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Floating Memory Cache February 7, 2007

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Cache’s on hard drives are growing. We’ve got 16 MB caches now. Is that enough?

One thing I’ve thought would be cool is if I could have a sort of coral cdn type hard disk drive. Basically, I allocate a section of memory to be a RAMdrive. But, this is no ordinary ramdrive, but a cache for a directory on the hard disk. Let’s pretend I’m setting up a computer that’s going to be in the living room and play xvids. It’s just tv shows so they’re ~300mb, so I setup a 400mb or whatever ramdrive that is a cache for a spot on the hard disk. Instead of slowly reading parts of the program out to the memory, playing them, then removing them from memory, I’d have a cached copy that is copied all at once (one smooth movement, less wear and tear on the drive) to the RAM.

This would enable me to have a quieter machine (perhaps turning the drive OFF for a period) that actually used less power (no spinning hdd) and worked more efficiently.

I wish I could code.


One Response to “Floating Memory Cache”

  1. john citizen Says:

    you should like submit mit that to apple or somthing NOT MICRoSOFT!.

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