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Kindle is a failure November 19, 2007

Filed under: amazon,kindle — Tom @ 3:51 pm

$400 and books cost $10? I can buy a used book from the amazon marketplace shipped for less, and when EVDO is phased out it’ll be a paperweight since it won’t sync with a computer. I think amazon still sells regular ebooks, right? Ones that can be used with a $400 eeepc that does a hell of a lot more and is still lightweight?

kindle fails


4 Responses to “Kindle is a failure”

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  2. decisionspace Says:

    I am looking for good e-book reader for almost three years. Look what happened for this period with notebooks – the technology so improved and prices went down! And what we see with e-book readers? I will only start considering buying e-reader when I will see something with A4 format, e-ink 300 dpi, ability to load my own content (including PDF), and price < $150. Otherwise it is really not worth buying existing products – easier and cheaper to buy real books or read texts from notebook (they are very cheap now).

  3. glen webb Says:

    i burnd my kindl. sucs.

  4. Herne Says:

    Overpriced bloatware, doesn’t work outside the USA, DRMed nonsense and doesn’t support formats people want. Why would I pay $360 for a device like this when I could buy a Netbook or an iPod Touch for the same money? Plus $10 to RENT a book? C’mon.

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