeh it is really annoing, ive recently moved to mac and just discovered IMVU, i just wanted to give it go but no, no mac version. Even though theres an extensive volume of complaints on this forum (and undoubtably on others) nothing appears to be being done about it.The bottom line is if a mac version were produced the company would receive more money from advertising thus boosting IMVU in the market, and generally making IMVU a more realistic competitor in the world of online chat, SO MAKE A FUCKING MAC VERION YOU BASTARDS!!!!!

  36. Bea Says:

    Pls, we need the Mac Version, come on.

  37. boy Says:

    DUSTY, You said that you work for IMVU. When asked back in June 2006, you said “no macs” and that was all that you said. IMVU still says that a Mac version is being worked on. So I’m just wanting to know if IMVU is in fact working on a Macintosh version of the software, or has the Macintosh version been discontinued? Thank you.


    P.S. Please forgive my fellow Macintosh users for being so harsh. When we find a piece of software that we enjoy, we like to be able to use it. We all love IMVU and just want to be able to use it on the OS that we love. Also, do you have any information about any versions of IMVU being put out for any other OS? There are Linux people out there who love the software as well.

  38. john citizen Says:

    Shut em down. there never going to listen to us, because where mac users which apparently, in the world of software development makes us ga fucking fags, and if you go to them with anny figure thell probably sue you for blackmail and then 3 minutes later your house wwill be surrounded by fckin paralegals.

  39. Jooo Says:

    Hey, IMVU looks abit crap and for 13 years olds.
    BUT i see everyones point, in my house i use a macbook and we have a g4 family mac.
    Why dont some crazy styled mac nerd make some stuff JUST for mac’s…really amazing awesome stuff!…
    saying that we are already doing much more stuff with graphics and music that NO PC user could do.
    so bad on PC users!

  40. Joanne Says:

    Way too many of my friends, and way too many people that I know use macs for you guys to just give up on it all together. Nobody really even uses windows any more, at least not by me they don’t! They all either use macs or are thinking about/are switching. I would love to be able to use IMVU with my friends, it’s just a shame that there isn’t a mac version out =(

  41. Rachel Says:

    I think they SHOULD make IMVU for mac! they have had a lot of time to start making one, but instead they are making new things for the people that CAN play IMVU.
    Macs, i think, are 99.9 % BETTER then PCs. they are MUCH faster and if IMVU made a mac version they would get THOUSANDS of more users because of how many people use macs. MIddle schools and highschools are switching to use ALL macs. I have seen beilive me.
    please make anb IMVU for macs… PLEASE! thanks

  42. haley Says:

    haley is sad, you see, she really wants to play with IMVU but haley has a mac…please mac time now?

  43. avi2kat Says:

    I have a mac. I wont exchange it for a PC for the world. I would love to use IMVU but alas, no luck. I wont put windows XP on my mac either. So untill they make it for Macs.. I wont be a IMVU member.

  44. glenn Says:

    IMVU is shit! I use a mac and I couldn’t give two fucks if they don’t have a mac version. Why are all you mac fans making a big deal out of this because it is absoloute shite!!!

  45. haley Says:

    you know why glenn? because i dont wanna buy a new computer for a free program… does that make sense?

  46. krissy Says:

    yeah it sucks that they dont make IMVU for mac does anyone know something like IMVU that IS for mac???Cause IMVU was really fun and now im like…o wow…no mac version…help?


  47. tj Says:

    “””“So please, for the good of about the 25% of households that use mac instead of windows. Make an IMVU for mac. Thanks for your time.”

    hate to be the bearer pf bad news but the % of people who use a mac is 4% the % who use linux is 2% and other is 1%

    seriously though i know its all ‘cool’ to be a mac loving yuppie but the interface sucks and look like it was designed by a 5 year old, when will apple learn people want mice with 2 buttons and dont want to pay out of their arse for every minor OS upgrade.”””

    Are you for real?? the percent is actually 32% Mac as of Feb 27, 2007, in North America for HOME users. Better check your stats. And as for 2 button mice? what are you stupid? You dont have to use the mighty mouse, I dont. I have a 2 button with scroll mouse, bluetooth (a mac based technology btw). Looks like it was designed by a 5-year-old? then why did windows vista copy so much? Are they just jealous 4-year-olds who couldn’t come up with anything original? And I havent payed for a single OS upgrade yet… they automaticaly download for FREE! MAC IS BETTER THAN WINDOWS NO MATTER HOW YOU ADD IT UP. GET WITH THE PROGRAM BUDDY AND OPEN YOUR EYES, SMELL THE COFFEE AND FACE THE REALITY OF THE TIMES!!!!


