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iClip sucks if you use remote desktop March 23, 2007

Filed under: Apple — Tom @ 9:53 am

macZOT!, a pretty cool site for mac software du jour, is having this thing today where if you write a mini review of iClip you will help people save 10 cents. So here is my mini review:

I got iClip a while back for free for some other deal of the day thing, or some event, I don’t recall. Either way, I ran it for a while, and the whole “log of clipboard events” like some windows programs offer (I think there’s a microsoft powertoy that does it) thing is neat, the whole bit about it pulling all copies isn’t so neat. Here’s what I mean:

Sometimes when you copy and paste from a remote desktop (windows) session to your mac, in some program, it’ll just freeze both the program and remote desktop for about a minute or so. The chance that the text will actually copy is roughly 30%. Other times it’ll just unfreeze the programs as the program realizes it’s not gonna get anything from the clipboard, because Remote Desktop failed to send it over. Well, iClip somehow decides that it’s going to continually try to sync clipboards with the remote machine over RDC, and would often freeze RDC while trying to pull something I copied that I was not going to copy to the local Mac anyway. It performed an unnecessary action which froze the remote connection and cost me time.

So, if you use Remote Desktop Connection (from Microsoft), you may want to steer clear of iClip. There’s my mini review, I hope it saved you 10 cents on a kinda useful program, if you like to copy paste things a lot like urls it’s a history of things you’ve found important enough to deem copying them. Especially if you accidentally copy something else into your clipboard while you’re holding important data, like a password. That’s useful to restore the password instead of looking it up again for a re-copy.


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