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CoverSutra doesn’t suck February 26, 2008

Filed under: Apple — Tom @ 11:02 am

At first, you’d think coversutra to be useless, as iTunes mini mode works just as well. I have found that to be wrong on multiple levels.

First, coversutra can replace the default client, which I have found to still (even as of the latest update) to be ULTRA buggy on the mac operating system. I could at any time open Activity Monitor and see “LastFMHelper (not working)” in my apps. It would often, if I tried to use it, freeze up. Just about the worst app for OS X I’ve seen.

I used to use iScrobbler until it stopped getting updated and they said “Just use the official client”. I would probably use it still if I wasn’t using coversutra. I really find it hard to find flaws with coversutra, it’s crashed once but since has been updated more properly for Leopard. I can use it under apps (the iTunes mini mode floats if you like, or hangs under if you don’t, but is always in the way) and can double click it to bring up a very useful panel to switch songs, rate the current one, and even easily switch songs in the current album. Rating the current song easily has always been a bit of a task with iTunes, you have to switch to full mode or right click (difficult on a notebook) the itunes icon, go to the rating menu, and pick a rating.

Interesting note: a friend and I were trying to figure out a easy way to do this, using the NuLOOQ. He wanted to be able to twist the knob and rate the current song in half steps (iTunes actually stores a 1-10 rating system, and has support for half stars). We never really achieved it, but I think coversutra comes close.

However, I got coversutra as part of MacHeist, and I wouldn’t have bought it otherwise. So, yeah.


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