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Free idea: Tweetback/Twitterback May 27, 2008

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I was looking into implementing this, and I thought long and hard over the technique. If twitturly had an API, it’d be easier. But I could plug right into Summize, I guess. But summize can search hashtags and anyone can really just use summize to watch hashtags, right? So what’s the point of, where you have to follow hashtags to get your tags followed? Why don’t they just use summize? I guess it’s good for private twitter accounts, but it’s not good for tweetback.

Tweetback is a simple idea: pingbacks for twitter. I made a post knowing that it would somehow be found by the people who run the site I referenced, because somehow it always happens on my blog here. Nobody reads this, so I’m sure they’re just using some blog search service. Anyway, they noticed. And they posted a link to my post! That’s nice, but why didn’t I get a pingback? If I link to a blog in wordpress, it pings back that blog automatically, which is awesome (because I’m not a trackback spammer). Why not a service for twitter that will de403 a url (403, i.e. redirection like tinyurl or other shortener services) in your tweets, and then pingback with the direct tweet url?

I could implement it like hashtags, just checking every url to see if it’s a blog, then checking if I could trackback that blog with my tweet URL. OR, I could just post the thing in the open and hope the twitturly guy or someone else implements it.

Just thank me if you start an actual service named ‘tweetback’. I’d love some appreciation. (If you become big, a t-shirt and sticker, too?)

(P.S., this was originally called Twitterback, but I thought tweetback was shorter and good, but either name works)


2 Responses to “Free idea: Tweetback/Twitterback”

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  2. Tom,

    Thank you for the suggestion. I was actually already working on implementing this! I guess great minds think alike… 😉

    There was going to be one difference though, I was going to make it so that it pointed back to the twitturly url information page. The reason for doing this instead of directly to the tweet is so that the person could see the entire conversation around the URL as it formed. If they wanted to, they can still click to be taken straight to the person who wrote it too.

    I think that to dm me, I need to be following you and you follow me. Please email me your twitter username and I will start following you so that we can talk about this further.


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