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Will unban the banned? September 3, 2008

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Shortly after banned me in April 2004 (for mediocre reasons, especially their “no, we won’t consider an appeal, you paid $35 for a lifetime membership and we’d rather not keep all these non-monthly accounts” response), the company behind the site sold it to another company and went strictly military applications. The community died quickly, and it is a ghost world now. Few old names remain. The ones who do seem only to be going through the motions.

Now that is trying a revival, would they want some of their best, most experienced, most knowledgeable users back to keep new users from leaving after a few minutes? We’ll see. I might even send in an actual appeal!

Interestingly, in my early days in the World of Warcraft stress test beta, I spoke with a former employee of who actually agreed that the banning was a little unfair but it was because we were using server resources without providing any money to the bottom line, and that any reason for a ban was a good one. It apparently didn’t work!


4 Responses to “Will unban the banned?”

  1. Bucky West Says:

    I used to like There a lot, but too few resources were ever put into it and the only real user involvement ever was in designing pretty skins for objects like clothes.

    As a social medium it had a great deal of potential that has never been broached. What’s really sad about this is that the same stuff There is based on is used now by the military to train people to kill people. Pretty disgusting, really.

    There as a closed development system is pretty much a social failure.

  2. o0syk0o Says:

    dude i got banned too, i loved th game, but some1 gave me their acount and got me banned

  3. Orla Says:

    Ive been banned from I got 3moderations for cussing and got a perma banned slappen on my ass..And I got back on..Bypassed the ban..And I appealed my old account and some how they tracked down the new one and banned that too..Thing is since the first ban I had no moderations on the new account..So in a way I gav myself a second chance and proved I could be “good” but yeah im gone for good now..Sad really I spent money on There for things that I would never really own…

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