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My New Hobby: SDK vs Jailbreak apps June 18, 2008

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Today Download Squad featured Urbanspoon, so I mentioned StreetFlow (an App Worth Jailbreaking For). I complained about Loopt being unable to write an app for jailbroken phones, which as far as I can see is not that difficult (Twinkle can tell me about where I am, and the accompanying search for restaurants would really narrow down the list of places, making it easier). There’s a great book about it (I own a copy, and I am still “meaning” to read it) called iPhone Open Application Development. I IRC with the author.

I love when I can point out a Jailbroken app that can do something right now. Like, how Band can do the exact same thing on Jailbroken phones as… Band can do on App Store phones. Huh.

(If there’s a good API for giving a site info from the iphone to make it easy to create my own Loopt/BrightKite/FireEagle app for jailbroken phones, that would be good enough, but as far as I can tell no such API exists for BrightKite/Loopt… maybe FireEagle, but I can’t get into that one)


3 Responses to “My New Hobby: SDK vs Jailbreak apps”

  1. ed Says:

    I was wondering about jailbreaking a phone. With the app store on its way, I wonder if the apps on hacked phones will go legit? As for my precious? It’s not jailbroken – I’m too chicken. Just found your blog last night – like it so far – found it on Toluu.

  2. Tom Sucks Says:

    Yeah, there’s no guarantee they all won’t, but a few use so much data they will probably be ‘banned’, like MobileScrobbler.

  3. Edtoxdfj Says:

    2KKRHq comment6 ,

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