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Second Life sucks, why do bloggers like it? June 20, 2006

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I may be biased because I happen to have experienced better, but SL sucks. Physics? Hah, they’ve been ‘about to’ add Havok 2 for a few years now. Still not there.

The only problem people face is they don’t realize Second Life was created in Adobe Atmospheres, and not improved upon much since then. If you go to any atmospheres demo sites where you can walk around in the atmosphere world, you’ll see physics and movements (walking in particular) just like that of Second Life.

However, Second Life runs on macs., something which happens to actually have more lifelike animations (including idle animations like breathing, and voice chat which makes your lips move with your voice), only runs on Windows despite being ALL flash/shockwave. I bet they could move it to mac in less than a month, but ever since they decided that the army pays better they’ve stopped trying and given the whole thing to a company that doesn’t understand it.

I ask you, if possible, to try both, try doing similar things in both. There just feels better. Second Life is still for the most part a hodgepodge of giving the users hacks (you shouldn’t be able to move directly up and down in space without the aid of a propellant) so that the shittiness of the world is at least bearable.

If you get bored, make a series of loops that intersect each other in a row (like a chain), then move it up and enable physics. Watch the world grind to a halt when 3 things rub against each other, then ram other cars in There and watch bounce back without any ‘world’ slowdown. The coolest part, from what I hear, is that the size of the land each server runs varies based on crowd density. In SL, it is a grid.

So we’ve determined: Second Life can’t scale, and Second Life has shitty physics. Why the hell is this game revolutionary?

Later edit: Something Awful now has a feature called Second Life Safari, it’s making fun of some of the lamer Second Life users. It’s pretty funny, check it out.


117 Responses to “Second Life sucks, why do bloggers like it?”

  1. max Says:

    SL Sucks. I’ve been on nearly every virtual online styled avatar chat program and they were doing better virtual worlds before second life came around. Bigger isn’t always better when everything loads extremely slowly. Skipping and unexpected jumping occurs frequently. Also SL is frankly boring. Most people are AFK dancing or earning money, other people are walking around with their penis avatar upgrades attached their their bodies, or just acting retarded. And this is supposed to be a new reality? Perhaps a new stupidity. If you want a kewl online experience, with great graphix and a real point to it try Everquest or other online rpc you’ll have much more fun then SL. I went to check out SL because popular science magazine said it was “The next big thing”. All I saw was strip clubs, dance clubs, a millions penises, tits, and asses, and the rest of the people ignoring me. In between all of that was giant amounts of lag, waiting for things to load, and elitist/snobby people who don’t talk to new people. LAME! Myspace is way better then SL, and that’s really saying something!

  2. Flock Sucks Says:

    Max, like I said, I liked The fact that I’m banned for life due to a misunderstanding that they refuse to even discuss kinda sucks, but whatever. I play WoW sometimes and have fun, mainly because I don’t take it too seriously (my best character is level 43 and i started playing launch day). I have fun running lower users through instances, and it’s nice.

  3. neil Says:

    Ha, ha! Okay Flock why did you get banned? Was it real bad is that why they won’t discuss it? They never want to have to relive the experience? 😛

  4. Flock Sucks Says:

    if you weren’t there in late2003/early2004 then you’ll never know 🙂

  5. dave Says:

    why is secondlife at version 1.12 it should be in alpha seeing all the bugs they have, and they don’t seem to want to fix those bugs any time soon, i complained about a bug three versions ago and it still hasn’t been fixed. I got so frustrated buy the lack of fixes i signed off today and will not sign on again until there fixed(probabally in 50 years)

  6. Troy Childs Says:

    I think you all just have bad systems if you are getting lag from SL. You just dont take the time to relly try the feature SL has to offer. its not there doing for the Clubs. and if you think about it. when you look around SL you See Real Life. There Clubs Penis,Brest,ass, etc in SL just like Real world. if you say no then you men must not have any balls. and SL dose have laws such as Real Life. areas where you can be baned from SL like a form of life in jail for a crime you may comit in area in the Gird. But there are more then Clubs. there is areas for people that like kids. want to take the acting of a parent and goto aspoting buildings made in SL.

    as for the slow loaging thats cuz SL is a complex game. when you run it you can open task manger and see it useing allot of memory. like allot of other games you need hardware to run it. i am a SL user myself and have no lag and everthing loads great. its because i know how to maintain my system and how to make changes to my system to make Secoundlife better. and SL is makeing new highs ever day. updates to fix allot of problems. i know i had allot of problems when i started Sl and hated it. but i gave them a chance. and it was wort it. i now build and sell things and with the money i make from there i can sale that for real USD or use it to put into a Secondlife bank to build intrest. the bigger the balance the more i get daily. if you make the good changes make sure your hardware is up to date and have enough memory i think ou can enjoy Secondlife too if you get the Chance. if you wanna reply to this reply you can find me on SL as Troy Childs. if you wanna give it more a chance you can contact me on how to make these changes. there easy to do and may only take a hour tops. depending on how well you know computers and how fast your internet connection is.

  7. Troy Childs Says:


    If im not online at the time you may also Contact my friend. she has the same info and can help the same way i could. Her Screen name is. Nicole Childs.

  8. SLsucks Says:

    lol you sound like you almost have something to gain in trying to force positive feedback about SL down people’s throats!

    Let me tell you, SL is the sorriest and poorest attempt to simulate “real life” and whoever came up with that concept is short of a sexually deprived high-school kid with some serious psychological problems.

    Reality? Tits and asses and dicks flashed on my face? I think there is enough porn on the web already to soothe your appetite pal.

    Get a life… and possibly a job. Real ones.

  9. Will Says:

    first day playing it…I rather be lock away in a room with a yo-yo.Too choppy and freeze-up and over all a fustrating experiecnes.

  10. N-Coch Says:

    Well I attempted to play SL for about 2 weeks recently, I gotta say that I agree with all the above posts. In fact, I found this blog by googling “Second Life Sucks.” I went in there hoping to find intelligent discourse and interesting people. Instead I found porn and bad online gambling. If I had to make a comparison between it and anything else interwebz related, I’d say AOL circa 1996. Jesus christ, Second Life is the most boring and badly rendered piece of shit I could ever imagine wasting time on. Just one more thing, what in the hell is up with that porn in there!? Have people never heard of gnutella? Or a strip club? Who in their right mind would want to watch a bunch of crappy unshaded damn near 2d sprites fucking… Oh man… and the kiddy porn. Freaking everywhere. Makes me feel dirty just to write about it. Its like a big laggy Bangcok.

