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BitTyrant sounds pretty nice actually October 17, 2007

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Download Squad covered a BT client called BitTyrant, and claim it’s super selfish. How so? Well, apparently, the idea is you will swap more with high speed users, to finish your file faster, and you will trade up to them faster. And because of this, you trade to slower users, slower.

How is this bad and how is this good, and what’s the verdict?

The Bad
If you’ve got a super small upload limit and a high download limit, the fact that you just plain cannot contribute fast enough will get you a small download speed. It seems selfish.

The Good
But, if all these speedy uploaders trade with each other to get complete copies of the file faster, they’ll be able to send out data to more users sooner. As you may know, seeders do a better job of trading than leeches. This is because they have some spare bandwidth (less overhead now that they’re not downloading) and spare cycles, even though they typically don’t matter.

The Verdict
BitTyrant has a good idea in the making. The quicker more users have the full file, the quicker they can start seeding it out to more leechers. Sure, some users may be unable to seed at all, but it seems on the whole to be a sound concept. As long as the number of hit and runs is kept low, that is.


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