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I don’t do my share December 19, 2008

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A while ago, my girlfriend finally got a job after about 1.5 years. This was good. It’s a part time job, and while the pay isn’t fantastic, she tells me she loves her job. That’s good.

However, she claims she now has less time to do housework and so I have to chip in (even though I was supposed to chip in before, too, and she does about as much housework now as she did previously as far as I can tell).

I last vacuumed probably 2 weeks ago, so she was very upset at how the bottom of the stairs was looking, and was telling me so in the car as we were leaving. I told her I acknowledged her complaints, and that I can’t do anything about it at the moment.

She continued.

I said if she feels that strongly, I can turn around and go home, and she told me she did not want me to do that.

She continued.

I told her if she continues any further, I will turn around immediately and go home.

She continued.

I turned into a parking lot, and she was really surprised I was actually doing it. I asked if she could cease her (didn’t say nagging, but that’s what it was), and she said no, and explained that she just really wanted me to clean the house. So I said, ok, we’re going home.

She began to sob. I didn’t turn home just yet, I gave her a final ultimatum (as I was thinking she’d wisen up and allow me to drive us and get our errands done without constant nagging about how I’m doing errands instead of cleaning the house).

She continued.

I turned for home. She thought that while I was cleaning the house, she could do the errands herself. I said no, I’m keeping the keys (after all, the car is fully mine).

I just finished vacuuming downstairs, and as she was upstairs she realized that she hadn’t been doing housework either, and that it was unfair for me to be doing work and her to sit on her ass, so she cleaned the bathroom (finally!).

Really, I’d have rather taken her to get her paycheck and gotten groceries and pet food, but she persisted. I am tired of her shit, and so I did something about it. If she cares so much as to nag me when I can do nothing about it, I will change the situation.

In short: be a man.


2 Responses to “I don’t do my share”

  1. Ben Rowe Says:

    Amazing post fella. Amazing

  2. Eric Says:

    In short, your Asperger’s is really showing in this post. Way to lay down the logical smack down on your hapless live-in plaything.

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