  11. Daniel Says:

    I think SL sucks. I heard about it and was interested in it because of the scripting (I’m a software developer). But, when I got there I experienced what everyone here is saying.

  12. Jonny 5 Says:

    Man, I am glad it’s not just me. I have been on sl for about 2 weeks and it definitely sucks. Just reading the above posts is a healing in itself to my trauma. I also googled “second life sucks” and here I am. The lag is frustrating. The porn and the clubs suck. Most of the people there are freaks. You will be ignored unless you are a porn freak shelling out linden dollars to get some attention from a blurry 2d naked, trash talking, whatever- I don’t even want to know what is behind it. Building is a losing battle trying to use the tools. For what- what are you going to build- another strip club? I am constantly getting locked out of places “area full”. Everybody is a gypsy or theif trying to screw you out of your money. On my second day, I went to the car lot to check it out and some ninja gang member with a Russian name attacked me and kept putting me in a virtual jail. He chased me everywhere, harrassed me and cussed at me for absolutely no reason.
    Oh, and another thing, when you register, you are promised $250.00 linden dollars to set up a paypal account agreement- don’t do it. i did it but I did NOT get the money- you have to read the fine print on some other page to find they want exclusive, very risky privileges to your paypal account. An ordinary payment agreement is not sufficient for sl and not enough for them to honor their advertised offer. Nonetheless, the offer is deceptive and they welched on the deal.
    Also, refer somebody to sl and get $2,500.00 linden dollars- also a lie. Read the fine print. They have to become premium members first also in fine print on another page that takes searching. They welched on that deal too. Then, when you finally get in, everybody wants your money. There are thieves running around everywhere trying to sell you things they do not own. Prostitutes everywhere- it’s actually a good lesson because you realize why it is illegal in real life. Nobody wants to be your friend- everybody just wants to rip you off. Greedy bastards everywhere. I sent emails to sl support and got nowhere- they don’t give a crap. It is a good concept, but lacking integrity in the social, moral, and technical structure on every level. Very jerky, lagging and poor graphics like the above posts. I don’t know who wrote the one praising post, but look at all the spelling and gramical errors and judge the source.
    You shouldn’t have to be a programmer or computer geek to use the service. SL is not user friendly- the comment about the elitist is so funny! It is so funny to see them all over the world. A bunch of foreign freak geeks. And one last thing- go to the moonshine bar and meet all the witches and devil worshippers. That is really scary!!!!! But they are the most generous and will pay money for you to just be there, hang out and they are the most friendly. You soon feel your second soul is on the line.
    HHHMMMM, be careful! Bottom line, SL is a place to visit, learn and experience what not to do without much harm. But smart people will soon decide not to get sucked in and waste their time.

  13. frosty Says:

    Second Life is, in a nutshell, a very ambitious and noble online concept that has been terribly (perhaps irreversibly so) executed. It’s foolish that people drop hundreds…even thousands…on virtual possessions in a game that will ultimately die due to its extreme technical obsolescence.

    I have a feeling it tends to attract a novice online-game crowd. That is, people who just don’t know better; people impressed by what amounts to an overbloated chat room full of con artists.

    Again, the idea of a free-form online world is noble and cool, but this just ain’t it. It’s just a chat room with a database for users to store a very broad range of attributes, that happens to have a very crappy, laggy, and INEFFICIENT graphical interface tossed in. It’s just not that impressive outside of the tremendous server power it must necessitate.

  14. Toast Says:

    Agree that SL sucks. Its a scary example of what humanity could become if it wasn’t for laws, morals, ethics and consequences. Its all porn, crime and gambling. Greed and lust dominate the world. I too played for about 2 weeks and got very bored. There is really NOTHING to do, mostly because you don’t have money, if you want money prepare to get you cc out. You can try to build and sell something, but no one wants it because there are 1000000 better versions of it already. The lag is disgusting, because the entire game is constantly streamed. The final straw for me was when I spent 2 hours sitting around a camp fire earning $11 and then finding out a pair of sunglasses costs $500. Linden Labs are too greedy and basically force you to ‘buy’ currency or accept the fact that all you can do is watch furries get it on all day.

  15. mick Says:

    I’m another guy who got here googling “second life sucks”. I saw an article on it in a local paper and set up an account, installed and logged on. User friendly? lol. After trying to dress myself for 10 minutes, I learned how to fly. I hit the town? and found said scammers and blowhards. After a wasted hour of my life I went to start –> programs –> second life –> uninstall. (are you sure ? YYYYYYY
    Phew. I’ll stick to my real life and real job thanks. I also get plenty of real sex too. and poker. Its all good in real life. I can’t say strong enough second life BLOWS!!!

  16. Torley Says:

    Hehe, I came here via a Google search too, outta curiosity.

    I’ve never used Adobe Atmospheres but I’ve never ever heard of Second Life being created in it — unless you have a source?

    Amusing historical anecdote: the first time I experienced lag slowdown from time dilation (I think heavy physics were happening elsewhere in the region), I thought it was a bullet-time effect like The Matrix and asked around how to do it at will. :p

    What’s in Second Life is a reflection of what people want. I don’t gamble anymore (‘cuz I have addiction problems), and sure, yes there are lots of escorts, but there’s also lots of other emerging things like arts & culture, people with physical disabilities communicating through it, and people who haven’t had much of a “first life” due to harsh circumstances. I think some of these good things need to be more obvious, it’s clear that it’s too easy to get drowned in the cliche of SEXSEXSEXOMG.

    I first came inworld, pretty much armed with a checklist of what I wanted to see and do. Granted, my path has been pretty atypical, and I’ve had the same tech problems as anyone else — but what cut to the core of it for me was the humanity, and connecting with other people. I was at a pretty low point in my life because I used to do music, but hyperacusis ended all that. So I was puttering around in SL.

    In some ways it’s like a pleasantly reflective funhouse mirror, indicative of your hopes, dreams, and even fears.

