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The iPhone doesn’t suck January 15, 2007

Filed under: Apple,DRM — Tom @ 4:08 am

It will drive other phones to become better to compete.

Also, it’s a roach motel because apparently the only files that play are the ones purchased from apple. You can’t rip cds and put them on there…

Wait a tick, why would I buy music from Apple? A whole album for $10, right? Or just the songs I want? I got lala, a whole album for $2. Or,’s still around. I like amazon, I have prime, and I’m a member of their CD club because there’s good prices (usually less than $10 for an album, a physical cd with cover art and the highest quality sound short of SACD/DVDA).

Don’t buy from iTMS. It’s a moronic thing to do. I wouldn’t buy TV shows there. Of course, if you are a stickler for “giving them money”, you can rip the DVDs, or buy the show on itunes, delete it, and download the high quality version via piracy channels. It’s what I’d do. You’d own the show, although if the cops knock down your door you’d have a bit of a time pressing your point before a judge for that one.

Although, you can just rent the DVD of the show and rip it there, buying it on iTunes or whatever. But why? Used DVDs are just as good, and it pisses off the MPAA because they don’t get resell money 🙂

See also: iHandcuffs, where Jon mentions that Apple DRMs all files, not just those requiring DRM. This is possibly a method of keeping people from buying a file once and then giving it to their friends? I can’t say for sure.


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