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The Reddit “R0n P4u1” Phenomenon January 6, 2008

Filed under: Mike Huckabee,Ron Paul,Rudy Giuliani — Tom @ 12:07 am

It has been known for a time that there was a greasemonkey/user script which removes Ron Paul stories from Reddit. That’s well and good, you shouldn’t have to see it if you don’t want to. But user enneff responded to a request for a script that would downmod these stories too.

Here is a “forever” post of the snippet. What many perceived it as doing was downmodding posts of ron paul to the front page (a perfectly reasonable reason, users who don’t tag it as politics are doing it wrong). However, this is not the case. It does not care which reddit you view. It downmods and hides Ron Paul stories automatically.

In retaliation (to avoid interesting stories which just happen to be about Ron Paul, and may even be unfavorable!), users are V1@GR4izing his name to beat the censors (more info). In fact, I think we can do much better. Sure, we could lower ourselves to their level and do the same to Kucinich, Obama, Clinton, or any candidate seen as in reddit’s “favor”. Or we could auto upmod Ron Paul posts. I personally would like to see users fighting this in the opposite manner: setup a reload every tab with an upmod script (I’m new to js so I have to learn exactly where to switch the downmod to upmod). Sure, that’s not like gentlemen, but I don’t think any of this is terribly fair.

Also, I’m watching ABC and they listed that recent New Hampshire Tracking Poll. Giuliani had 14%, Huck had 11. Of course, I’ve seen Paul at 14% as well, but I guess they were listing the top 4 just like CNN did… even though Paul would have been in that list.


4 Responses to “The Reddit “R0n P4u1” Phenomenon”

  1. Fed Up Says:

    Or you could just face the fact that Reddit isn’t your personal pissing pool. Tell me, once people have gotten so sick of your shit that they write scripts just to get rid of it, are you winning votes for your Messiah anymore?

  2. Fed Up Says:

    I mean, here’s your blog with a comment section. How about we just see how you like to be spammed?

  3. Curtis Says:

    Spam for R0n!!111

    Did you see him during the debates? He is delivering a consistent well planned platform that uses logic, reason, sound economic theory and compassion to address the *real* problems that are facing us a Nation.

    Dr Ron Paul for President!

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