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Pretty neat July 18, 2008

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I logged in to let my OpenID work on another site (I am not terribly active at actually writing down my thoughts) and saw that someone from the Houston Chronicle had tried to contact me a few days ago, wanting to interview me about Twitter. I have e-mailed her on this, and by posting here I pretty much confirm that it was me. I really don’t know if I’m the best person to talk to, but I do use twitter, so I guess that counts. I also use twitterrific, mobile twitterrific, twittervision, twitterlocal, summize, and I have ideas for things that are posted elsewhere on more Serious Blogs. I’m even trying to sit down and actually learn PHP/MySQL so that I can create some awesome applications for Twitter (one of the reasons I was so upset Summize got bought, I was hoping my apps would work for other services too once Summize implemented searching them, hopefully Tweetscan’s search will turn out to be good).

Why is the Chron interested in Twitter, though? The top google hit for twitter is a I don’t use twitter, only self-important people use twitter story. That’s one of the questions I asked in my heart-felt 1:30 am e-mail.

Also, while checking the dashboard I also caught some other responses I didn’t expect, like a Perian developer surprised his app was being used on the AppleTV and confused about ‘replacing Apple’s H264 decoder’. I’ve since contacted him, too, and offered photographic evidence.


2 Responses to “Pretty neat”

  1. Eh, I thought you were talking about the mini, not the apple tv 🙂

  2. Why have I never heard of you?

    Obviously a nobody!

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