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Mac OS X’s desire to read my cd drive sucks February 28, 2008

Filed under: Apple — Tom @ 8:58 pm

Seriously, what the hell?

Ok, have any of you experienced this constantly: if you leave a dvd like a movie in the drive, even though NOTHING is accessing it, when you come back from screensaver before it shows you the password screen it spins up your dvd drive just to make sure it doesn’t have to, i don’t know, read my operating system files from Amazing Stories disc 3? I think it thinks the keychain might be on the dvd, it whirred up just seconds ago when I opened safari to check another gmail account than the one I’m logged into Google Reader with (just makes things easier), and as soon as I typed into the username box it froze, whirred up my dvd drive, then asked if I wanted to allow safari to access my keychain.

Fuck you, keychain, I don’t wanna wait 5 seconds for you to whirr up a goddamn movie when I want to type a password. Seriously.


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