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Cha-Ching is the worst mac app I’ve ever used March 12, 2008

Filed under: Apple — Tom @ 12:50 am

I’m sure worse exist, but this is the worst because they are selling it, and they get humped by various mac blogs.

Let’s go step by step:

If you typed info in a field for a New Transaction, like the amount or date, and left your cursor in the field when you hit “Save”, it will not save whichever info you typed in for that field and create a “blank” entry. It’ll be uneditable, you can only delete this blank entry. This is really bad: if you don’t NOTICE the entry you just added is blank (it falls to the very bottom of the list if you didn’t put in a date), then you’ll mess up your accounting without knowing it.

I imported a QFX from my bank and made sure it was just fine by viewing it in Numbers, and it is, but all deposits were unreadable by Cha-Ching. Again, these blank entries are only deletable, and it’s just a hassle to try to fix it’s importing bugs.

If you type 1/1/01 in the date, it will replace it with Jan 1, 2001. If you type 1/1/1, it will replace it with Jan 1, 0001. This is not so big of a deal, but seriously…

And they want $40 for this app. I’m glad it came as part of MacHeist, because it’s not worth $4.


One Response to “Cha-Ching is the worst mac app I’ve ever used”

  1. CSS Shadoz Says:

    I don’t know why you find it so bad. Seems ok to me.

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