    Some things from There I’d definitely like in SL, like the dogs (those pets rule!), the more springy motion, and… oh yeah do you know about the FollowCam scripting calls in SL? Basically you can get a very There-like cinematic camera, I blogged about it too:

    Whenever I go, “Damn! So-and-so isn’t in Second Life but should be,” I either take a crack at making it myself or hope someone else will.

    It’s still the early days, I agree the interface has gotta be smoothed out a lot better and the average framerate has to be faster, it slays me when I’m trying to type something to a friend and it gets jerky. It’ll prolly be laughable a few years from now, looking back, at how much things have grown.

    But that’s the way it always goes, isn’t it?

  17. CB Says:

    I can’t believe this game gets any press at all. The graphics are terrible, you walk like you have a 2×4 up your butt, and it’s totally laggy. Half-Life from 1998 has better graphics and game play.

    Second life sucks ass, I’ll stick to WoW.

  18. Jamal Mfume Says:

    It’s worth mentioning Linden Lab allows users to retain copyrights to their creations in Second Life, and that, in my humble opinion, makes it quite revolutionary.

  19. Tom Says:

    mmm yes jamal i agree it’s so great that i can keep the copyright on my ejaculating horsecock thanks linden labs

  20. Masa Says:

    SL sucks. It’s a helluva concept and what have you, but you walk around the world, the world’s laggy (and it’s server side, other people experience “rezziness” at the same time) and there’s not much interaction *at all*. Yeah yeah, they use IM’s and all that, but it’s just a 3d version of AIM or ICP, when you break it all down.

  21. Lukos Says:

    Yeah just droped sl, physics in that game are crap. And its just full of sex and more sex – Really if I want to talk to fellow engineers I will just hop on IRC, less lag.

  22. Romit Says:

    A lot of people have dissed second life because of its execution – I agree – but i think it avatar-based spaces is the fundamental flaw. Avatar-based spaces reduce the scalability of the web to physical space whereas text-based (or more traditional web navigation) hyperlinking offers a far richer user experience.

  23. £egion Says:

    SL is a joke, and with the copy cat script that you can DL now, it is easy to copy just about anything without paying. So What happens to the linden now?

    Also another way to scam, go into a clothining store, anytime someone tries on an outfit or passes but the bit map is stored on your hard drive cache, so you do not need to buy clothes, just stand around and rip off images. then upload them and you have those clothes for free.

    So Simple.

    SL is just a graphical online PORNO chat, with many men dressed as women. 😦

    Kinds like VMRL was back in 1995 a good idea, that never worked.

  24. Wiglimogger Says:

    SL really is the gayest thing I’ve ever touched. Seriously… The source engine, which has really good graphics, a very realistic physics engine, runs better than this low-end, blocky, unrealistic hot steaming pile of bullshit. And if you’re gonna diss the source engine because it’s so open-ended, try the UNREAL engine. This crappy video card can run it fine. Faster than this crap? Hmm.. makes you go “hmmmm” …

    Now let’s talk about the community. Ahem, can you say “WORSE … than Counter-Strike Source”? Except now its the opposite. Instead of complaining being the problem, now it’s the assholes on here. Nothing better to do than go to the newbie starting place and blast people out of the air and into the next fuckin world with these invisible missles that shoot toward you at the speed of light, then disappear into a puff of moving sprites that look like circular sparks. I didn’t think 6 year olds were advanced enough to sign up for something like this…

    But I gotta admit… I’m 14 in high shcool and today my fat “friend” who’s about 3 feet tall told me about Second Life.. made it sound better than it is. Apparently he got nuked and ‘respawned’ with both of his legs missing and now he has to fly around the world.

    ………. I’ll definately give There a try 😀

  25. Bannned Says:

    Second life suck, I bought a new computer a new graphic card and a new everything to see what the hhype was about, i manage about 15 mintues in there and somethign crashes, i loos my head or it take me an hour to walk a few feet… while the background jumps and people try to talk to me..

    Seriously this is bad, I can see potential for the market, and a lot fo fun to be done, but damn how did second life enven get that many sign ups? i can’t even sign in anymore wiht out the program crashing.

  26. Kenny Says:

    I agree with about 90% of what other people said about SL. It blows.
    Graphics are polygony (is that a word?) and lag is so bad it’s pretty much unplayable. Think 1989 on a 1200 baud modem. Thats SL.

    After you ‘land’ somewhere you pretty much have to sit there and wait for about 3 minutes for it to draw/fill all the polygons in. Even after that it’s so choppy just trying to walk …bah I’m not even going to try and tell you. I’d rather just send this message and go delete it from my system.

    Nice concept
    Horrible code

  27. I have to agree with this. Second Life is about as sorry as it gets. Not entirely sure about the part about it being built with Adobe Atmosphere (It’s actually using Real Media Codec to stream the content like a video, so says Phil Rosedale).

    I’ve seen and done better with the Active Worlds environment (near photorealistic content), and the requirements are infinitely lower to use that browser. So saying that Second Life is a “complex game” is a poor excuse for it’s abnormally high system requirements.

    The only reason they have managed to get this far is because they are deluding the public into believing they are a “Metaverse”.

    They wouldn’t know what a Metaverse was if it bit them in the butt. Second Life is the Paris Hilton of VR Content. There is alot of money involved with it, the media just love to cover it and give it exposure, but in the end it’s still not worth the time or effort. It’s simply famous for being famous.

  28. ohno Says:

    Second Life it’s good on changing every aspect of it’s meshes… But, the camera work its just terrible… Anyone who played Lineage II feels so frustrated with SL camera… Sucks big time…

  29. Linxdev Aero Says:

    I googled “Second Life Sucks” and found this blog 🙂

    I’ll add my feelings. I’ve been on about 1 month. It starting to get boring. I’ve found a crows that likes sailing and boating and I thought that would be fun. Its becoming impossible.

    I bought a pontoon boat for 75L at a marina and thought I should pilot it to my home slip. I could have simply teleported there and dropped it in the water but what fun was that. I never made it…
    The problems I had are as follows:

    1. Sims locked out. Even though it was a fairly easy path to my house only about 4000M there were segments of land that were turned off. Piloting the boat in the water and I would hit an invisible wall.

    2. Land not rezzing fast enough. I needed the land and buildings to appear fast so I could see openings in the water. Many times I hit land

    3. Land locks. Some people would lock their land so only they could cross. If I go to close via that water I was immediately kicked out of the boat. Every attempt to “Take” the boat back was met with an error message that I was not in the right sim. Getting closer to the boat gave me a message I was not allowed to get closer to that lan.

