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Breaking the Apple NDA here June 10, 2008

Filed under: Apple,iphone — Tom @ 2:46 pm

There’s a NDA you get to sign when you sign up to become an apple iphone developer. Since I didn’t, I’m breaking nothing.

You are disallowed from writing apps for jailbroken iPhones when you pay the $99 fee. That’s why people who are working on official apps are unable to port them to the jailbroken ‘free app store’. Pretty lame of Apple, huh? It’s like forbidding people from creating apps that work on 10.4.


4 Responses to “Breaking the Apple NDA here”

  1. aroon Says:

    hey Thomas, I don’t want to continue that discussion on the getsatisfaction website just because i think it was getting a little off topic.

    if you wanna chat more, ping me at my email address and i’ll shoot you a response to your last comment.

  2. […] confirmation of my NDA speculation (I had only guessed) helps me with my new hobby, but interestingly enough the issue where MooCow […]

  3. Tom Sucks Says:

    Just wanted to mention he never responded

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