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Xbox 360 is awesome, ps3 sucks January 4, 2008

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You know what’s amazing beyond amazing? My mac formatted !!!! (HFS+, i just checked to make sure because I couldn’t believe it) USB hard drive worked plugged into the 360, and it was able to read a High Def WMV I had on it and play it JUST PERFECTLY. I didn’t even THINK that I had it mac formatted when I plugged it in, and yet, it worked fine. It did show as “external device” though, and I did have the iPod “media extensions” or whatever installed, so perhaps it thought it was just a really weird iPod? Or maybe the ability to read the HFS+ iPod extends to normal HFS+ drives?

If so, hell yes Microsoft. Good on you. Seriously. Why do you kick so much ass in the 360 department?

Guess what can’t read the drive? My very-up-to-date PS3. Doesn’t even acknowledge it. But I don’t know if it would acknowledge it if it were a FAT32 drive, either. (edit: it would)


136 Responses to “Xbox 360 is awesome, ps3 sucks”

  1. joe Says:

    yes the ps3 do suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuukkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    • yes they do suck i am doing a report on why x-box 360 is better than ps3 (: add me on x-box live XxpandatoastXx

      • MICROSOFTsux Says:

        and how is your report coming along douche?….bet you couldnt figure shit out cus your xbox took a red shit on you didnt it?….lol u pussy fag fat one gives a shit bout which is better cus unlike you everyone else gets pussy or dick and has a real life not jacking off to anime porn so keep your dumbass OPINIONS to yoursel or your other gay xbox live “friends” …..FAGGOT!!!

  2. Gamepro Says:

    u stupid noob

  3. Gamepro Says:

    but yes xbox will alwayz beat playstation… kuz playstatin takes it in the ass

  4. fdafasdf Says:

    xbox sucks you faggots

  5. J Says:

    WOW, Gamepro sounds like some little Internet retard using Z instead of S and K instead of C it just sounds stupid, I was going to buy a 360, but if this is what I’ll be talking to then NEVERMIND!

  6. FG Says:

    Retards buy Sony worse money grubbin than microsoft without vasoline . splintered tails getting humped by bluray. congratzs u tards.

    • MICROSOFTsux Says:

      yet people get to play bluR games and watch bluR movies while you spend 60 on a game then have to pay 60 more bucks to play online or watch youtube.. soooo, your a dumb girl….all im sayin is you have no argument fore xbox owners have wasted the most money to play games lol YOUR A FAT FUCKIN PIECE OF SHIT NO ONE CARES!!!!

  7. carlec Says:

    it does suck 360 always goin 2 be than sony any dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 360360360360360360360360

  8. yocuch Says:

    ps3 sucks
    period 😛

  9. imdoink Says:

    Ha 360 is lame and can’t even handle gta 4 unlike the great ps3 go hump billgates legs u fanboys

  10. sony fan Says:

    sony forever

  11. Alec Mayhugh Says:

    I like how people are saying (ps3 rules fuck you fanboys!). It really makes me laugh. The only people that say that the X360 sucks are the people who bought a ps3 and dont own a 360. And for the “xbox 360 cant handle gta4” comment, think about this for a change. Playstation cant handle any first person shooters. Xbox dominates Playstation in sale, graphics, games, and the capibility to have something for everyone. Its also better for media. Sony had to copy most of their shit anyways. The “trophie” system is a giant rip off of acheivements, and the motion sensitive controller was first introduced by Nintendo in 06′. So suck it George Forman assholes.

    • You fucking have nothing in the graphics and processing department and the trophy system is a rip off of achievements. SO WHAT? The game industry is based around taking someone elses idea and upgrading it. Wiimotes —-> Kinect and Move. And of fucking course we who bought ps3 are saying this, because this is how the world turns. The good, honest people, fighting against the fuckwits. SEMPER FI to Sony, and may microsoft burn to the ground. They are even being over taken in the computer departments because shit box apple seems to make better laptops and desktops, because microsoft is a soft cock

  12. bald man Says:

    i dont own either but i like xbox 360 better

  13. bear Says:

    a person up there said ps3 are money grubbing from their buyers more than microsoft lol
    lets put it this way
    ps3: £300(average atm)
    rechargable controller
    installed wi fi
    blu ray(which at the moment are touching £1000 on their own)
    quieter fans
    internet browser
    no monthly charge
    0.2% failure rate

    360: £200 (average premium last time i checked so not to sure bout price)
    wirless pad with recharger sold seperately which is what £15
    wireless ariel sold seperately (which is £50 on average)
    hd player sold seperately (in most cases) which is another £100
    loud working fans
    no internet browser
    monthly charge
    37% failure rate
    if you bought all this stuff you would exceed the price of a ps3

    whos getting ripped off now idiot!

  14. bear Says:

    oh yh and let’s not forget the six axis
    which you 360 people may laugh at because there was no vibration but who the hell cares about a little rumble
    you guys like it so that when ever you throw a sticky grenade you can shove it up your ass and arouse yourselves lololololololololololololololololololololol

  15. bear Says:

    oh yeah and 360 is not for hardcore gamers
    as most of the games you guys like are not even exclusive
    apart from your precious little letdown halo
    and cheap copy of unreal and resident evil 4 shooter gears of war

    you guys bought the rights to viva pinata, that is not hard core

  16. Tom Sucks Says:

    Above is someone who doesn’t have the money to afford more than one console.

  17. Ami Says:

    I agree with Tom. I have a psp, a ds, a wii, a ps3, and a 360.. every “next gen” system. Most people I see who mock a particular console, do so because their mommy and daddy could only afford to buy them a single system, so they must justify the purchase by pretending the other systems, which they do not own, have no merits at all.