    4. Land locks again. I saw narrow passage ways of water that could fit many boats abreast. But since those passages ways ran through lots some people locked them off. I could see water on the other side and only needed to travel 100M but could not.

    Point is what use are vehicles in SL? I’ve got planes, cars, boats, and helicopters. I’ve not been able to use one in a fun manner at all.

    Ever fly in a plan only to hit an invisible wall with red letters around it? That does not happen in RL and it should not happen in SL.

    Sorry to rant.

  30. Human from Earth Says:

    First of all, if you are reading this, thank you. I would just like to point out that we are all inhabitants of the same planet and members of the same species.

    So, how can two million of you sit down each day and not care about the real world. Does anyone even realize that real friends will make you happy?

    I am outraged at how many people continue to sit on their asses and do nothing about the problems that we face. Are they too good? Why should they care if millions die each year to starvation and poverty? As long as they can come home from their nowhere jobs and engage in fake sex over telephone wires they’ll be happy.

    I am not sorry to rant about this. More people must come to senses about reality. Get a fucking clue about life. It’s not meant to be lived in a virtual world made up mostly of old guys who wanna bang

    If you play your virtual life as a game, its only gambling on what you would like to do in real life, so why not go out and rape some chicks. Jail isn’t that bad. At least they feed you there.

    Also, if any of you that read this have any idea what we, as humans, can do about this, please oh please make it known.


  31. Living in Reality Says:

    The thing is, every one on here except the Human from Earth actually played it. F*** that! From what i can see, all you all care about is how good the graphics are. You all would love it if the graphis were up to par.

    That makes all of you the same, self-assuming basement fat-asses that get their jollies off by gang banging a transgendered rapist.

    Lets all live in reality as humans on earth and stop the genocide, poverty, and war!

  32. Martijn Says:

    Yeah I totally agree upon you!!!!

  33. VKed Says:

    I’ve already enough to do in my 1st life so not to spoil a precious living time into a 2nd, virtual, and extremely frustrating one.
    I quite agree with the previous comments: too much lag, too much lame sex, too much greed.
    Rule #1: when registering in SL, then exploring it, never EVER accept to pay anything. If you look carefully, you can find as free “kewl” stuff – gadgets, clothes, weapons and whatnot, as you want. Man, I’ve even found a free personal giant Stargate, very cool looking, if not really useful.
    All in all, it can be fun for a few hours, but it quickly gets really boring. Looking for a place to make friends? Just meet them on IRC, MSN or your favorite discussion site. Then you can all descend together on SL and try every meeting/kissing/humping place you want for fun.
    To have real fun in a virtual world, nothing like a good MMORPG like WoW – though it’s probably even more harmful for 1st life than SL, like cocaine.

  34. Gabe Says:

    Same here. Heard buzz. Downloaded 2nd Life. Didn’t even start on my old laptop. Seeked help. Found geeks arguing about graphic cards. No use. Start>Second Life>Uninstall. Google “Second Life Sucks”. Read the whole thing.

    My personal conclusion: “Agree. Get a (real) life.”

  35. Benzer Says:

    “Second Life Sucks”! I googled this and can now rest easy knowing that there are many who recognize SL as BROKEN. Even on a broadband 768 connection (with a Radeon 1600 GPU, Core Duo and 2 gigs of RAM) … Second Life ran like I was trying to play Oblivion on a Blackberry! Real 1999-era graphics. The “secret” behind the hype for SL is a clever marketing/PR department and a media/public starving for an engrossing, slick, virtual online experience (which is actually happening right now – it’s called WORLD OF WARCRAFT). Sorry SL lovers, but all the fantastic user-generated cars, tattoos, guns, dildos and miniskirts in the world can’t compete with broken graphics and gameplay! Go out and have sex, ride a bike, dance your heart out in the REAL world before all we have is some broken ass simulation like SL. If you want cyber sex, use AOL or Yahoo or just jerk off to internet porn!
    Uninstalled, bitch!

  36. Plum Says:

    Damn, I also got here by google “second life sucks”. I spent most of my day (a few weeks ago) waiting for the so-called revolutionary game. It was a complete waste of time and hard drive space. COMPLETE WASTE. And the whole online sex thing is wrong. Seriously wrong.. like.. there’s little kids on there learning how to do it from a PC game. Damn. I’m a game programmer, and I promise you all, I’m making a game right now (taking a break from coding -.-), and my game WILL kick SL’s ass. No, there’s not gonna be porn in it or strip clubs.. that’s just…wrong. I’m gonna start off with Kaneva’s crappy platform and work on my own. I’ll probably start off with the invite list thing too. Don’t wanna turn out like damn simple life with loads of bugs and shitty players.

  37. Mimi Showboat Says:

    Well I happen to enjoy SL for many of the reasons all of you have said you hate it. I have no problem with letting some fat middle aged guy pay me to have cybersex. It is SECOND LIFE after all. Not something I would do in my first life, it is just RP. I agree that the game is mostly hype. The whole game is just a money pit to the user. Jobs in game are a joke and even if you get a job the pay is a joke. If you don’t have a CC then forget about getting anything that is somewhat up to date.
    I think the business model of SL is a good one. Allows for business to give a face to that chat and makes the consumer feel more comfortable. Rumor is that some Universities are going to start using SL to do online classes. May be a good idea but Liden needs to do more about the bugs in world.
    If you are going on SL for RPC then the wrong game for you. This is a game for middle aged folks looking for their lost youth. Most people in world are not there to create they are there for the social connection. In some ways it is better than a general chat room. However, as technology continues to advance we will see what we learn from SL intergrated into the new overhyped game and those of you here that have bitched will bitch about that. So much for progress. Yeah, the game sucks but it is a start. It may be pointing the new future of online business. Let us just wait and see.

  38. Milgaviel Says:

    Actually, I have been on SL since October and I love it. I’m not a fat, geeky, arrogant, sad-arsed programmer type whose entire game experience revolves around whatever graphics card he has or his definition of ‘kewl’ physics, I’m a disabled 40 something who finds it difficult to get out of her house, let alone down to bars and clubs to meet real people.