  48. Nae Says:

    They really should make an IMVU for macs…or a 3d chat program 10 times as awesome as IMVU for macs only…then microsift would cry to it’s little mommy…..i’m an old school mac user…I have an iimvu account i’ve been waiting almost 1 1/2 years for imvu to come out for macs…they’re makin me mad…I CALL FOR A PETITION!!!!!!!!!!!!
    With love Nae

  49. Tervis Says:

    ok so, were is the proof that IMVU does not spam hmm? i’d lov to use it but there is always a catch… i’d rather not take that risk. why should people give their e-mail addresses to an unknown web sight at the risk of, spam, viruses, spyware, trogens, etc. it doesnt make sense to me. any one care to answer that?

  50. Tervis Says:

    “Are you for real?? the percent is actually 32% Mac as of Feb 27, 2007, in North America for HOME users. Better check your stats. And as for 2 button mice? what are you stupid? You dont have to use the mighty mouse, I dont. I have a 2 button with scroll mouse, bluetooth (a mac based technology btw). Looks like it was designed by a 5-year-old? then why did windows vista copy so much? Are they just jealous 4-year-olds who couldn’t come up with anything original? And I havent payed for a single OS upgrade yet… they automaticaly download for FREE! MAC IS BETTER THAN WINDOWS NO MATTER HOW YOU ADD IT UP. GET WITH THE PROGRAM BUDDY AND OPEN YOUR EYES, SMELL THE COFFEE AND FACE THE REALITY OF THE TIMES!!!!”

    k does any one want to explain why people are having a war over wether mac or windows is better? i use windows, but my friend uses mac. so whats the big deal? they are both computers, they both get the job done. some people prefer mac, and others windows. i dont see that as a reason to go at each others throats! XP maby people around here to to grow up a bit hmm?

  51. haley Says:

    mac version now please? *sad pleading cute face*

    • Jack Says:

      IMVU is peace of shit, it slows down the computer. Anyone complaining about a lack of mac support should get a life as you should have known that there are so many windows only applications, and you were just pushing yourself out of the loop. why would a freeware program be edited for less then 25% of computers to have the ability to play. Wouldn’t that cost money for programming you idiots. Look @ how little members they have.

  52. deathray Says:

    Wow, i use IMVU and i cannot believe all the idiots and retards on this thread demanding mac access. If these are the kind of people that want access to IMVU then keep them out!!!! IMVU dont spam. Mac vs Windows? Yawn that argument has sooo been done to death. Get a life.

  53. Theme Says:

    I used to have a mac, but it crashed all the time and it got a lot of viruses, and i couldn’t get any good graphic and music programs for it, but then i got a pc, and it has never crashed and never had a single virus, and it has way superior programs and IE is a lot better than safari

  54. Doby Gillis Says:


    If you couldn’t find any music or graphics programs for Macs, then you didn’t even look. I don’t believe that a mac is better than a PC or the other way around, it is all a personal preference. I use both. However, when it comes to work (I am a graphic designer) I use a mac. It is far superior in graphics capabilities compared to a PC. Also, how is it that you got all kinds of viruses on your mac.? I have never heard of macs becoming infected. Just wondering.

  55. Reality Check Says:

    Yes, using another persons mailing system, other than your own, constitutes SPAM. When IMVU asks for a users NAME and PASSWORD to another website, placing that person into a violation of TOS with the site that matches the name and password, then continues to send mails to that persons top 40 friends… That is spam. The persons friends have not asked for that solicitation, and that person, whose account you just compromised, at the personal gain of IMVU, did not advertise “In their own words”, which would make it NOT a SOLICITATION.

    Just because they give you permission to rape their account friends, for a couple free credits, which most people never get, because some-one already claimed the free credits from a prior invite… does not make it legal, or NOT SPAM.

    It is…

    You SIR, place your customers at risk of loosing their other accounts… But then again… isn’t that the idea behind your marketing… If they don’t have the other account, where are they now? On your site!

    Just because YOU don’t THINK it it SPAM, does not defeat the reality of the situation. I think I am GOD, can’t imagine others would believe me just because i say I am. The reality is… I am not, and you are defending SPAM actions.

    It is illegal to do it, and to convince others to assist in doing it. In the end, it is your computers running through MySpace, hitting that SEND button and typing the text.

  56. bob Says:

    What the!!!!! You’re not gettin IMVU FOR MAC’S r u guys crazy cummon!! so many ppl have macs now!!!