  18. bear Says:

    well some people have to work for their money unlike all 360 owners who get there mummy and daddy to buy it for them because their too busy slaying ps3 owners for “what a bad choice they made”
    and nobody even reply to me because i’d rather pick a console that won’t fail on me after a few weeks playing which is then shipped off for another one that comes a week or 2 later
    for that isn’t worth it.

    when i buy something i want to know that the product is well worth the money i put into it.
    and by the way my brother made the six axis and hardcore comments, do not slay him hes young and stupid, very stupid

  19. bear Says:

    btw im 15 and i don’t get money from my parents not because we’re poor but because unlike some parents they wanted me to appreciate the value of money. So that i would respect what i earn when im older and not splash all of it out on products and other things that i firstly will not enjoy and secondly have a bad reputation proceeding them.
    360 gamers slay the ps3 with their opinions whilst others give 360 gamers facts about their own console which they cant take because they don’t want to think that they wasted their money on dodgey console that makes them pay for every move they make. Which btw they make their parents pay for because their too lazy to earn their money

  20. JOE Says:

    Hey Xbox sucks. I hope you all know that . Everyone that owns an Xbox doesnt know anything about computers.Ill explain why. Someone thats know there technical stuff would build a PC which is better and also gets all games cheaper, and its also more powerful and capable of displaying better picture then the cheaply made Xbox that is notorious for burning up. Not to mention that there are no real xbox exclusives because they all eventually come out for the computer?!?. Thats pathetic, it defeats the whole purpose of buying the system.So you guys are telling me the only reason to buy an xbox is to get games that come out first and PAY for xbox live, thats really pathetic. Now if you guys new your hardware, or had any common knowledge of computers then you would know that the only reasonable console/s to buy, that also has new technology and better features and better hardware and not to mention DOESNT BURN UP is the PS3 or Wii. Xbox is like a cheap computer you pay alot of money for lacking functionality, flexibility and plain old good hardware. Not to mention the U.S. is the only country full of dummies buying Xbox’s. Xbox does not sell in ANY other country, thats a fact. Dont you guys think thats telling you something? And of course i cant forgot that Xbox doesnt come with a free Blu Ray players up to 400 in value alone, and the built in wireless(another 100 on top of xbox price) and the built in laptop harddrive in the PS3. Thats right its a laptop hard drive a 2.5 and its switchable to any available speed and size thats out for laptops. Cool huh, to bad xbox has none of this. Im not gonna even get into how many GOOD exclusives PS3 has over xbox’s about 2 that arent gonna even gona be blockbusters. Dont bring up that final fantasy crap because its going to be compressed for xbox and loose quality just like the game rage thats coming out and those are the actual words from the developers for rage. LOOK IT UP.Its from the old Dual Layer DVDs, lol. Only 8 Gb of storage vs Blu Ray more then 50Gb how can you compare that, thats like comparing a flash drive to a hard drive lol? Games now are already using more then that and Xbox charges to use extra discs and thats something developers will not do. lol. Nothing looks good for xbox in the future. Not to mention ever since Sonys update there is no difference between your Xbox live and PS network, It now has every functionality, and when PS HOME comes out it will have more!!And to top it off we dont pay. Look forward, trash your xbox, build a computer or buy a ps3. A PS3 or Wii is the only way you get real exclusives. As for developers saying Xbox is easier to make geames for, HEY thats there job, thats part of being a programmer, things change all the time. I cant believe they would say that, it makes them look like there not good at there own job or there just fanboys.

  21. d Says:

    If you buy a ps3,

    You are a dumb cunt…

  22. d Says:

    And fuck you joe and your worthless bullshit. I hate your name

  23. d Says:

    Wow i actually read your post joe…

    You’re an dumb cunt saying shit like xbox not selling in other countries. Pull your head from your ass, get out your mums trailer and fucking wake up.

  24. bear Says:

    he’s right d.
    ps3 is currently outselling in japan supposedly china
    america are now starting to realise that buying a ps3 is well worth the money.
    with this console you can fully customize its hardware turning it into your own personnal computer if you wish to do so
    xbox 360 is starting to become dead technology as they were desperate to save their gaming industry after the unsuccesful and really late arrival of the first xbox.
    this caused them to rush the 360 which created so many flaws in the design, now that they are profitting because i they hustled everyone into buying a shoddy product that needed so many high priced add ons to support it.
    xbox live is making its users pay monthly and yearly. where is this money going? no where towards fixing the xbox thats for sure, sony took there time because they wanted it to be perfect.
    Now, our online gameplay rivals the xbox as many gamers are starting to get annoyed with the ring of death scenario that seems to have effect around 80% of its gaming community.
    it all goes back to the morale story of the rabbit and the turtle.
    the turtle took its time whilst the rabbit was taunting the turtle and running ahead of it. it rushed into things to quick and now its gonna see what its like to go headfirst into a tree

    ooooooooh yes grass hopper d
    you have much too learn
    shame your a hillbilly footfaced ignorant lairy idiot of a fool

  25. Floppy Dick Says:

    Ummm, touchy subject this … Dead Rising rocks the f$#@ing house for days on end. Halo 3 IS a very pretty fps, make no doubt about that one mate. GOW kinda gets boring and suck ass quick for my sort. Viva Pinata? Ummm, not even stoned, mate. Earth Defense Force 2017 (or whatever the f$#@ that # was) was a real sleeper – at home co-op – well, let’s just say me and my mate wasted more time shooting red ants in that damn game than we ever did wanking off. And I for one wank off frequently, if not incessantly. PS3 – just got it 2 months back for MGS4. MGS4 was the biggest disappointment of my young life. 45 minute cutscenes? WTF??? RB6LV2 also sucks – engine is clunky shite. Resistance – hohum. RTCW kicked Resistance’s ass EIGHT F$#@ING YEARS AGO. Maybe 9? Yes, if you haven’t played RTCW on your PC yet then shame on you you worthless wanker p.o.s. In short, consoles have actually f$#@ed up PC gaming, making the designers put out good shit for consoles first, then making, if at all, crappy ports to PC. Oh, btw, Big Daddy can go f$#@ himself. Or themselves, whatever. Boring after the first 20 minutes. BORING SHITE!! Games were supposed to get better and better and better. RTCW peaked it off for me and just ’bout nuthin’ has made it up ever since. I love the SOF concept, and they’ve gotten lamer each sequel. FarCry was all right, for sure, but Crysis was like WTF, I gotta buy a new system for 2 hours of gameplay? FTW!! In the end, PC gaming has ruled the best for the longest so far, and X360 comes in 2nd, just due to Dead Rising – best zombie game evah. EVAH!! I’m sure they’ll f$#@ up DR2. Mark my words boyos. Cheers. FD.

