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Rockbox’d my Woot’d iPo’d April 26, 2008

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I bought an 40 gb HP Branded 4g iPod for $100 on woot, already owning a $160 20gb 4g iPod I bought two years ago (today’s value: $249.05 if I had bought $160 of gold and sold it today). Put rockbox on it and was told that with 90% battery I had roughly 3 hr 50 minutes left. That’s really bad battery life, even for a 4g, according to the RockBox iPod Runtime wiki page.

90 day Woot Warranty. Starting a few days ago. 😦

I do like, however, that it will reboot into the official apple firmware when connected to a computer, I am guessing if it sees iTunes. That’s nice, cos then I can sync, and it can update the DB again, and we’re all good. The only downside is sometimes it’s difficult to get out of a game or the ‘search’ feature, mainly because I don’t know what I’m doing.


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