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Awesome rewards linkjacking January 19, 2008

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The plan as is is to check the content of the page vs all pages ever submitted to Not only is this hilarious because it will slaughter his database, but he’s going to ban people who submit dupes. This rewards linkjacking. What is linkjacking?

Let’s say someone shoots up a school, and I know this is big news. I copy paste an Associated Press article to my blog, post it, submit it, and have a bunch of adsense ads and such on my blog. Maybe someone posted a video to youtube from their cellphone of the shooting happening, so I’ve used adsense for youtube (which puts ads in the video) and made money by embedding it.

So now I’ve got this awesome story with an awesome video that makes me shitloads of cash. I submit it to awesomebullshit before someone else does.

Someone else, who thinks this is stupid, submits the actual AP article (non linkjacked). But thankfully, awesomebullshit sees this as duplication of content, and permabans the attempted duplicater. IP bans and all.

Who wins? The fastest submission. Also, since you’re supposed to search, just use a really stupid title like “haha headshot” and when someone searches “Cityname shooting” or “schoolname shooting”, they won’t find anything, submit their article, and get banned. I win.

AwesomeBullshit is just bullshit.


2 Responses to “Awesome rewards linkjacking”

  1. I reward people who point out linkjacking by giving them the accumulated upmods and they gain ownership of the post.

  2. In short, the idea is if you see linkjacking, you report it, you don’t try to shout louder than the dumbass you shut the dumbass up.

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