  26. rajiv Says:

    Yeah, why is XBOX only big in the usa? however i would buy and xbox if not for ALL the hardware issues….red rings, burning up, video failure, i mean cmon, i might as well keep playing my ps2!!! when you pay a lotta cash isnt it fair to expect some decent workmanship behind the product? i would def get an xbox if not for all these issues (which i dont think PS3 has)

  27. andrew in LOS ANGELES Says:

    people who lack intelligence to provide proper arguments hide behind insults…like D

  28. tim Says:

    I have only one thing to say to XBOX 360 fangirls…RED RINGS!

  29. bear Says:

    see and when we state facts about how bad the xbox is they just say “ps3 takes it in the ass” or something like that because they can’t accept that playstation has always been a gamers first choice since its release. xbox time is over, people are getting bored of it failing already 3 of my friends have sold their xbox’s and gotten ps3’s
    microsoft is just a one hit wonder that people will eventually get over.
    besides what are they gonna call their next console?
    xbox 720? or will they go old school and call it xbox 180?

  30. imdoink Says:

    I actually own all three systems and know I love my ps3 and most of the time hate my xbox even after 2 repairs I work I have money but microsoft won’t be seeing anymore for a long time and wii is a waste of time if your not drunk

  31. Rook Says:

    Bear and Joe, I think you guys should get back onto that throbbing cock of Sony’s, instead of wasting your time posting here. I, unlike you two inbred, financially challenged imbeciles, own both the PS3 and the 360, and I must say that the only thing the PS3 is useful for is the Blu-Ray. That’s about it…I mean seriously, name one game that is out for both PS3 and 360 that is actually worth getting for the PS3…Not a single one that I can think of.

    And if you complain about having to pay for Xbox LIVE (like what…50 bucks a year?), you must have never used it to its full extent.

  32. bear Says:

    lol at the person abouve because he just said that me and joe are sony kiss ups
    when hes doing the same for microsoft
    full extent of what material?
    ps3 offers even more than xbox when it comes to network including web browser
    and even the guy who practicly owns computers won’t even put that on there for you..
    your paying to watch trailers rent films that came out ages ago and the ones that were very unsuccesful, and to play online.
    psn is exactly the same but there is no annoying monthly fee or whatever.
    obviously your a person that doesn’t understand how to save your money because other things are more important.
    okay fair enough you own both consoles, and you play 360 more, but its probably because more of your friends have it.

    i bet you anything you couldn’t even name 10 of your favourite games in 360 that have good storylines as well to keep you fully interested in the game.
    gears f wars story is very stale and cheesey and just a plain crummy excuse to use gameplay taken from other games and shove it altogether, its repetetive and got bored of it after 30 minutes and i found it to easy.
    thats your only action based well known exclusive game i can remember.
    look at ps3’s line up
    metal gear solid
    and haze, i’m probably missing loads out from both sides
    but you see where this is going. =P

  33. bear Says:

    oh yh and halo 3 for 360
    but thats was a major flop wasn’t it now!

  34. imdoink Says:

    How come when a xbox360 owner has somthing to say about a ps3 owner it allways has to do with cocks hold back your sexual frustration with old billy boy gates and how would you say name one game you’d rather play on your ps3 then a xbox for me its all of them and that 50 bucks a year can get me a game to play on my ps3 for free online my ps3 never freezes never dies my xbox I’m on the third one and it will probably be out before the end of the year that’s why its going to craigs list and ps3 has beter controlers and beter graphics

  35. Rook Says:

    Bear, it’s obvious that you’re used the 360 for all of 15 minutes and made up your mind about it. While its true that the 360 doesn’t have a web browser, it is also true that PS3’s web browser is fucking annoying as hell, I only used it once, to show my friends that PS3 has it…and then it stopped working so we had some good laughs about how useless it really is.

    As for 10 favorite games, I bet you couldn’t even think of 5 that were 100% PS3 exclusive that were any good. I mean ok, I’ll give you MGS4 (the game is friggin awesome) and Uncharted and Ratchet and Clank maybe, the rest is as mediocre as it gets.

    As for your comment about Halo 3 being a big flop…and Resistance wasnt?

    And how could I forget about Killzone…a sequel to a craptacular game…can’t wait for that one for sure…

    Imdoink I laugh at your remark about 50 bucks buying you a game. As for the controller being better, its a matter of taste.

  36. imdoink Says:

    Yeah it could get me almost a game stilllike 15 bucks short point is free if its free its for me gas is to much now who cares any ways the new systems are beter then the old ones and the next ones will be beter then these except wii with its crappy crappy graphics and its wii fit how about all the sony and xbox ppl stop hating on each other and we start hating on wii never going to happen but yeah

  37. bear Says:

    okay now that my friend has stopped using my email to post things i wanna say that 360 is a system although equal to ps3’s was a rushed product in an attempt to over topple ps3’s buy rate, but you can’t say that first off when it was released. 360 was seen as a wasted try at re-releasing their failure old xbox, but after a while people realised that 360 was the start of the next generations.
    ps3 was rediculed for its late release but only because it involves a whole lot more software in it. As for my web browser, it hasn’t failed me yet, you must have been one of them frustrated mal-nourished souls that throw their pad at the console and and scream and shout because their not good enough to cut online play or even offline play. ouch hit a nerve? i’m sorry it’s my inablility to care what ever any states about ps3’s because i went through 4 xbox… yes 4 and i hardly played it because it’s games were quite repetitive especialy gears of war. after i heard that ps3 featured blu-ray not to mention the games i’d rather play i did the old switcheroo and you know what i play my ps3 a hell lot more, and it posesses the power to keep going without failure.
    and to rook’s post..
    my 5 are
    ratchet and clank ( i liked it :\hahaha )
    and either haze online or motorstorm online

  38. gamers Says:


  39. gamersc Says:

    360 will always beat ps3 ass face it fanboys ps3 sucks end of discusion

  40. imdoink Says:

    Theirs onther xbox fan either having cock or ass in his post were talking about systems not your love life

  41. Rook Says:

    imdoink, learn some punctuation, I had to read your post 7 times before I understood what you were trying to say.

