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I’m not so sure I want to claim my ID June 14, 2008

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Jeez, man. I’m a real jerk on this website. I’m apparently really not that bad in person, several “internet friends” have said so. Same for on Skype, I’m a nice to talk to fellow. So why would I want to go to claimid and say, hey, this is me, this is me, this is also me. I want to start a real blog about similar stuff that I write about here, except do it professionally. I don’t know if I’ll even continue this site that nobody cares about, maybe just to riff on stuff on the side. Anyway, it’s absolutely nuts to think that most people are going to want to claim their id. Maybe some frat boys or sorority girls who think that everyone needs to know how awesome they are and then get ‘creeped out’ when someone shows them that they just revealed everything someone would need to know to steal their identity (including their home address), but while I think it’s a very noble idea indeed (like XFN is), it’s just not going to work the way we are today.

I would love if people could, for example, join okcupid with the express intent of making friends. Myspace isn’t there to make friends. Facebook definitely isn’t, most people think you’re creepy if they don’t already know you in real life. What are we so stuck up on? Why are we so scared of other people? Has the media done this to us, made us afraid to say hello? Sure, I’ll probably not want to be friends with everyone, I’m not interested in sports and so I’d probably piss off some jock if I said hello and he assumed that meant I was “queer” or “a faggot”. Likewise, if I say hello to a girl I am quite liable to piss off her boyfriend, which has happened in the past. Guys can’t be friends with girls? Oh well.

In short: I love the dream of brightkite, dodgeball, and the like. Making friends merely by social networks? “Hey, Jill is nearby, wanna go say hello and not do something creepy like pre-arranging a meeting?” That’s awesome! People in real life NEED interest tagging, the idea that my phone might tell me that a person nearby shares similar interests with me and we’d probably have a lot to talk about simply makes me excited about a future where the shyness barrier doesn’t apply! But right now, that looks like a distant distant future. Hell, I can’t tell Delicious Library to sync with LibraryThing, GoodReads, OR Shelfari. What chance do I have of a real-life mobile social network on the fly?

Ugh. This post sucks. What an awful rant.


2 Responses to “I’m not so sure I want to claim my ID”

  1. Your friend Says:

    You’re absolutely right.
    I’m not sure the media is to blame, more human nature.
    I think that anyone who has had even a passing interest in getting to know another person to simply “Reach out” would benefit and, by nature be suited to the ideology.
    The space between strangers is only a little more than the space between friends.
    Is it mistrust?
    We just have to fill the space with something.

    I enjoyed reading your post.

  2. […] June 19, 2008 Filed under: Uncategorized — Tom Sucks @ 5:49 pm I brought up real life social networking before in an incoherent rant, and there’s now even more proof that it needs to become a […]

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