  57. Wow, this was a really busy…. thread? over like January/February. Nobody have anything better to do than sit and beg for a mac version of imvu?

    It doesn’t happen to be legal to reverse engineer/decompile/port/whatever does it? I can’t remember the EULA but what’s stopping someone from just porting it over to another operating system?

    Seems to me the whole thing’s written in Python and it executes in the Command Line in Windows (well hidden but it’s there) so sheesh man… How hard can it be to port a platform-independant script that runs in a console?

    I’m no computer programmer but seriously if you want it done then you should just pay some desperate (but talented?) freelancer to do it.

  58. Steve Says:

    I, too, found this blog because I’m receiving spam from IMVU mailservers advertising IMVU.

    Part of my day job is working with lawyers to track down and identify spammers, to a level of proof that will stand up in court, so I’m not being fooled by spam claiming to be from IMVU or anything like that.

    This is spam from IMVU, and there’s nothing at all in the mail to suggest anyone other than is responsible for it. They’re being very, very careful to comply with US CAN-SPAM legislation, so they know that the mail they’re sending is potentially spam.

  59. Elen4 on imvu Says:

    hey i’m on imvu too!i am a developer!
    i created the “I want imvu for mac stikers”!
    show them on your homepage hoping a mac os version will br realized soon!Join me!!!!
    I’m Elen4 on imvu.

  60. Leia Says:

    my point of view is that Mac is great I have had mac for….7yrs of my life..and its been great…
    and IMVU should be made for mac too…
    Its stupid that it isn’t…
    ALOT of ppl have mac so like
    they will get more money cuz
    we’ll “pay” to play….
    its just a simple fact

  61. MacFan Says:

    I’ll have all you Windows fans know this: When Bill gates was creating his programs and computers, he stole all his ideas from other companies and made them different so he wouldn’t get caught. Mostly from Apple. I happen to think that Mac is superior software and Windows…just sucks.

    As for IMVU…its ridiculous that they refuse to create the game for both Mac and Windows…Ah, well. Bill Gates is an Ass…nothing we can do about it.

  62. Chris Says:

    Tom sucks I have a MAC and I want IMVU

  63. LIz Says:

    I mean imvu is losing A LOT of people by not making a Mac version… I mean A LOT!!! people are DEF not going 2 buy a PC just for the stupid online game. We have 1 PC at my home but it won’t work on that one (prolly cause its really old), but no mac version BULL!

  64. Emma Says:

    omg i agree as the people above said

    i have a mac and i would like to use IMVU but they didnt make a mac version.

  65. Yeah Says:

    Why are people getting so bent out of shape over this bullshit teeny-bopper software not being available on Macs? It shouldn’t even be available on PCs. It is essentially USELESS… Why clog up your registry with unnecessary garbage?

    The point of IM is to MESSAGE people, not have a bunch of useless pathatic features… Why not use something more popular, and functional?

    *BOO-HOO, I can’t look at stupid flash images of cartoon people while I chat*

    Everyone is so shallow… Are you all 12 years old? Grow the fuck up… Seriously.

  66. […] Rudy Giuliani | Tags: politics |   Well, it seems that a post about how someone came and spammed for IMVU in an IRC room I frequented (made LAST YEAR) has 65 comments, the 19th of which was the first of […]

  67. Chris Says:

    I can’t say anything that hasn’t been said really, but IMVU really is just annoying a lot of potentional people. A lot of people are switching to macs.

    I don’t see the logic in cutting out a large chunk, quite possible the largest amount of computer users in something like IMVU.

  68. =))) Says:

    i believe that you should make a mac verison!!
    i have used IMVU on a pc, and its awesome
    but now that i have a mac, i can’t chat to my overseas friends!!
    and its been a while..
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider making it for macs,
    as you can see, a lot of people are switching to them.
    it is the way of the 21st centry!

  69. Akuiper321 Says:

    I just found this thread on the website. it’s good to know im not the only one that is upset about not having imvu for mac users. i just got a mac for school and my pc crashed and I cant do anything now but write messages on imvu!

  70. jackie Says:

    i am sick to death of applications not being avaliabe for macs. if our computers were humans i would call it racist. i hate that people discriminate mac users.

    work it out! there are alot more mack users wanting applications than you think. just chech out google and search for any application. we are screaming for it!

    get it together!