    Bear, sorry to hear you had 4 xboxes die on you. Mine died after two years, and mind you I would leave it on for days at a time, so I think there’s just a whole bunch of bad batches.

    I’ve heard horror stories about PS3 as well, such as the thing not reading any disks, for no apparent reason at all it would just stop reading and become an expensive internet browser.

    As for your top 5, I’m sorry, but warhawk sucked so much it’s not even funny.

    Regardless of all the bullshit, I look at both systems as GAME consoles, and in that department 360 wins by default with its huge library of games. And don’t even think of mentioning PS2 games. I did not buy a $500 piece of hardware to play outdated games. If I wanted to play PS2 games, I would have bought a PS2 for $120 or whatever it goes for.

  42. imdoink Says:

    Yeah I don’t punctuate thanks for noticing though yeah warhawks not good at all but if you mean xboxs library of viva pinata and games like that then sure xbox can win in game selection

  43. Rook Says:

    imdoink, and what is wrong with Viva Piñata? That game is actually pretty fun once you get into it. I would also like you to name some more games like that, because honestly, I haven’t heard of any.

  44. imdoink Says:

    Well let’s see theirs a shrek game and and and some pet shop stuff and about almost the other half of the stuff is not for “hardcore” gaming as most would say. Look a period but anyways I don’t care anymore I have my ps3 my wii that’s never used and my 360 that I gave to my bro and his wife my 3rd replacment by the way all I know is lots of games coming this month so happy gaming to xbox 360 and ps3 alike

  45. csGrimm Says:

    Any of you who point a finger at anyone else saying “Mine is better, you are Wrong” are all idiot fanboys. Yea each system has its only quirks flaws or downfalls. But they each also add their own little bit of flair. Wii with its movement element. 360 with its ahead of the game release and (currently)superior graphics (yea they’re prettier than the ps3. And the PS3 with its seemingly higher end hardware.

    Be it known that the PS3 does not utilize its full potential, nor will it for some time. Nor do either of the other two consoles. It’s still very near the launch of said consoles.

    I’m primarily a pc gamer. I’ll always mainly be a pc gamer. Only with pc’s do you know what kind of system you have at your fingertips. And I find it amusing that the consoles now are in fact simply gaming only computers and yet people scoff at pcs.

    Say what you will. You’re all wrong those who condemn one another for the preference in platform. To each their own.

    My mom didn’t buy me my 360. I’m 23 and an internet technician. I own a high powered pc, wii, and 360 that just went to hell. I bought it at launch so why buy another 500$ machine when I’ve invested so much into this one? I’ll wait for another tax return and get a ps3 that isn’t launch.

    The only hardcore games, if you even want to call them that : / are games like gran turismo and ninja gaiden. ninja gaiden is available for 360… and I’m sorry. Why do games have to suck the fun out of you to be ‘hardcore’. Everyone seems to have their own opinion and I think it’s bullshit. Spore, for instance, might not be a ‘hardcore’ game. But diehard and hardcore gamers should not be without it if they own a pc. Games that were developed well and thought out are what I consider hardcore and worth my time and attention.

    Teabagging is Not hardcore.

    Recognizing talent from the devs is hardcore.

    Making fun of others for their genre or platform is Not hardcore

    Finding your platform and being a good player is hardcore.

  46. Alec Mayhugh Says:

    Look here you fucking douche. I have an Xbox 360, and i i know for a fact i know more about computers than you ever will. I helped design the AlienWare Auora. So stop talking trash.
    Not that you gay station faggots have much to brag about.

  47. imdoink Says:

    Douche yeah that’s what you need for your vagina u little girl.only thing you designed is your own gay image u friendless loser oh gay station so funny go play some games and shut up

  48. me? Says:

    People, the PS3 processor and graphics card is 3x as powerful as the Xbox 360 one… The controllers are more light weight and don’t require batteries… What are you THINKING?

  49. YO mama Says:

    LOL PS3 Fanboys are the ones slaying XBox 360 fanboys i own all the three and if i have to lose one it would be the PS3 and if i have to lose 2 it would be Wii And PS3

  50. Rook Says:

    “the PS3 processor and graphics card is 3x as powerful as the Xbox 360 one”

    As soon as the PS3 starts utilizing all that power, please let me know. Right now 360 is ahead in every single way except “horsepower”, which PS3 has got plenty of, but isn’t using.

  51. bear Says:

    okay warhawk was a bad choice but what can i say i hit a blind spot in my brain =[
    so that guy up there who said that if i believe that my consoles better, i’m wrong? somehow that doesn’t make sense.
    i bought this console BECAUSE i thought it was better. and it doesn’t matter that ps3 is now beating and almost outselling xbox (which is why they lower the price of the arcade console and have bought over many trailers so that it looks like the games are exclusive for them) because quite frankly the ps3 system has enough power and silence meet what my expectations were. and why not bye a ps3 that has backwards compatibility?
    you get to play all the best games games ever made from last generation that still beat most games of this generation! and you also get the option to play through all the mgs collection without plugging in a different console everytime! lol

  52. PS3 sucks Says:

    Hey imdoink guess what GTA 4 sucks Saints Row 2 is way better and 360 is better

  53. Yo mama Says:

    lol the ps3 sales= 13 millions
    xbox 360 = 19 millions

  54. Yo mama Says:

    no wait i was wrong
    ps3 = 16 millions
    xbox 360 = 22 milions

  55. imdoink Says:

    Saints row is gay that game is a gay gta rip off and xbox is ok but ps3 is beter who gives a crap anymore its november why are you all not buying these new games that came out and playing them and not circle jerking about this stuff

  56. PS3 Idiots Says:

    What a bunch of idiots. Halo letdown? Are you on drugs? How is a 9.5 rated game a letdown? It’s only a letdown to idiot ps3 fanboys who can’t play it. Gears of war is a letdown too? It also got high 9’s, yeah, I’m really disappointed that the two games you idiots just mentioned are above a 9.0 rating.

