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Pick a pie chart strategy and stick with it January 9, 2008

Filed under: John McCain,Mike Huckabee,Ron Paul,Rudy Giuliani — Tom @ 6:28 am

I didn’t have my Slingbox (it’s glorious) set up for the Iowa caucus night, so thanks to Matt Stooks for photographing his television set for us all.

Users on Reddit have been pretty adamant that CNN was just limiting the pie charts to the top 4 on Thursday, and while I read there was, briefly, a 5th, there’s no evidence of it unless someone TiVo’d it. The picture here shows a large “white checkerboard” (maybe it’s diamondboard? I don’t know):

But on Tuesday, Jan 8, there were the New Hampshire primaries. And the charts returned. But now, instead of 4 slices and the “Other” blankness, there are 5 slices (4 named) and the “Other” blankness.
That Grey Slice is the unnamed candidate

This is different, I believe. If they were just showing the top 4, then why did they have to cut out a slice for Ronald McDonald?

Live Free or Diebold


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