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PS3 sales actually pretty good June 3, 2007

Filed under: PS3,Wii,X360 — Tom @ 5:53 pm

Compared to 360. If you line up the release date of all the consoles (so you compare sales/age, not sales/chronological time), the Wii still slaughters both ps3 and 360, but the sales/age of ps3 and 360 actually line up.

Video Game Sales Chart

(Source: VGChartz)


3 Responses to “PS3 sales actually pretty good”

  1. bunnyhero Says:

    that’s pretty interesting, considering that the 360 launched without any ‘next-gen’ competition, and considering the ps3’s higher price point.

    but yeah… lookit the wii go!

  2. Theme Says:

    It’s too bad for the ps3 it doesn’t do anything better than the 360, it could have been a good console, but sony f*cked up.

  3. puck Says:

    PS3 Rocks 360 is for losers the only good thing is the online…which they brag about so much that they are literally sticking it up your ass.

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