    SL has allowed me to form virtual relationships and friendships which would never have been possible before. Do I care every time there’s a bit of lag? No, I don’t give a shit, because the people who I interract with also don’t give a shit – Second Life is not about living it up as some level 50 Wizard bopping off every dragon or elf you see – if you want that get Unreal or WoW. Second Life is about people. And once you see past the ever-present casinos, whorehouses, erect penises and transgender hos with their tits out you will find SL is actually full of real people, people just looking for a little of what they are missing in RL – human interraction.

    For me it’s not a computer game. It’s a way for me to escape my horrible, miserable fucking real life. Thanks for understanding. Assholes.

  39. hurldog Says:

    You’d be surprised how much they talk up Second Life in Academia. They make it sound like the greatest thing to ever grace the Internet. And this is what drove me to see what all the fuss is about.

    Seriously, this is the ugliest rendering I’ve seen since 1999. It’s choppy, laggy, and ridiculously buggy. And don’t tell me it’s my computer, because my machine is more than adequate to play something like WoW with absolutely no problems.

    Flying around was kind of cool for maybe 5 minutes, but other than that, there’s absolutely nothing to do. I didn’t see a single person talking to each other. I refuse to pay real money for some make-believe, crappily-rendered virtual nonsense. There’s seriously nothing on there but tits, asses, furries and pedophiles ad nauseum. And I’m not willing to expend the time or effort building crap for no reason.

    I can do and find all of the above in a MUSH, except without the crappy graphics and bugs. The has to be about a million other things people could be doing on the Internet to interact with other people besides this horrible pile of shit.

  40. Timtam Says:

    I agree that there are many problems with SL. It was much more interesting about six months ago when their were many building and scripting classes, as well as imaginative games like Slictionary. But building is difficult not just because of the lag but because of the odd building interface.

    I agree also that SL is mostly junk. But there is some good and really interesting stuff there. Problem is, it can be hard to find. Linden Labs could do a better job of vetting its own product and providing some interesting landmarks. The newbie is stuck mostly looking at the ‘Popular Places’ on the Search menu, which are populated with casinos and smut.

    That SL is not scaling well is obvious. They need another model.

    It’s funny that the posters here think SL participants should get a life while they extoll the benefits of WoW. To me, WoW is the lamest thing ever. ‘Leveling’. Nuff said. At least SL holds out the possibility of some real social interaction.

  41. ds Says:

    aaaaaaargh. I found this page by googling “second life sucks,” … now I know why the SL client is a free download. No *real* computer games publisher/distributor would touch s such a bloated P.O.S with a ten foot barge pole … enough said

  42. Caesar Best Says:

    Yes, I too found this page by googling “second life sucks” Just to see what’s up.

    It has been consuming my time for about a month now. The reason I looked into SL was the hype surrounding it. Being a starting (or was it starving) artist I’m always looking for new media outlets to dig into. SL looks like a reasonable addition to the wide array of media available.

    However, I really had to make a decision to back the fuck away from it for the time being. The thing is that you can really make a bundle in SL, but you have to invest a lot of money and a shitload of time, I HAVE NEITHER!

    SL is not a booming community, it’s a totally money based concept. You really can’t do anything worthwile without spending RL dollars. Membership is $10, which buys you exactly nothing apart from the option to spend more money on the purchase of land. The ‘maintenance fee’ for any reasonable amount of land is $30, if you want something worthwile though prepare to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars a month.

    Then there is the fact that the UI is too fucking tough. There is no learning curve, because it all comes to a screaching halt as soon as you want to do anything but look at tits. You can probably learn, but for a ‘3D’ design n00b like me that takes a lot of time.

    The freedom is overrated, as a non cc member I’m unwanted in many, many areas, as a stranger I keep bumping into the above mentioned invisible walls, as a bum I’m unwanted in every club and as a new member I’m often ignored.

    So anyway, past month has been consumed by getting the hang of SL. Spending hours ploughing through thousands of freebie inventory items trying to make my avatar look somewhat decent. And finding out that two weeks of gambling raises me about 20 US dollars, waste of time, you can make more in a day of the RL robbing of old women.

    From a promotional point of view it’s only worthwhile when you spend tons of money and time. From a entertainment POV I don’t really know, it’s kinda fun and sorta addictive, but so is polishing my shoes.

  43. Kaj Says:

    Thank god i found people with an brain.

    Second life is like 50% bad schooled people and the other 50% desperate foreign people.

    btw i have an very good system wich can run almost every new game but the world is just an shitty laghole of crap and nonsense xD, the gameplay is to say annoying as hell and the community is like “i 1 2 nly talk 2 people wit much of linden doller or good house, u wan cyber?”

  44. mike Says:

    uninstall of Second Life has just screwed my whole system. I can either restore and have the worthless Second Life application on my system and use my applications or uninstall Second Life and now spend my ‘first’ life rebuilding my system so that my applications will work – not that I am have too much luck with that at the moment.

    Wish i’d never installed the Second Life – game !?

  45. Plum Says:

    Poor Mike. That’s like shitty Oz. When I uninstalled that SL clone, all my shit got taken off my computer – PERMANENTLY. That means KGP. That means the game I’ve been working on for about TWO YEARS. Thank God for CD-Roms. I lost about three thousand bucks worth of computer stuff that I actually paid for because of that SL clone shit. I have to start over on fixing my fucked up purple forest now. Nice job SL clone. SL has fucked up graphics. MAJA fucked up graphics.The grossest thing on there is the porn shit. I tried SL, and when I did, the first thing a saw was chicks and dudes with their *places* upgrades and shit hanging out. Fucking disgusting. Even the fucking lighting in that game sucks ass. That game is seriously fucking bitched up. Ok, and in SL, along with bad graphics, the porn don’t even look real[not that I cared], now for a so-called revolutionary game, what the crap is that? Chicks tits were LITERALLY boxes. I swear some 80-year-old sex offender pervert came up with that game. Shit, BARBIE games are more fucking interesting than SL. I could play Barbie all day if I had to chose between them & SL. THAT’S FUCKING SAD. I don’t see any reason why I’d play SL. Fucking crap not even to save my life.

  46. Oh, so I take it you weren’t impressed then? Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    What a bunch of fucking idiots you people are actually spending time telling other people in a shitty blog why the *FREE* software you downloaded and installed on your system not only didn’t give you a first life hardon.. it fucked up your system!

