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Blog comments are like cash August 18, 2008

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In that if you disable them, and somehow think

It has opened the door for stress-free site maintenance and publishing in a way I didn’t understand until experiencing it. When I hit publish – I’m done. The article has now been completed. It’s off to print. That’s all she I wrote.

then someone out there will call you out on how you hit publish way too soon, but on their own blog, in a very public way.

Shawn Blanc, when you disabled comments on your blog, you didn’t do it to save time. You did it because you are lazy. Too lazy to close your parentheses on item 2, too lazy to spellcheck encoureges into encourages, too lazy. And it shows, for when you mention e-mails, you say

Some noticed typos and/or misspellings (which are a dime-a-dozen around here).

which is a sentence fragment in a post made just over a year ago (August 14, 2007, if you can find it in the convoluted webpage design, it’s a blog, not flickr) that still has not had these glaring errors corrected.

This is not a free offer to call me out on mistakes I made and call me a hypocrite, but it is a free offer to call me out on mistakes so that I can fix them. You can do so below, in the lovely comments area provided for your benefit.


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