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CTho9305 January 30, 2009

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[20:31:55] ← iTom left IRC. (Quit: Closing Rooms for iPhone)
[20:40:21] • CTho|zzz is now known as CTho.
[20:45:32] <@Tom> i'm gonna rape you
[20:46:00] <@CTho> apparently i suck at estimating weights
[20:50:26] <@CTho> washing machines weigh closer to 200lbs than 100lbs
[20:50:32] Tom changed the topic to #fs - eff ess || LOL NEXT TIME CUBE? || jX will marry this woman, she'll play the kazoo at the wedding || Popsicle: || Turn right at Peniston, then it's only 50 miles to Wetwang. || <@CTho> apparently i suck
[20:53:00] CTho changed the topic to <tom> i am a pedophile and rapist
[20:53:19] ← biesi left IRC. (Ping timeout)
[21:15:13] <@Tom> CTho
[21:15:46] <@Tom> That's childish, I didn't say any such thing

CTho is over 18 so I don’t know where he gets this crap from. It’s not the first time he’s inserted a completely false quote in the topic, and it’s not the first time he’s stepped over boundaries of good taste.


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