    You’re clearly not that bright then are you, you halfwit. Anybody with a brain would have backed up. Tosser.

    Hahahahahahahaha 🙂

    Oh, here’s one for your huge brain… my Name is *not* Joshua Linden. ROFLMAO – you loser!

    Second Life is great if you like that kind of thing. There’s nothing to discuss. If you don’t like Ford you buy something you do like, but you don’t spend your life finding fucking asshole blogs to tell other people that Fords are shit (well they are, but that’s not the point). You move on. Fuck me what a bunch of losers you all are.

    Except that dame who has the shitty life and uses SL to give herself a good feeling. Way to go babe. Don’t listen to the losers – I hope you’re having a better day today.

  47. Tom Sucks Says:

    lol at that guy

    There rules SL drools

    also there were people with shitty lives on There too, you know, disabled people? and There was more lifelike and fun for them.

  48. Plum Says:

    “*FREE*”. Are you advertising? What a tree fucker you are. Man. There is OK. But they let it open too soon. “Joshua Linden”, I’d be ready to feel bad when I join Plum’s game hun. You’ll wish you never said that. SL is slowly dying, and I’m sure plenty of people will laugh when you die with it.

  49. the scribz Says:

    what a load of bollocks! i’d not even wipe my arse with second life.

  50. hernine Says:

    I agree with all of you guys! sorry for my English…
    Second life is just another start up.
    It’s defenitely a WASTE – OF – TIME!

    What’s the point of being an “undestructible” piece of avatar?
    Answer: Pay as long as there is electricity to waste!
    Apart from lag, rendering etc…there’s nothing but promotional platforms for any standard business companies.Is that what leads democratie and social knowledge? Sh..T!

    If this will be a new business model, it sucks again!
    1- An enterprise would rather inverst quickly 1000 guys or secretaries to do the bloody job, block lands,buy anything and promote any other silly crap.

    2-Surely 5/10 avatars are from other firms.

    3- The newbie’s had it because to breack any monopol he’ll have to pay….

    !!!!!We got to be carefull guys with what’s REALLY behind all this.!!!
    Linden might sell all this to any power complexed firm within 7 years…and then what?
    So guys: Creat creat creat! The more you create, the less valuable SL will be in a few years.
    Because too much choices Kills the interest…;-)

  51. Eric Says:

    I tried to access several times over a course of a week from Europe. I came here via google, thinking that my lag and packet-loss problems may be regional (although no such problems to other US servers)

    For me, it was laggy, slow, and utterly boring. What are you supposed to do? Buy 3d models attached to scripts? Create and sell 3d models? Purchase land and build? I tried that, the game froze and when I logged back in, I had nothing but a single box object remaining. Gamble? No thanks.

    While there is a beginner’s area showing HOW to do basic things, there aren’t any pointers letting you know WHAT to do. It makes sense, after all, there ISN’T anything to do.

    It is like the web in 1996… a big, ugly, confusing maze of 256-color GIF porn. Except the web in 96′ looked prettier, had better search, more direction, and generally more value. (which says a lot about how bad SL is)

  52. morgen Says:

    As for the poor performances, one should point out the software upgrading system. While every piece of decent software in this 2007 world generally requires just a small patch to upgrade to next version, SL demands that you download again 30MB or so to correct one or two of its inadequacies, so you reinstall the whole MPoS every time. Talk about network clogging…

  53. Mike Says:

    This is great! I too googled the above. I tried SL 3 times now and my 2.8GB Notebook crashed twice after 20 or so minutes play time.

    SL for me is interesting to have a laugh. I won’t be on soon….p.s. screen name “miles brooks”. ha ha…

  54. Scooter Says:

    Second life is for losers!! All people want to do is escape real life and have virtual sex and eventually try to meet in real life. It may have ruined my family. Time will tell. F*** Second Life and the losers who prey on people with false pretense.

  55. CMP Says:

    As did others, I Googled “Second Life Sucks” after a few frustrating days of annoying lags, freezes, and so on. I’m using Max OSX.3 on a G5 iMac, on high-speed DSL, and it ought not to be that bad. I never minded jerky rezzing on Tomb Raider, but SL is brutal.
    I was piqued by media hype to explore a metaverse, etc., but Sl is frustrating because it does have a lot of interesting stuff – and crap, too, and I just like wandering around finding stuff and looking at things.
    BTW, I am one of those fat middle-age guys, but sex is not my motivator for wanting to explore a virtual world with an avatar – hell, I even made my avatar look as much like me as possible – but it could add to the fun, I suppose.

  56. Adder Says:

    You know what makes SL suck????? Everyone that plays it. You lot are so funny. Someone has a good idea and gives it to the world to play with, with very little interferance from Linden Labs. All they do is keep the damn thing running. Everything else on there is created by. Ummm let me think. Oh yeah sad ass people, that want porn. Maybe istead of just moaning about it. Why not change it. I see lots of people on there that do good and are changing things. At the end of the day it’s a choice if you look for porn your going to find it.. Ummm sounds like RL to me, so maybe your all sad for looking in the first place????? As for ripping of scripts and clothing. Yes we can all do that too. But doesn’t that make the people that do that just as common as the thief that steels from shops??? and your doing it!!! So in reality doesn’t it really show you how sad the world really is???? They are both sides the ones that think it sucks and the ones that are on there steeling and playing porno games. But….. if you really look and stop typing in Porn and Sex into search…. You might just find what wonderful things people do on there. So think about it it’s your world to play as you want too. And thats what we end up with. Stop moaning either start playing and making it better for everyone or foget it and say RL is doomed to this future, becuase if thats what it is like in a lawless society, only governed by the limits of the PC. What chance is there for the human race if people like you just moan and not do something good with it?????

  57. Tom Frost Says:

    I don’t have much to add that hasn’t already been said, but I’m yet another mark on the list of people who foudn this site through a “second life sucks” google search. I heard Scion was modelling their cars there and I’m in the market, so I figured I’d go check it out. Two hours later, I’ve kindof had a glimpse of something that might have been a car if it actually loaded, and a girlfriend who got so frustrated that she trashed the whole program five minutes later.

    There is nothing smooth, cool, or revolutionary about this game.

