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The Ron Paul Blimp defines “Paultard” December 19, 2007

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Who in gods name thought wasting money on that was a good idea? Donate to a for profit company that has the least effective form of advertising? Hell, I would support people buying highway billboards for paul before this. You may say more people can see this, and sure, you’d be right. But who looks up that often? People driving gotta look on the road in front of them, and billboards happen to occupy that peripheral space. Not the sky.

I rarely look up unless I hear something very loud, and I’m pretty sure blimps are quiet.

The blimp went practically over my house today according to their GPS, but since it updates every 15 seconds I can’t make sure (every time I get close enough to check my house by zooming in, an update comes in, and my house gets panned away from to the damn location of the blimp).

Screw you, blimptards. You wasted a crapton of money on the least effective form of advertising ever. You could have started a Ron Paul is watching you poop campaign of posters for the insides of stalls in restrooms, and done better for the money.


2 Responses to “The Ron Paul Blimp defines “Paultard””

  1. How much money did you contribute to the blimp?

    Oh, I see.


    Congratulations on your frugality.

  2. Peter Says:

    Typical Paultard logic, eh?

    That’s the ticket.

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