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The horror of subreddits January 25, 2008

Filed under: reddit — Tom @ 10:25 am

Well, aside from the fact they’re not tags, everybody wants to own a subreddit. So right when they got announced, one of the first was ‘Apple’ and I, a macfag, joined immediately. But now there’s ‘mac’ and ‘osx’ subreddits. There’s also a ‘video’ to the earlier ‘videos’ (I joined videos when it appeared, video did not exist, it does not), and a ‘webcomics’ to the earlier ‘comics’ (which specifically covers both in it’s name field). There’s even an xkcd, because a comic that updates three times a week needs to compete with comics/webcomics.

There’s even a ‘meta’ reddit (which probably covers the earlier “ask reddit” but the overlay is not so simple), and a ‘bestof’ (which I’m ok with) and ‘worstof’ reddit.

One of the most heinous crimes against reddit, in my opinion, is the ‘xxx’ subreddit. You know, for porn. Which is what nsfw has always been for, long before users made their own.

Dear redditors: There’s maybe 50 or 60 subreddits, is it really that god damned hard to look for the one you’re making before you make it?

(Edit: Someone suggested this, I wouldn’t leave reddit for it… yet)


8 Responses to “The horror of subreddits”

  1. Matt Says:

    Why not just subscribe to the most popular one?

  2. Faggot Says:

    Only the most popular one will be utilized.

  3. infinityis Says:

    There is a creative/subjective aspect to it, much like naming a website. For example, a “music” subreddit might suffice, but calling it “herddit” sounds like a better fit (but maybe I’m just biased)

  4. lofi Says:

    man u just jealous cos u didn’t register the appl one

    ilovestevejobsspooge is still free tho

  5. wcuk Says:

    I plan faithfully ignore these subreddits until clear winners emerge. Then I will continue to ignore them…

  6. Have you seen jaanix? It allows both tag based and personal “subreddits”.

  7. ghuxivgpef Says:

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  8. metareddit Says:

    try metareddit 🙂 “metareddit is all about and its many (sub-)reddits. You can explore the reddits, similar ones can be grouped using tags”

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