    What about the mandatory installs on the games, devil may cry 4, legendary, the golf game, ETC. I love being able to pop my game in my 360 and play it without waiting 20 minutes for some stupid game to install because my inferior console with 6 SPU’s can’t even handle reading a disc during gameplay.

    That’s also why the xbox360 is handing the PS3 it’s ass in console sales too right?

    Get a clue you PS3 fanboy idiots, and while you’re at it, shut the fuck up and get an xbox.

  57. imdoink Says:

    I’ve never waited 20 mins for an install so you an idiot

  58. AlecMayhugh Says:

    Okay imdoink, Litsen you fucking retard.
    First off, the ps3 exclusives are SHIT.
    Second, its a FACT that the PS3 is really bad in sales.
    Which means (if your in math yet) out of every 10 friends you have only 3 of them would own a PS3 compared to an Xbox 360.
    Also with all the “better graphics” comments, you are all dumb asses.

    “This is a sticky subject for a lot of fanboys. A very common argument in most flame wars is that the Playstation 3 simply “has better graphics”. I’m not sure where that argument came from; Sony obviously did a good job of marketing the system. However, the argument is entirely false. The Xenos GPU on the XBOX 360 is superior the RSX on the PS3. This is one thing that didn’t change in the past year.”

    (found on

    Next time you want to talk shit, do your homework. Cunts.

  59. imdoink Says:

    Ok alecmaygay I have all three systems I play them and the ps3 exclusives look way beter and play beter.not one xbox exclusive looks as good as a ps3 exclusive so you are a retard. And as far as cunts go I’m not your mother

  60. BOB Says:

    I hate my PS3, it took 20 minutes to install SOCOM and then an hour to download an update for the game and when i finally played the game took forever to load and sucks balls anyways. Plus SOCOM looks awful, slow loading textures and the all.

  61. bear Says:

    yo mama..
    you do realise that xbox came out with new, nect gen graphics before ps3 right? OF FUCKING COURSE THEY HAVE SOLD MORE!!
    okay so you tell that halo is good.. point ma\de but it wasn’t like people played it for long.
    the only reason gears was so famous was because it was the only game that xbox was famous for.
    the ratings for gears 2 may be high. But to the so called “consumer” it’s a major letdown.

  62. Yo mama Says:

    BTW im too lazy to serve my mom

  63. KRM Says:

    well stop talking about concoles graffics hardwares and stuff get out of ur house and sk8 or do parkour well i’m just a part time player but i like being able to do tricks and jump over stuff more then playing anyway marketing tricks have burned the most clever guyz’s brain and there is no best concole of cource the best games i played so far are on the ps2 and the pc and i have to say that gran turismo really kicks ass ratchet and clank is awesome mercenaries one is nice 2isnt… halo is ok and mechassault is really nice i havent bought none f the next gen concoles because non of them has ever made good games like the previous ones and if i buy one it will definately be the ps3 because of the technicall stuff bloue ray less failures the eytoy and the fac that i dont need to buy so much shit afterwards like thw 360 anyway the best graffics u can find are in real life stuff and no prossesor can change the fact that parkour sk8 and hence even swimming is better than gaming

  64. sucker Says:

    wtf? xbox is way better than ps3, ps3 cant even handle gears of war 2 graphics and sony even admitted it. they hipped every1 up with all their features that dont even work fully the way they should

  65. imdoink Says:

    Dude no where on the internet does it say that I have gears of war 2 it was fun for thirty minutes maybe but I traded it in already just not as fun as cod world at war. But the ps3 could have handled gof2 and more so don’t even spit that nonsense

  66. KRM Says:

    ok ps3 is way better and can handle pretty match everything the xbox will ever have all specifications are way higher and it almost never brokes down 0,02% the ps2 was made out of crap but it still was way better then the xbox so both the xbox and ps3 are great machines and can do great stuff but believe me it is still not worth to buy them when u can do sports just go learn parkour its really easy get sb with u and watch some vids on youtube to learn tricks and i dont own xbox360,ps3,wii,and stuff because i enjoy games for the ps2 xbox and the pc paying almost nothing i will be fifteen this cristmass and iwont get a console or a game it would be kind of pathetic anyway there is no point in playing more than living sorry for my not sogood use of english but i just got the lower (with A)

  67. yo mama Says:

    Look I’m sorry guys my xbox broke again and I can’t have my fantasys of the greased up gears of war men.ill go molest my dog now

  68. sucker Says:

    Look I’m a idiot I work under the bridge in cali. where do u think I got the name becouse I get payed to suck you know what.yo mama u should come work with me!

  69. Yo mama Says:

    Ooh look “yo mama” if u have noticed My “Yo mama” is with a CAPTIAL “Y” SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU FUCKIN POSER !

  70. Yo mama Says:


  71. Yo mamé Says:

    BTW IM GONNA MAKE IT “YO MAMé” so u cant write it assholes

  72. Yo mama Says:

    No wait your a No lifer ! ur just gonna copy it like those idiots ! seriously , GET A FUCKIN LIFE !

