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iPhone headset and headphones combined June 9, 2008

Filed under: Apple,iphone — Tom @ 7:56 pm

Well, I’d personally just call it a headset or stereo headset like they have for computers, but apparently phone headsets are mono.

A friend was wondering if he could somehow make a modified version of the Logitech Bluetooth Headphone for MP3, which basically allows one to turn a headphone jack into an A2DP jack. If he could use the 3 ring (microphone added) version, and add a mic to the headset, the lack of A2DP wouldn’t matter. (Apparently nokia uses the same prongs?)

But nobody’s done it yet. WTF. Technically the bluetooth headphone for mp3 could be plugged into the Shure iPhone Headset Adapter, but it only gets the job halfway done unless it’s some really great mic.



One Response to “iPhone headset and headphones combined”

  1. The problem with the Shure cable is that it isn’t bluetooth and in that case, I’d just use my iPhone headphones. I want to be able to leave my phone in my pocket and/or in the charger. Which has to be put away from my desk because of my surround sound subwoofer picks up the cell signals and it incredibly annoying.

    Therefore, leave phone in dock, ten feet away by the door, charging. I can answer the phone without getting up, walk to the kitchen still talking, maybe head into the bedroom for something all while listening to music or talking on the phone via bluetooth. Completely bypassing the iPhone’s lack of a2dp and giving the finger to those who ensured the phone wouldn’t have it.

    And not all nokia phones have the three ring jacks.

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