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Similar Macintosh Applications October 13, 2007

MyDreamApp recently (well, sometime this year) chose “Cookbook” as the app that needed to be made for recipe sortage. I believe YummySoup! was made shortly afterward, or at least people pointed fingers saying it was a stolen idea. Odd, since Connoisseur has been around for a while.

The thing that bothers me is that none of them seem to play nice with each other. It’s sad that the only way to get something to sync is it has to be made by the same people. It makes me start to get interested in Chris Messina‘s crazy ideas of hBook and stuff, but I doubt hFood is really covered. Perhaps our real problem is that there’s no iPhone open dev, so these makers of great mac apps can’t sync to the iphone to make them great Apple Product apps, working on both the Mac and iPhone/iPod (OS X Family) type devices. And the other thing steve forgets is horrible cell phone reception in places like the grocery store, using would be a series of slow loads and timeouts due to dropped signal. Good job, fathead.

And Dan Lyons, don’t you gimme no guff about this post. It’s true, cell phone reception sucks in Sams Club.

Edit: I found out that OneTrip only loads once and just stores all the info in a javascript enhanced page. I like this, but I do fear those times where I exit safari to do something else on the phone, and come back to safari, only to have safari try to reload the page.

I also e-mailed the creator of OneTrip my radical ideas (Connoisseur can export to two treo/palm/windows mobile shopping list apps, and I would think users being able to upload those exports to OneTrip would be fantastic). Here’s the content if you are interested in stealing the idea, because really, we all benefit.

Hey there. Your one trip app is neat, but there’s one major problem.

You have to create your list on the iPhone. Sure, that’s good enough for some people, but others who use desktop applications like Connoisseur or YummySoup! might like to export and pop them into onetrip. This way someone who adds ingredients for a variety of recipes can have a list of what they need to make those recipes on their phone.

YummySoup! can’t export, sadly, but it can e-mail, and I guess it’d be neat if users could e-mail their address the list and it would parse it. Or, for Connoisseur, it can export to HandyShopper, iPod, SplashShopper, or text. Then someone could upload it to onetrip using their key and it would show up on the phone.

My guesses for a key system work two ways:
1:, you get one when you load the page on your iphone and go to ‘about’ and get your key. Afterward the phone will just pull the list from the webpage again on a new load/refresh and any changes would be grabbed.
2:, SMS based somehow with phone numbers and perhaps passwords, but most likely still a key in the about page and the number is there so users can share read only versions of the list with others.

As you definitely have not seen my blog entry on the state of cooking/shopping list apps for mac/iphone, here’s a link if you’re interested:

Thanks for considering the radical ideas of integrating the only recipe apps I know of for the mac with the only shopping list app I know of for the iPhone. I welcome the place where your webapp and their desktop apps become one.

This is mainly me doing this stuff for my girlfriend, who likes Connoisseur better than YummySoup! for some reason, and would rather have the list on her iPhone than a piece of paper that she’ll forget at home (as has happened many times before).


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  1. Actually, hFood is covered. Check out the extensive work on hRecipe:

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