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The Xbox One’s excuses suck June 15, 2013

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Neowin has a post from an anonymous Xbox Engineer. One of the things he claims, which could be valid, is that games could be cheaper without resales. But the amount of sales on Xbox Live is few, and the discounts are usually not very good. I’ll equate it to a REAL LIFE COMPARISON! A lot of used books on Amazon are cheaper than buying the eBook. Sometimes by a little, sometimes by a lot, and you always have to count shipping. But! I’ve read of Amazon wiping a kindle and deleting an account with no explanation OR REFUND. That cannot be done with a book, and that cannot be done with a game you have on disc. If Microsoft decided that you’re a bad person (maybe your kid gets on halo and screams racist profanities while you’re not around), they can ban you and as of yet no mention has been made as to how a banned player can continue to play games offline.

Anyway, Microsoft still charges full price on their store ( for games years old, while other sellers like WalMart and Amazon may sell new copies at $30 or $20. I frequently buy from Best Buy when they offer crazy discounts on 3DS games.

I’ll stay wary, and stick with my Xbox 360. If I wanna watch TV in my underwear, and not worry about being checked on by the always-on Kinect camera, I can do that by just unplugging the USB cable. Poof, sorted.

(I imagine an after-market product from Nyko that you can install on your kinect to slide a cap over the camera coming, but I’m not sure what to do about the audio.)

Also, if a cat is staring just above your head, you may have a fly buzzing around.