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Friendster/Myspace sucks November 15, 2006

Filed under: Social Networks — Tom @ 5:00 pm

One of the things I’ve noticed in my brief time on MySpace and even briefer time on Friendster is that there is an awful lot of fake profiles. I’d reported a few that were blatantly porn spam (replaced the entire profile with their ad, and hid the report button, clever). The interesting thing about it is, well, let me show you.

MySpace Spam 1MySpace Spam 2

They have a very small selection of images to choose from. md5’s could be used to check if they’re re-uploading the same one. SHA-1 as well if they’re scared of collisions. MySpace has lazy editors, and they suck ass.

Also, the white space in the thumbnails is the obviously not spam ones, the others are taking spamlike poses so I don’t know.

“But Tom,” you say, “why Friendster?” Well, on one page I got the same 3-4 pictures repeatedly. This shows they’re using a similar method there. Plus, Friendster partners with true to provide ad results as well, which is lame.
Friendster Spam


2 Responses to “Friendster/Myspace sucks”

  1. Tom Sucks Says:

    lol at the second one, Sydney is there twice and one is a negative.

  2. Josie Wilder Says:

    hmmm….. I’ll make sure to pay attention to what my members upload. This is one reason why I don’t think global websites work.

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