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WordPress Quirks May 7, 2005

I’ve decided to keep a list of quirks with wordpress. This is just my gripes, so that Chris can see them.

First, there’s no info on where to edit categories. I would think on the write post page, they would let you add categories, maybe with a little popup. That would make adding categories easy. Even a link to the “Manage Categories” page would be nice. Otherwise, it’s hard to figure out that “Manage”, such an ambiguously named tab, is where you can find the info on adding/removing/editing Categories.

Second, there’s no easy way to do preview. Turns out the thing is under “Save”, if you save it then you will get a preview at the bottom. 1.5.1 adds in live preview, which is a pretty good compromise.

There’s no way to force a user to post in a category, nor a way to keep a certain category off the front page by default. With digg, I usually blog things I want to look at later. I don’t want to make people think my at work blog is just linkspam for digg, but I can’t force the user digg to post in a ‘digg’ category either. It’d be nice if I could. Same for Flickr and 43things. Although, some effort on their part might be required too, I could tick “frontpage” and it would go to the flickr cateogry and the frontpage, and with digg a similar thing. This way the good diggs for everybody are featured, but the diggs for myself are not.

The “Pretty Pages” thing requires me to upload a new .htaccess, so creating this page required me to go over there and get the code for a new .htaccess. Surprisingly enough wp is not smart enough to notify me about this, I thought it would just do ?page=1 or something. Nope, I have to update my .htaccess manually as although I did make the file writable as WP wanted, it still “can’t” update it. Maybe wp could have also just decided “this rewrite rule isn’t there, I should use the ?page= as a backup until it does”, but that would be intelligent.

I can’t see the ratings in my ‘manage links’. I sorted by rating, so it should show me the ratings, right? Nope. I am rating my protocols by what I handle them with, and am wondering if it’s rating then alphabetic, because that sounds right (sort by rating, then alphabetize each thing by rating), and it seems thats not happening but I can’t be sure without this column that doesn’t exist!


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