  73. Yo mama Says:

    by the way sucker , u heard ur a pro at it and no one can sucks more than u do 😛

  74. Yo mama Says:

    and by at it i mean at SUCKING BALLS AND PENISES

  75. Yo mama Says:


  76. Yo mama Says:


  77. Yo mama Says:

    Oh Wait ! Look i just found out something ! u dont know my e-mail , thats why ur sign is different than mine ! mine is red !urs (the imposter yo mama) is green so anyone would know that ur the imposter

  78. Yo mama Says:

    Ah what the hell give me some penis I luke sucking dirty balls

  79. Yo mama Says:

    LUL you totally changed the topic ,,, ok fine then … if someone’s gonna read this he will know from the sign that your not the real yo mama , you can call yourself yo mama 2 cuz everyone knows who is the original yo mama and yo mama who likes to suck some dirty balls … how theyll know from the sign , you must be busy sucking balls while writing on this website

  80. Yo mama Says:

    lots of imposters acting like theyr real yo mama , the first one with the name yo mama (and a red sign) is the real yo mama

  81. Yo mama Says:

    Ilike balls in my mouth by the way somtimes I like to pretend I’m other ppl when I take it in the ass

  82. Yo mama Says:

    Ok all these post are mine ill admit it! Please bring me some queers of war to grease my war machine(my ass). I love PENIS that’s right I’m gay and proud! Xbox for life alone with the rest of my gay pride fanboys let all cybor with or avatars!

  83. Yo mama Says:


  84. Yo mama Says:

    Also kill yourself no one wants you alive

  85. Yo mama Says:

    I’m so gay yes I am I like penis a showering with men I’m so gay I’m so gay my daddy molested me when I was 10 I’m so gay I’m so gay hey hey hey

  86. Faggot Says:

    Man, you guys have pretty terrible arguments. It just comes down to what you prefer to have in a console. When I buy a gaming console I want it to be just that, a game console. I don’t care about the web browsers and Blu Ray players…I just want something that’s going to play really good games, and that’s where I believe the 360 shines. If I were a PS3 owner I would be pissed because it’s been 2 years and you’re still waiting for the PS3 to unlock it’s “potential.” Sure, 10 processors or whatever sounds pretty sweet, but what’s the point when you can’t use them. On paper, the PS3 graphics should be absolutely incredible, but my brother has one and I haven’t seen anything yet that the 360 couldn’t process. The seamless online play with friends is incredible on the 360. PS3 owners are getting what they pay for in terms of online. It’s all about personal preference.

  87. imdoink Says:

    Yeah and I have both and the ps3 has beter everything.and in terms of paying for what u get I have had 3 xbox360 screw me over so if u wanna bring up paying for what u get then your paying for a machine that’s gonna break on u freeze a lot and can barely handle grand theft auto so don’t even start fan boy get your head out your ass

  88. Yo mama Says:

    Imdoink no one told ya to buy 3 xbox(s) i know my friend justin has his 360 since 2006 , u ps3 fanboys say u dont have enough money to buy , ur lazy , ur blah blah blah , if my friend justin was lazy to take care of his xbox he wouldnt have it till now

  89. imdoink Says:

    Yo mama u should stop posting your gay fantasys on this site.I didn’t buy three I got it repaired but I take care of all my stuff xboxs are just crap

  90. Stevo Says:

    OMG!!! seriously this is getting stupid all these fucking arguments about who wasted their money and whos a pussy for buying a ps3 or xbox everyone knows that the ps3 has been out for half the time that the 360’s been out for and already has 85% of its sales what does that say about the 360

  91. Stevo Says:

    And plus if i get any hatemail ill diss u soo hard your balls will drop from your gaping haunted vagina from the shock

  92. Stevo Says:

    And I will take your balls and put them in my mouth mmmmm salty balls

  93. Patrick Says:

    fuck a PS3. My Xbox (which was a launch console) outlasted my piece of shit PS3, which was out of warranty by 6 months. At least Microsoft owned up to their mistake and extended their Hardware warranty for the Red Ring Of Death(which I have yet to see) So once again…..


  94. imdoink Says:

    You are stupid u must not see the warrenty is good for 1 year on a ps3 says right on the owners manual. so either u never owned 1 and your lying or u are just plain dumb

  95. Patrick Says:

    I know it is good for a year, I have had mine for a 1 yr and six months, therefore it was out of warranty by 6 months (simple math) You might want to think before you post, moron.

  96. imdoink Says:

    Well I heard ps3’s were alergic to retards and fags like u

  97. Imdoink… By that last statement you are obviously a pretengious immature narrow minded individual who lacks basic intelligence.

    As far as this argument goes,

    Exclusives for the ps3 are terribly unappealing… You’re better off with your pc or 360 here. This is also why ps3 can’t sell. Beside the ridiculuos price. If its the price just buy a pc for gaming
    they have the steam network. Best online gaming next to live. Much better buy in general. You get the total package. Not a half ass console posing as a comp.
    360 has the best exclusives, no argument here:
    Gow series
    Fable series
    Halo series
    Left for dead (steam exclusive) passed ps3s resissantance 2 on sales.
    side note: the unreal engine reached full potential with the 360.

  98. XBOX Says:

    PS3 sucks okay u fucking fagets… All u PS3 goofs say is ” are online is free”…. wooow who fucking cares if its free because it sucks fucking goat dick compared to Xbox live. Xbox has way better games than PS3. We have Halo and gears of war. Ps3 has so copied Xbox by making games like gears of war. But they all suck. Buy a 360. At my school everyone i know has a 360. A few quers have a PS3 who think there cool with there wannabe Xbox’s

  99. XBOX Says:

    Xbox is better than Ps3 why cant u guys get it through ur fucking quer peverted heads. U guys are all fucktards More people buy xbox’s because they arent retarted

  100. Thunk Says:



  101. I love PS3 fanboys because they seem so smart and they are awesome! PS3 IS THE BEST!

    Joke XD

    Xbox 360 is 99.999999999999999999% better than PS3, PS3 is just a Blu-Ray (Gay) player with a console attached. It’s crappier than a Wii and sucks ass.

    If everyone thinks Sony are awesome, Fuck You. Fuck You in your frozen cunt sucking mothers.

    Long story short: xbox owns ps3, and all the future xboxes will own the future playstations and the fanboys will just have to face the truth: they can’t win, they will never win and they suck donkey dick.

