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some people just can’t take criticism October 13, 2006

Filed under: Mozilla,Mozilla Firefox — Tom @ 9:39 am

04:30 -!- Lucy_ ( has quit: Ping timeout
04:31 (@Tom) lol firefox party tool
04:31 (@Tom) coded by some fag
04:31 (@Tom) whos to say it’s secure code
04:31 (@Tom) ugh
04:32 (@reed) ?
04:32 (@reed) Tom: What?
04:32 (@reed) What are you talking about?
04:32 (@reed) Who are you?
04:32 (@Tom) i’m a #bs/#hs regular
04:32 (@Tom) and friend of lucy
04:32 (@Tom) i just don’t typically come in here
04:32 (@reed) [04:31:28A] (@Tom) lol firefox party tool
04:32 (@reed) [04:31:30A] (@Tom) coded by some fag
04:32 (@reed) [04:31:33A] (@Tom) whos to say it’s secure code
04:32 (@Tom) yeah
04:33 (@Tom) some guy who i’ve never heard about that asa talks about in his blog
04:33 (@Tom) have they reviewed the code
04:33 (@reed) um, that would be Ryan and myself
04:33 (@reed) I don’t like your attitude.
04:33 (@Tom) i looked at the page, it looked like a random person wrote it
04:33 *** Tom will reread
04:33 (@Ryan) uh huh..
04:33 (@Tom) uh, yes
04:33 -!- mode/#FoxyMonkies +b *!*@* by Ryan
04:33 (@Tom) i don’t bullshit
04:33 (@Ryan) /kick Tom Die in a fire, k thx.
04:33 -!- Tom was kicked from #foxymonkies by Ryan: Die in a fire, k thx.

who the fuck is ryan flint? just some guy? yeah that’s what i think, and now i think he’s just some asshole

here’s the bit where i talked to asa can’t wait till you see this ryan

part 1 of asa chat about partypart 2 of asa chat about party


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