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Web 2.0 invite mayhem May 24, 2008

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I have been watching the FriendFeed Invites Room (which is a great service). Apparently there’s a few sites already that do invites. I found one that does Brightkite Invites, there’s another that does Jaiku Invites, and a friend was telling me some site secretly runs their own invites site (I thought it was Jaiku but the bottom text says I’m wrong).

There’s also a site I found on lifehacker that does invites, Invite Share. Via googling, it turns out there’s Mashable Invites, which handles a LOT more sites.

This is kinda scary. There’s all these sites, and most of them have no real end to end verification. I know on inviteshare (I shared a brightkite invite there) that you see a list of e-mails, you can’t copy paste them (which sucks, I had to type it out) and then you say “I sent one to that user”. They have to remember they signed up at inviteshare, and say “I received it!”. This is REALLY crappy. Mashable does the same thing, a list of e-mails and no idea if that request was made recently or a year ago. As I don’t think many users feel terribly obligated to go back and say “I got it”, they may leave their e-mail up on as many of these sites as possible, forever. That’s awful! Especially if you want to get points for giving out invites.

So: I’ve got something in the works that should smash all these sites with awesomeness. Don’t just take a penny.


2 Responses to “Web 2.0 invite mayhem”

  1. Hi Tom, I’m Ciarán the creator of, while other sites may or may not have a great system the one I built for Jaiku invites only exposes the emails of sharers to the people they invite and visa-versa. There no lists of emails anywhere. Also everyone who requests an invite, gets one guaranteed, thanks to a unique tracking system (although it does rely a tiny bit on the sharers being honest). Best way to find is try it out yourself.

  2. Tom Sucks Says:

    I wasn’t dissing JaikuInvites, I was just saying there’s a lotta people who want invites and it’s not always easy to find a way to get them. I used to see tons of blog posts where someone mentions a new site (this was HUGE in the gmail days), and all the comments are “please invite me,“. Years after the post, when nobody’s even looking, people are still begging in the dark far corners of the internet for invites. And of course, they’ll never come back and say “thanks, got one now”.

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