    I know, the truth is horrible but anything Sony (TVs are OK) is a piece of crap.

    • yellowmadness54 Says:

      @ Face the Truth – lol, microsoft failed at E3, the games on 360 are garbage. 360 CPU is garbage. wireless 360 controlers randomly shut off every 30 seconds. 360 breaks every 3 days, making you replace the heavy piece of junk. Its ugly as crap. Kinect is a rip off of the eyetoy. Graphics are terrible. Games are completely veriatyless (yeah, spam halo games and gears of war games, thats cool) and good lick playing Bad Company2 with the horrible servers you pay $9.00 a month for! also with all the MW2 halo no life noobs, which is what, the entire race of idiots with crapbox360’s?

  102. Averre Says:

    Well the PS3 has been out for four years..and it still hasn’t managed to pull down any profit.

    Right now the PS3 is losing $40.00 per system sold, which is better than the whopping $300.00 they were losing.

    So the question still remains: If the PS3 is so amazing, why isn’t it selling? Why is the 360/Wii out-performing the PS3 in sales in Japan? Why is an American system outselling a Japanese system in Japan?

    The answer is simple: Sony fucked up big time, they released a system with hardware that nobody needed or wanted and pushed the Blu-Ray way too soon.

    Now Sony is brining out the PS3 Slim, they had to go back to the drawing board and re-release the PS3…something that the 360 and Wii doesn’t need to do.

    Sony fanboi’s who rushed out to wait in a three hour line to buy a brand new PS3 for $899.99 got owned by themselves, they have no concept on what is good…only what is expensive.

    News flash kiddies: Expensive doesn’t make it better…it just makes it more expensive.

    Sony Fanboi’s who still sing the PS3 praises and/or say that “Ps3 is the future” are still getting owned by themselves, the PS3 can’t even manage in the present and continues to be the lowest selling console, the PS2 still manages to outsell the PS3, and once again, Sony had to go back and re-design the PS3.

    In closing: Defenders of the PS3 are full of fail and they know it, they just don’t have the balls to admit that they fucked up.

  103. Hernan Says:

    I agree with Averre..

    I was a huge Sony fan since the original playstation first came out.
    but when PS3 came out and i saw how crappy Lair was, and…Genjii? wtf? the launch titles were sooooo bad.

    I also loved PS2 but PS3 is just a total letdown. I wanted to buy a VIDEO GAME system with lots of good games. Not an overpriced blu ray player that can go on the internet..i already have a computer i dont need that.
    X360 had Lost planet, and i actually thought that game was fun. Plus it had gears and yeah gears has a lame ass story but so what?
    I still thought it was fun to play, just my opinion. it took PS3 like a year to finally release their version of Lost planet..and it got worse ratings for that system.

    And I dont know why people are saying Halo 3 was a letdown?? I thought it was awesome and had great online and graphics.

    Anyway, i just lost interest in the PS3 since it first appeared, and it seems like Sony is trying hard to cover their profit decreases, but i dont see PS3 ever outselling the 360 or the Wii.

  104. BairdHere Says:

    Is imdoink being serious? I mean really, every comment that I have read of his authorship is almost comical. It’s like he’s trying to defend false qualites that the PS3 doesn’t have.

  105. Ocdekor4fgte Says:

    Ps3, though a bit pricy, has decent enough games and a few cool features like that fishtank thing. Its kinda pointless but its still awesome. The 360 has some exclusive games and it’s online is perfected, although you do have to pay 50 bucks a year, so what? Thats like what? A little over 4 bucks a month. You guys seriously cough up 4 bucks a month? Ps3’s sixaxis is pretty cool, but the controller is a little too slim. I dropped one and i picked it up and heard the rattle of plastic on the inside. I also know someobe who accidentally dropped their ps3 and it broke into 20 pieces. I have dropped my 360 controllers many times and they still work. They are a little fucked up cuz if you shake em’ fast, they turn off but thats just me. I also. Dropped my 360 when i was moving aroun my computer room. It still works like a charm after 2 years and i only got the red rings once from leaving her on for 3 days straight. It shuts off once the lights come on though so you dont come home to find it slowly burning a hole through your floor. Plus the design it cooler in my opinion. I mean the george foreman grill? Really? Microsoft is the worst company ever. Windows 98 and lower need to be destroyed and erased from memory cuz the sucked major balls. Also the blu screen of death waz bad. Zunes are the most discraceful little basterds ive ever seen. Bill gates is an ass! Pretty much everything MS did they fucked up big time on it, but the xboxes are the exception. Now sony, sony charges you up the ass for everything. I saw two portable dvd players (you know, the things every soccer mom car has in it) one from sony and one from insignia. Same size screen, both led, same pixel count, same function and ports. and everythin. Insignia one? 325.99. Sony? 525.99. I dont wanna pay for the name. How does this relate to a ps3, think. 360 is about $360, ps3 is $899 or was. Now its like $699 or $599 right? Oh, and sony disabled one of the 8 cells. Notice i have said nothing about graphics? Thats cuz i know if i do it will start world war 3. Now i will conclude my post by saying this:
    sony sucks, MS sucks, get out and play a sport you fanboys. My name refers to the positions i play on offense defense kick off and field goals in football. Now i suggest you go do something else with you lives than bitch about which system is better. You shoud stick with what you got and stop putting down things you dont know about and stick to your system. Im not saying one is better than the other. I just prefer the 360 cuz i stuck with it and now i love it.

  106. alejandro Says:

    look people ps3 is actually a better system to buy now. the 360 is 50 dollars more expensive for something the ps3 gets for free. u have to pay 50 bills for online which isnt alot. and what more stuff can u do on xbox live that u can’t do on psn? play games check download games check and u have to still buy those even tho u already payed. pretty much the same games. and dont even get me started on them controllers. ps3 no batteries inclucded charge them wit usb. 360 u either pay 2.00 for 2 double a batteries or buy the charge pak which is 30 bills that makes the 360 380 to ps3 300. and lets say u have wi-fi by dear life wi-fi on 360 is 70 bills used 90 bills new. ps3 free. that puts the 360 at between 460 and 490 to ps3 300. come on people ps3 is better. they are the same sum lil graphical things but nothing dramatical and they play the same. ps3 is better and more reliable if u say no then ur just a microsoft fan or just to stubborn to admit it. i have a 360 im afraid to play the damn thing i dont want it to break.

