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Voting November 7, 2006

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I voted. Diebold touchscreen. Thankfully my sticker didn’t say I voted Touchscreen!.

It was an interesting experience. They programmed a card to say it was me, and I stuck it in the machine. After doing the 3 pages of voting, I had to print (and verify) my votes. I thought I got to keep a receipt, but no. It’s this little window thing with a magnifying glass that the paper goes through. I glanced at it, and since most of my votes were random anyway (heh), I just confirmed the ones that were right were right. So they are keeping a paper log? That’s not too bad then. Will they ever read it? Probably not. The printer printed twice, two different ‘pages’ of results. Where the pages met they kind of ran over one another a little, and I thought that was pretty unprofessional.

Voting in South Mississippi.


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