  71. IMVU sucks Says:

    hey people heres a tip i just found out about imvu it sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my computer frezzes all the time becauseof imvu i have a windows now but i want a mac cause its a lot better anyways i think imvu is evil they take peoples money and they dont have games to earn credtits so it gets boring and the whole slaves and masters thing on imvu isnt good it kinda insultting america cause they been through it and also theres alot of porn in imvu!!!!!!!!!!!! i kno tha u can only have porn if u have an ap but some minors find a way to see porn imvu is bad it gives viruses and make computers crash isuggest people who want imvu dont get it stay away from it people who has imvu isuggest to leave it. imvu is the total opposite of teachings of cyberbullies and cyberspace from school imvu has porn they do spam theres strangers that could be preditors they mention rape also there r probably better websites out there

  72. LuLu DX Says:

    im s0o crisspy!!!

  73. girly Says:

    boys that wanna cyber e mail meh i have msn

  74. KISSMARK (add me on IMVU) Says:

    ARGHHHHH dammit.

    i used to so IMVU because i used to have a windows in my house… but then my whole family changed to Mac, and just when i thought i could start again, nope. Mac is a gazillion times better than PC, and i would never trade it for another PC!!!!! ARGHHH i’m so fuckin pissed because those lazy bastards aren’t making a Mac version…



  75. Soulauna Says:

    I agree full heartedly about this issue.
    I used to LOVE Imvu and so did all my friends which i happen to have over 400 of and we used to be developers and spend money on imvu so that it was like our own little world BUT then a hell of alot us switched to macs. Including me! I have a macbook air and a mac powerbookG4 and let me tell you macs will rule this world one day.
    Their so much more customizable and they have incredable graphics.
    But anyways imvu has officialy lost my buisness. Look me up im Solauna on imvu and im a developer and a vip.

  76. DeliciousNight Says:

    So, yeah. I’m just another one of those pissed off Mac users who are trying to persuade IMVU to create an IMVU for Mac – I mean, come on. Everybody knows that…


  77. Martha Says:

    People… this is silly. I agree that IMVU should make it accessible to Mac users, too, but still. Threatening to destroy their site with one finger? Give me a break.
    And to all who are soooo very determined to say that Windows sucks and Mac is impossibly better… you need to wake up. I’m not saying that Windows is better than Mac or vice versa, because they are about the same. I prefer Windows just because I can’t pay an arm and leg for a MAC.
    But, seriously. Stop with all the little kiddie comments saying “You suck, IMVU” or ect. It’s just making you look like the ones who are stupid.

  78. dorkfaces Says:

    I wanted to try IMVU for the hell of it, since I wasn’t aware it wasnt available for Macs when I signed up (what a rip of my time, btw).

    But I think most people are just complaining about the incredulousness of IMVU. What developer with a grain of common sense DOESN’T include mac’s when making a program?

    I figured it’d be a shitty program that’s great for killing time. Just what I was looking for. But now I have to actually be productive and get a good program like Second Life or something because IMVU is retarded. Thanks, IMVU.

  79. Elen4 Says:

    i started a little protest on imvu…i created the stickers “i want imvu on mac” to show on our homepages! so people can see we want a mac os version! if you want you can join me! i’m one of those users who use parallel desktop to run imvu…!
    Come on it’s such a great chat! even better than second life! and second life has a mac os version!!!!!

  80. esswasim Says:

    the first post in this forum was posted on june 2006 and this is gonna be 2009 in another 8 days , 3 years they didnt come with MAC version that explains it already , they got no MAC developers, neither they planning to port on MAc , i am not gonna switch for imvu , i will be MAC user forever, well i will be more than happy if they remove that post where they mention they gonna port after beta testing lol , so many years already how long does beta take, and then imagine how long will development on MAC take, , if it is gonna be be MAC, wait till 2012 lol , HEY IMVU doesn’t even look at there forums , sigh ! i wasted another 10 minutes

  81. magdacarla Says:

    I agree esswasim. when you look online to find out “when imvu are going to make a mac version” (ie if they ever are) it says “in 8-12 months” or something. and that was 2006. i used to have imvu for pc (it was slow and dodgy, but it was the pc’s fault, not the software, cos the computer was about five years old), before we removed the bill gates infection from our house. now i have my lovely mac, i also have lovely second life (which is also great and the suggested imvu alternative). but…
    *second life is geeky beyond all belief
    *not really an IM, more of an obsession
    *too much fiddly stuff. imvu had just the right amount of fiddling. on second life i always get distracted by exploring, or building spaceships that dont fly properly. what happens when i just want to chat to new people and my friends (who dont have second life because of the above reasons)
    when on God’s green earth is a mac version coming? its just like theyre hiding from us at imvu!
    oh well, back to the second life battlestar galactica sim (sigh)
    ps second life messenger is a little bit iffy to use out of game, so no luck there.

