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Apple Error Code -8065 February 29, 2008

Filed under: Apple — Tom @ 8:02 am

Let’s make a folder. Name it test.txt. Open it, and place test.txt inside it. Now, open two finder windows (this is easiest, I would suggest just dragging up after clicking the triangle if you’re in list view if you know how) and drag test.txt (the file) to the folder containing the folder named test.txt. This will confuse the OS, probably because it wants to replace the parent folder with the exact same name file.

Nobody will ever google for this.


7 Responses to “Apple Error Code -8065”

  1. xdynx Says:

    wasn’t this a bug pre 9? One of the reasons I gave up on development, I tried doing video game folders pre-packaging and there were the same as the’s. I remember old versions of MS DOS doing this, they just stripped the “.” from being allowed in a folder name to stop it from happening.

  2. KEVIN Says:

    It was googled and actually did help. Change the name of the parent folder and the child folder can be pulled out.
    Tiger 10.5.5
    Thank you,

  3. John Says:

    Thanks a lot mate, I can’t believe I was so stupid as to even try this. And yes, I did find this answer through google.

  4. Bob Guy Says:

    I was stupid enough to try this, and was puzzled by the error code. Google and your site gave me the answer. Cheers.

  5. I can’t reproduce this on 10.5.8 and get the normal ‘An older item named “test.txt” already exists in this location. Do you want to replace it with the newer one you are moving?’ message.

  6. Bozo Says:

    You can also get this error by trying to rename a folder while copying a file to it…. I just tried it.

    It’s a little frustrating that Apple doesn’t decrypt some of these error codes with some more helpful messages.

  7. I envy you. Your blog is much better in content and design than mine. Can you tell me who designed it? Thanks in advance. Maks

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