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Steven Colbert should be arrested October 23, 2007

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tv-links, at it’s core, linked or embedded videos found on video sharing sites that had originally been uploaded in violation of copyright, not by tv-links, but by some random person. I didn’t say tv shows, I said videos, because there were also infringing cams of movies apparently. I have never actually used tv-links itself, but I’m told it’s been shut down for facilitating infringement.

Ok, clips of tv shows not good, gotcha. And I’m certain that clips of tv shows taken from players on the official sites is wrong, too, because you might not see the advertisements, and thus the companies would lose money, right? Well, luckily for us, Viacom took action against infringing clips of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and The Colbert Report on YouTube. So if someone had posted a clip of either of these shows via the youtube embedded player, they were robbing ViaCom of potential ad revenue. Gotcha.

Now, let’s fast forward to today. Stephen Colbert has announced that he’s considering running for President, but only in his home state of South Carolina. Reports have it that he mentioned the new website on his TV show, The Colbert Report. If you’ll visit that site, you’ll see something that might be a little bit too familiar.

That’s right, an embedded clip of The Colbert Report, as opposed to a link to the portion of the comedy central website with the clip, obviously hurting viacom’s potential ad revenue. Stephen Colbert, or someone working on his behalf, is facilitating infringement.

And that’s an arrestable offense.

Silly, isn’t it?


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