  107. bulbol Says:

    im going to buy an xbox 360 because its cheaper yehey!!!
    i think?

    is it cheaper?

    im not an online gamer so i would prefer xbox 360
    which i will modify and buy many pirated games yehey!!!

    so for me xbox is my choice!! for it is much more cheaper
    offline!! whoohooo!!!

    i think the red ring of death can be repaired manually
    there are many step by step instructions on the internet so i wouldn’t worry much about the ring of death issue

  108. Oxide Says:

    Wow this whole comment list has been nothing but two years of pure hate towards one another. I mean you’re all acting like a bunch of bratty little girls. why don’t you all act like civilized human beings and discuss this without “xbox 3shity is a bunch of fuck sucking douche!” or “Gaystation 3 is for cunt licking motherfuckers!” Seriously…

  109. Xbox peace maker Says:

    everyone that likes the ps3 and not the xbox(for me I like both but xbox is better) ps3 lovers have never tryed the all-mighty xbox. And anyone that is complaining about ps3 better then xbox your on the wrong site there are more xbox lovers here then ps3 lovers, go make your own site assholes

  110. therealdealoneal Says:

    u guys forgot the BA god of war series it alone beats out watever games gaybox has 2 offer

  111. Toni Says:


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  112. XBL User Says:

    Xbox 360 wins PERIOD.
    Gay Station Fanboys r just jealous.

    (PS: im an xbox live member and im loving it after moving from ps3)

  113. PS3 or red ring of death Says:

    You guys are gay. I own both consoles and am going to sell the $300 dollar white piece of shit. Red rings always and a shitty online experience for 40-50 bucks a month. Anyone rooting that xbox is better needs to shove their head up their ass and fight for air, because that is as smart as you are. HAHA

  114. ps3 bitch! Says:

    Who really gives a shot about this gay thing you can do wit xbox. Playstation does amillion nor things a million times better. Xbox sucks!

  115. well in my opinnion the xbox 360 is better. and xbox live is free and xbox 360 does have a internet browser which is called the mce browser (media center edition browser) i love ps3 because i have one and i love how ps3 has bluray and xbox 360 has HDdvd and in games xbox 360 has a bit better graphics but ps3 has a bit sharper building texture and web browser because xbox’s doesnt hve sound. xbox live is preffered over psn with its cross gaming chat (the shit) you can play music while you are playing your games which you cant do on ps3 without mods. xbox has more hackers though (:P). ps3 features some very great exclusives like heavy rain,uncharted 2, and granturismo 5 etc. xbox 360 features as much as. biohazard5,splinter cell conviction,forza 1-whatever and much more.ps3’s dashboard seems a bit funner to me though. also you can just set up a party anytime which is cross game chat on ps3 which you could on xbox 360. on ps3 you would have to make a lobby and chat without playing games or you would have to be in the same game but thats just my 2 cents

  116. gudger666 Says:

    xbox sucks and so does the ps3

  117. lolremeber arbiter Says:

    lol u guys are sofull of fail i had my xbox 360 for 4 year(yes since the release) no problem except a red ring but i fixed it and now no problems since and also drop it twice from my bureau which is about 7 or 8 feet still nothing wrong xboxs altought ugly are fucking durable and the controllers are meant for you hands ps3s controllers are horrible but i found out that ps3 also runs fps at 25 fps and xbox at 30-35 fps so thats why ps3 looks little more steady but less detale believe it or not but yes ps3 is faster lacks quite a bit and the xbox is made for everybody not just hardcore gamers you know ps3 dosent do that so in my terms xbox wins in my popinion but only by alittle bit

  118. lolremeber arbiter Says:

    thats why sometimes the xbox fps look alittle bad because of screen tear because it is trying its hardest to keep up

  119. Magnificent site. Lots of useful information here. I am sending it to some pals ans also sharing in delicious. And certainly, thanks on your sweat!

  120. Raisen Says:

    Well… i don’t need to change disc on the PS3 every time i buy a new game, like Dead Space 2, on the PS3 they give you the Dead Space 2 and the Dead Space Extractione in ONE DISC and in the Xbox 360 they give you the Dead Space 2 … with two discs …
    PS3 : 2 game 1 disc
    Xbox360 : 1 game 2 disc
    The future games will have more and more data that the Xbox can’t handle … and don’t tell me that the Xbox have better grapichs … just look at God of War please, oh and the PS3 don’t burndown and have free online and have better and more Sony title games….. I admit that the Gears of War is a fuckin’ good game, but it’s not make the Xbox better

  121. MICROSOFTsux Says:

    HAAAAAAA PS3 is a gaming system and xbox is a gaming system……………THEY BOTH DO THE SAME THINGS CREATE NOOBS AND LITTLE CRY BABIES LIKE THE DOUCHE BAG WHO MADE THIS THREAD…..sooo stupid…And people wonder why this country is slowly goin down the shitter, cus you little girls bitch about who’s little wiener can fit into which gaming console….YOUR FUCKING FAGGOTS GET A GOD DAMN LIFE….and besides not ONEof you helped create or build either console so really you have no right talkin all mighty over the internet. I accidentally came across this thread, immediately loughed and knew I had to let you girl haters know how childish you were…by the way xbox 360 has shitty program software…no blu ray drive red ring of death and a really big gay contoller….sony had playstation before xbox anyway…if i played games like you noobs do all day I WOLD HAVE to go with ps3….and most pussies who say that xbox is “better” than ps3 more than likely have never owned a ps3..they just want to be immature and follow the first few douche bags who said the shit was better….(they were sayin the shit during the time they were getting their xboxs back for having the RROD haha

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