  58. Nasty Nate Says:

    Second Life is gay. I tried it for two weeks last year, to make money, because I was afraid to go outside, but I ended up just gambling or AFK dancing all day(seriously, what the fuck? How gay can you get?), and not doing anything fun or productive at all. By the time I uninstalled the game I had about fifteen bucks worth of Lindens, what a crock of shit. I’m not about to buy or sell virtual land, either, if I wanted to get into a virtual economy(which I don’t, at all) I’d go sell WoW items on eBay. I googled “second life sucks” last year, found this site, and laughed my ass off. I just tried downloading SL again, and after about fifteen minutes of lagging around and dicking with my appearance I got rid of the damn thing for good. It’s great to see this blog’s grown so much since last year. Keep it up, real lifers.

    And to all the disabled, etc., use something else. Second Life is a waste of your time. I guess this There thing people talk about is cool. Hell, play World of Warcraft, it’s a lot better. People are nicer, the game runs a lot better while looking much prettier, and overall it makes you feel like you’re part of something big, like you really belong. Nobody griefs, nobody walks around with floppy penises, nobody makes stupid prim houses. Go for that. Or, here’s an idea, since you obviously don’t care what others think about you if you’ve given your life to this piece of shit Second Life, go outside and do real things. Take a carpentry class or learn steelworking if you want to create objects. Go, I don’t know, have real sex with a man with a giant penis or a woman with stupid fake square boobs. They’re out there. You can even have sex with a combination of both at the same time, in one person, just like in SL. Maybe like in SL, I don’t know, I’ve never seen it. The point is you can do it. Whatever dickwad up there babbled about changing SL for the better, go change your goddamn real world for the better. You wanna walk? Put your mind to it and invent some legs. You wanna look good? Go get plastic surgery. You want to talk to people? Stop being so anti-social and make some friends. You wanna fuck an animal? Go do it and don’t tell anybody about it you sick fuck. Whatever you do, stop giving these greedy, lazy, sorry excuses for people recognition they don’t deserve for a piece of shit, played-up chatroom. I think murder would be a better alternative to this steaming pile of mule shit.

    Seriously, go, right now. Alt+Tab back to SL, press ALT+F4, and get your First Life in order.

    First Life rules!

  59. Plum Says:

    “Second Life” really could have made a good name for a game like the one I’m creating. SL & VLB are a lot alike. What sucks about most games like these, what’s so fun about the game if you can’t freakin SURF or SWIM? Huh? And what the hell is with all the hover board shit? If you’re looking for something fun I promise you’ll find it when I finish mine. Because I’ll have people [example my trusty friends] to keep porn & sex off it. I’ll make it a little bit more fun and have my mods approve the items first & all.. have more competition in building than penis upgrades. Naw it ain’t gonna be educational and yes there will be more than just shopping & driving around, i’ll make it part RPG, so you can shoot people when they make you pissed off.. maybe even run over them and make them fly across the town. =) I agree much with Nate.. he sorta read my mind.

  60. Adder Says:

    Plum you need to grow up! It must be that SL is a far to grown up game for you. Now why do I like SL so much aposed to a game your suggesting. It’s call freedom of choice. If I recall didn’t Hitler want to take away freedom of choice to create the purfect society? SL people do as they want to and yes there is a lot I don’t argree with on there, I just don’t look for it! But I would rather it be there and not look for it than it not be there because there are fashists like you trying to control people that want to express them self freely. Unlike you that want to have a control freak game where you blow people away because you don’t like them!
    PS Would that be a race thing too. Maybe a game for no Jews or Blacks or the handicapped people???

    Leave SL alone or celibrate it’s freedoms, as real live should be! If sex didn’t ceate customers it wouldn’t be there so is it the fault of the people that profit from it or the sad asses that pay for it. Umm yet anouther simularity to real life!!!!!

  61. reallife Says:

    I didn’t get past the choose an avatar, the choices were sucky and the adjust-an-avatar controls sucked. I am seeing kudos for this lately where sl is touted as educational, cultural, I think its all PR planted by linden to sucker people in.

  62. reallife Says:

    2nd life reflects what pervy oldsters think that ‘the youngsters’ want to see and do online, in other words get exploited and ripped off?

  63. craftyza Says:

    Now 1st off. Not every one feels like playing games where you blow the living daylight out of monsters the whole day! If you dont like second life then so be it. It does not mean that second life suck! What it means is that you dont like second life. So be it. It is as much your right not to like second life, as it is my right to like it. live with it. There are nearly 2mil people that will disagree with you. It is kinda like reading a book. You do read right? You escape into a reallity where you are in complete control do be who you want to be, live how you want to live, and for a short while forget about some of the real life worries. How bout you grant us that.

  64. Nasty Nate Says:

    I’m getting back in here to say it again: SECOND LIFE SUCKS! You serious SLers are all Linden’s chumps that got suckered in by the premise of “complete virtual freedom,” which in real reality is code for “complete loser.” Again, you wanna change your life? It’s in your hands. Don’t be an idiot and think for one second that it’s not just because you can’t make it happen in a split-second. Instead of building prim clothes and scripting events, go fucking do something meaningful and productive. Holy shit.

  65. Jackie Says:

    I just deleted it after trying it out for the last 2 days on 2 different computers (both macs). I think its horrid! The graphics are terrible.
    And whats the point to it? Its so not for me!

  66. BOH Says:

    I’ve been playing SL for two weeks now because I thought it deserved a good kick before I came back to this post and slagged it off. I have tried a shit load of the myriad things the game has to offer, but at the end of the day, there is nothing there to keep me interested. I don’t like designing av templates or photoshopping (i suck at it) and I code all day long so object development is not what I want to do with my spare time. Once you take those two ‘productive’ activities out of the environment you have a glorified chat room.

    And I already post to dozens of sites, IRC channels and newsgroups anyways so… yea… I’d rather be locked in a room with a yo-yo… and a case of beer too.


  67. […] least, it feels good that we are not alone in […]

  68. Plum Says:

    I need to grow up, Adder? Look at you. You’re addicted to an internet game that is infested with flying penises. I hope you didn’t drop out.

  69. BuzzBurster Says:

    Second Life Sux (BIG TIME!)

