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Safari is not designed for tabbed browsing June 22, 2008

Filed under: Apple — Tom @ 8:06 pm

There’s two firefox features that don’t exist in Safari which give it an edge, but some Safari users don’t happen to know about them…

I know this first one has caused a stir, because I saw an article that I can’t find now where someone mentioned Safari devs really don’t think much about tabbed browsing, as the “History” tab has an item named “Reopen Last Closed Window” (which comes with the back button history, very useful). However, there’s no Reopen Last Closed Tab (Firefox does have tab close undo, and it goes back a ways, I have done 5 in the past. This also brings along back button history.).

Another feature of Firefox that doesn’t exist in Safari which exists in Firefox (and Seamonkey, originally) is the ability to make items that have target=”_blank” (i.e. open in a blank window) launch their item in a new tab instead of a new window. Bug 19715 was filed to hopefully resolve this missing feature.


One Response to “Safari is not designed for tabbed browsing”

  1. Mister F Says:

    I’ll be honest and admit that I know only two people with Apples…Pro laptops, both. But in my online reading I’ve seen many, many screenshots of live OSX sessions, so I think its reasonable to claim that my observations are not hopelessly parochial. 🙂

    And what I’ve seen is this: MAC users tend to open a relatively small number of windows or tabs…say, fewer than 10 But a large percentage of MS users tend to have a few dozen pages open, esp. when using Firefox. Scan some ’07 posts about FF2 hogging resources – the common factors were multiple tabs and long browser sessions.

    If I’m right, its no wonder tabbed browsing is not a big MAC issue. But even if I’m wrong, its symptomatic of a larger issue regarding browser problems & troubleshooting – ie: users often talk past each other, due to differences in hardware, browser customization and/or specific patterns of use. Here’s a good example, over multiple threads.:

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