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1-877-RON-PAUL called me December 4, 2007

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Recording of Voice Mail

This is Carol Paul.

My husband republican congressman Ron Paul is running for president. Let me tell you a little about Ron. Ron and I were married 50 years ago. Ron served in the Air Force during the Vietnam era after he graduated from Duke medical school. We have five children, eighteen grandchildren and one great-grandson. Ron specialized in providing healthcare for women and children. He has delivered thousands of babies. Ron wants to bring conservative values to the presidency. Thanks for listening.

To learn more about Ron Paul, please call 1-877 Ron Paul, that’s (repeating the number)

Authorized and paid for by Ron Paul 2008 Presidential Campaign Committee.


One Response to “1-877-RON-PAUL called me”

  1. Nate Says:

    Nice, I got the exact same call today also. He’s spending the money wisely, which is always a nice thing.

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