  82. magdacarla Says:

    oh, yeah, by the way, refusing to give support for a particular OS can be classed as discrimination (like racism). i apologise for the vagueness here but a school somewhere in the US changed to Open Office and were refused technical support by whoever fixed their computers. The company who supplied the techies for this purpose said something like “we know how to fix open office but it is our policy not to”. the school, i heard, managed successfully to sue (and get a fair bit of cash).
    imvu obviously seem to be able to make a mac version (and a linux version too, lets not forget about those poor sods) but just dont want to. thats something like discrimination. i mean, even windows manages to make mac software (even though they try desperately to wash their hands until they bleed afterwards). this whole imvu business is looking like something very suspicious and also very stupid

  83. sam Says:

    lame. everyone i know owns a mac, so why wouldn’t you? three years later…. BA BOWWWWWW.

  84. reid Says:

    I have a guest account on imvu, and every single time I click on the “try on,” “put on,” or “take off,” button in my inventory, or in the catalog, it asks me for an application and I DONT KNOW WHAT I’M SUPPOSED TO LOAD! I don’t know what an application is! It gives me a “choose” option and then goes to my pictures but doesn’t show them. I have to type in a file name, i’ve tried opening it in a paint file and that didn’t work either. someone help!!! i have no idea what to do!!!

  85. kendra Says:

    Reid, the reason that isnt working is because when you click “try on” “put on” or “take off” it opens what would be an IMVU screen. Its basically a chat window. however, because you’re on a Mac, it wont work.


    i love how people are fighting over everything… its quite amusing. i agree that IMVU should make a Mac version. i think the best way to get them to do this is to have every Mac user that has an IMVU account to suggest that they make one. if they get enough suggestions, they are going to have a pretty hard time ignoring it.

    what do you say? sound like a good idea?

  86. Carla Says:

    i hate imvu its only 4 ppl that dont hav a life and its just spam i downloaded it once and it had viruses on it i played the game it was boring and all you do is stay at home then ppl come to chat and stuff

  87. OS/2_fanboy Says:

    “OK, get that Mac version ASAP! It’s so unfair! especially to those of us who HAVE to use mac (either school or work) and we want to chat too!!!

    OMG, IMVU + MAC = EVIL ! =o

    my 2 cents btw : WHY most of imvu ads are creepy like hell ? they are ar supposed to be about “meeting friends”, but all I can see is :
    => kissing slutty virtual “women” model stereotypes, with angel wings or extreme emo style, there’s no “normal” girls and boys.
    => Bratz girls making out. (keep in mind many boy like playing girl on virtual games)
    => “live the life style you’ve always dreamed of” : kissing a virtual girl with tons of make-up, bling-bling style with a body you only see in gangsta video clips. Hell yeah we all dream of this kind of life.

    It sounds like a cheap Second Life clone, for Paris Hilton fan, with messenger-like chat function. Big deal ?

    Btw, there’s other IM outside, read, there’s tons of mac-friendly IM protocols/clients.

  88. kaleigh Says:

    i know they dont spam because i bought creditz and i got them in 4days they do NOT!! spam

  89. Sheng Hui Says:

    imvu sucks…it really sucks. Don’t you ever, ever ever ever ever join that shit. it sucks hairy goat balls. I was a member there fore like 3 days and it’s full of freaks and idiots.

  90. A money paying IMVU'er Says:

    18 and older rooms suck! Seriously there is nothing but noobs who want virtual sex and people who don’t talk ever. As if we didn’t already have enough of this in normal rooms. This is really irritating specially if you have paid money before for this.. SHIT, and don’t even have an option to at least buy something that could let you go back to normal rooms. Really being able to buy AP or an Age Approved badge should AT LEAST let you do this.

  91. Dickgohard Says:


  92. I like your site greatly. Will bookmark. Keep up to briliant posting on it. Gracias

  93. ashley Says:

    yea i kno imvu suck last time i got on my imvu thiz person ask mi if i need creditz he told mi too go too thiz link told mi too put my pass but i did not put it cuz i thoght he waz hacked my imvu yea imvu suck cuz they juz try too hacked ur imvu

  94. NELLY Says:


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  96. […] IMVU spam? « Tom Sucks […]

  97. James Says:

    They do spam; I just started getting emails 2 weeks ago and it keeps magically coming out of the spam folder. I have endlessly to get removed from their system. I never signed up for that and had never heard of it.

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