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The Onion’s A/V club sucks March 6, 2008

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Well, seriously. I had just read that their A/V club is good, and when I went I noticed they had a taste test of my new favorite novelty drink.

But they hated it. And the comments all went “thanks for reviewing it, now I will not try it for myself”. The problem is, they reviewed it warm. I read only a few comments, near the end, that suggested they try it cold for much better results. These from people who have actually TRIED the product. (amazingly, those that claimed to have tried it all said it was good, except for one guy but he had it warm as well)

They had a suggestion thing at the top, so you could suggest other things since this was a new feature. I suggested they try beer. Warm, of course.

Edited later: Apparently the drinks were cold, I am told. However, I still think that the reader has final judgement on what they like/don’t like (as always), so I do suggest you pick one up before writing it off.


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