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Starting the list of pros and cons June 17, 2008

Filed under: Girlfriend issues — Tom @ 2:52 pm

My girlfriend’s name is Sarah.

Yesterday, Sarah sent me out to get some items while she volunteered at the SPCA. One was mop & glo. CostCo didn’t have any, so I read all the other cleaning products, including Pine Sol, to see which is for mopping. None said they were. I grabbed Tilex, because we have tile floors, and it actually came in a big 64 oz container so it was reasonable. Apparently this was not, so we got Pine Sol just hours later, when buying food and other things. So, no harm done. (She wanted me to include this when I made the list, so I’m doing that.)

Today Sarah got her arm caught in her birds cage, past the elbow. In a part where the bars don’t detach. So, she said “lift it, and so I did, and she went “OW”, because apparently by “lift” she actually meant “hold down the bottom bar, and pull up the top bar, to make room to remove the arm”. She bitched at me, and I told her that if she asks for help again I will not, since apparently doing what she says is not what she wants. She then said something about asking me to do something was like asking a 5 year old, simply because I took her word for it when she said to “lift”.

She does get mad at me quite a lot simply for doing as she asks, so I’m finally starting the list.


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