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A very poorly researched “2007 in review” for Tom Sucks January 2, 2008

Well, it seems that a post about how someone came and spammed for IMVU in an IRC room I frequented (made LAST YEAR) has 65 comments, the 19th of which was the first of 2007. It has turned into “IMVU spammed my e-mail” (which, most likely, is from the facebookian “give us your e-mail login so we can spam your address book”) and “IMVU needs to make a mac version because it’s retarded and just glossy useless graphics for instant messaging so the mac is definitely the target audience they’re missing out on”. I deftly decried the use of my blog for such a petition.

As well, I’m still coming up high in google searches for Second Life sucks, and as such am still receiving a large number of comments on it. People apparently still don’t know what Adobe Atmosphere is but I tried the demo long long ago and was reminded of the horrible jerky movement the moment I started Second Life. One of my best friends was introduced to the game by me and he actually became a damn good scripter, and made quite a hefty sum of money programming various “dance tools” and sex animations. Good on him. He’s since been banned since one of the most powerful women in the game made up some shit about him and fucked him over. Sad.

Finally, assholes still want to download a ton of probably illegal/stolen content from rapidshare, and my post requesting an app to easily download files from rapidshare if you are a paying member (which I once was for a brief time) pissed a lot of people off who just wanted logins to avoid ads and paying for the bandwidth they were raping. They’re still posting on my blog and while I went through today and removed all the actual spam, I’m leaving their crap because it’s humorous to me.

I am not necessarily apologizing for not posting as much as I originally did, but ADD is a bitch and I’m trying to learn Python and Objective C. As well, I’m awaiting the results of the Iowa caucus wherein a bunch of farmers argue for hours over who they should all cast their votes for and then decide the fate of the country.

Fuck Iowa, honestly. Who thought this was a good idea? Why are people so influenced by peer pressure that all a politician has to do is win two states and everyone else will think “jeez if Iowa, the microcosm of AMERICA, wants Adolf Hitler to win, then I should probably vote for hitler too and give up on my goal of voting Mother Theresa. She’s unelectable and has no chance.”

I wish americans would get over themselves and vote for who they have researched and decided best fits their values, if not the greater values of the nation as a whole. I can only hope that AOL’s spam proof straw poll holds out to be correct.

I personally like Ron Paul because even for his downsides of POSSIBLY not believing in evolution (there’s statements from his campaign to the contrary), he’s nowhere near as looney as the other candidates, hillary included. I don’t have a full grasp on Obama, but I’ve heard his strong point is he’s a well spoken black man who is a jack of all topics and master of none. At least he’s not going “oh, I’m black, so therefore you’re all being mean to me, boo hoo”, like Clinton was doing with her “my poor vagina” monologues. I’m willing to accept that sure, it’d be nice to have an atheist candidate with a chance, but I’m also a realist. And as a realist, I realize that if everyone who is going to select paul decides he can’t win so they should pick someone the media told them was “electable”, then sure, he wouldn’t have a chance. That’s why you’ve gotta chin up and pick paul anyway, despite what Iowa does, despite what New Hampshire does. They don’t have all the votes, and sure, Paul could twin those two and lose every other state, but that could happen for anyone. And how awesome would it be for Iowa to pick the loser?

Of course, if they pick paul, I hope they don’t pick the loser, but if they pick Paul and a sane alternative wins then it won’t be so bad. Upsetting the one party system with two sub-parties would be nice.


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