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It’s scary how often John Gruber seems to get away without doing any research October 28, 2007

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I don’t call him out every single time because it seems that only enrages him more, as per what he mentions. But this time I have what I believe to be the upper hand.

John says note synching on the iPhone should be IMAP only and should only work computer->phone, and this makes notes on the phone seem worthless. Emphasis mine.

Dear John,

If this was not true, why does your computer make a backup of notes1? It’s apparently stored in an mdbackup file. Missing Sync for iPhone2 can pull notes off your iPhone, and if they add the feature to pull them into on Leopard we will have effectively bi-directional syncing. I personally would just expect him to do that as well as pull notes from Mail back into a newer mdbackup and force the phone to pull from backup, but that’s a future situation and he may be scared to use jailbreaking, as the current suggested method (from tuaw1) is

Once you find the notes.db file you’re looking for, scp or sftp it over to your iPhone and place it into /var/root/Library/Notes.

As well, I will agree that Ars Technica is odd for the way they point it out as a feature removal, as the aforementioned tuaw post1 also agrees that it will most likely be stored on the mail server.

So, it’s quite possible to edit the mdbackup and sync notes from the pc or mac to the iPhone. Also, why you love iToner (which depends upon the jailbreak) but hate the jailbreaking team is a question that not enough people have asked of you.

Forever mine,


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