    The message is simple. In my view it’s the most overrated marketing bubble ever.
    Don’t you see that they got more press guys than coders?
    Anyhow, since I was monitoring second life for a record label I had to face it and go my way through…

  70. Alex D Says:

    Yep, I’m yet another person who got here by googling “Second Life sucks” after a crappy experience with it. I was interested in the possibility of SL delivering distance-learning content. Yeah, right! Porn dungeons (with lousy graphics), terrible lag… Second Life is where computer games were 8 years ago and the internet was 10 years ago. A chat room is better.

  71. Wes P Says:

    Terrible. Just terrible. Like most, was intrigued by the concept, having heard so much about it. Have been playing around on it for the last week and have spent all my real life SL time chain smoking and swearing at my damn computer screen. The lag is an utter joke, as are the graphics.
    And then the people. Christ, the people. I was exited by them at first. Orientation Island was a little fun, i liked flying, and hell, everyone I talked to seemed nice and was as clueless as I was.
    And then that ended.
    I got my “passport” and BAM.. game over. When I was lucky enough to score a breif five minute in picasso cubism graphics land, I spent it talking to man named Franco whose vocabulary consisted of interesting kiddie porn terms.
    And then I googled Second Life Sucks. That was my crappy experience. Reading everyone else’s terrible experiences made me feel much better, so thanks, it was the best part of the whole thing. Now can I have the last week of my real life back?

  72. craftyza Says:

    This thread is hillarious really.
    a bunch of people that is blind. They do not have the ability to see beyond their own selfish lives.
    Wake up people, and start to realise that the world we live in is about diversity. People have the right to like things that you dont. people have the right the enjoy themselves in ways that you dont like to.
    If you hate a good logic game like chess, and some intelegent guy likes it, are you going to make fun of him because he likes it and perhaps are beter at it than you? Well I guess… actually you will, since you lack the intelegence to know what it is about. Now im not saying that you dont know what SL is about, it is just clear that you dont like it, and because YOU dont like it, the rest of the world has to hate it as well, seeing as we all know, the world revolves around you. You are better than every one else in the world. the rest of us are simple humble slaves. oops, here I go and use sarcasm, but I forgot that you lack the intelegence needed to understand the subtle humor of sarcasm.
    Grow up people. Time to embrace diversity. if you want to know what your world will be like, go watch the wall by pink floyd! There in that movie your world wins and you can see what it is like!

  73. Adder Says:

    Back again,

    Seems we are getting a collection of people that like SL on here :).

    Plum guess what I don’t look for flying penises, so guess what? I DON’T FIND THEM. Therefore it must be you that is sad for looking for them.

    I am on here defending SL, as it is a wonderful place for the shy type to interact with the world. If only a hand full of people find that helps them to learn how to interact with people, selling sharing and then learning how to talk to people in the real world, I can only see that is a good thing.

    Like craftyza said also, we live with diversity, but because of lack of understanding we have to live with wars too. Stop hating something you don’t like and get on with things you do like. I dislike people that think SL is all about sex and flying penises but I can never hate them or try to change them as long as they don’t interfere with me or other innocent people. Then maybe the world will be a better place to live in too, and games like SL wouldn’t need to be invented for people to learn how to create and interact with people, because its people like you, that think good things suck that shy people are scared of with your dominating views.

    Keep up the good work too. Craftyza

  74. quish Says:

    Yep… found this by googling “second life sucks”, too. I think I’m being quite fair when I say that this “game” is a totally worthless marketing scheme gone awry in the worst way possible. Linden Labs should be ashamed… I mean, really, this is 200-fucking-7 for chrissakes! These graphics are completely pathetic. The lag is awful, the voiceovers nerdy and stuffy… in general, I can’t think of a single reason why this game should ever receive the ‘good press’ it’s been getting in local rags. What a disgrace. I mean, really.

    Academia has a tendency to kowtow to anything that Wired magazine points to as being “techsmart” or “bleeding-edge”. It’s all bullshit, but they keep lapping it up, and will continue to do so until they’re ridiculed out of existence, which takes too long in most cases. Seriously, computers, even relatively slow ones these days, can handle so much more than this.

    Excuse the rant, but I just feel insulted by the press and the academics who can’t pull their heads out of their asses long enough to realize when something is an abomination unto the culture. Blech… this is going bye-bye toDAY.

  75. BlueSteelHotBoy Says:

    after playing it for an hour it felt like i was in a jail cell with no where to go…please help me. SECOND LIFE SUCK.

  76. Chris Says:

    I have to agree with most. I just tried second life for the last 12 hours or so. It was nothing more than fake strip clubs and scams on how to take your virtual money or opt in to some spam for a couple hundred. I did find one place that sold me the opportunity to use things like the batmobile or some other cool thoughts; however, who cares… it didn’t DO anything. The game isn’t a game; it is a giant commercial for some crappy “fill out this survey online” and or “earn commissions with my merchandise” Then you can purchase money for real money. WHAT!?!?! The game sucks. I don’t know who the millions are who use this crap. The graphics did suck too. The whole thing isn’t more than boring. I think I will stick to the sims because at least in that world there is still a purpose.

    Blah and 3 thumbs down~!

  77. Jenni From the Block Says:


  78. Mondo Says:

    Another second life sucks googler here…I’ve seen hyped up articles about this “game” for last couple of years. Seeing a slashdot post saying Coldwell Bankers was getting into this “game” made me finally check out what the hell this Second Life really was. Anyone remember MTV’s Tiki World VRML thing from many many years ago? Well SL is hardly any better, sure it looks to have a ton of features, but my god this is the lamest thing I’ve ever seen. It’s not intuitive, not user friendly, the graphics suck big time, and the UI totally blows. I wasted about 15 minutes in there and I had enough. This was after I had to download a user compiled binary to get it to run on Vista X64. Why would anyone waste their time with this thing? Someone at Coldwell is seriously delusional. I just can’t believe how something like this gets so much press. The idea is “neat”, and thats the only positive thing I’m going to say about it. If you really like this game, ask yourself if there’s something more useful you could be doing with your time. Hell play a real online game where you can actually meet real friends and actually have fun, like WoW. If you’re into this because you think you’re going to make some extra money, or strike it rich, seriously consider putting your time towards a real world endevor. Granted, I put zero time into giving this thing a chance, but 15 minutes in the game, and now several minutes writting this post were plenty. I wish I had four hands, so I could give this crap four thumbs down.

  79. Gecko (not Geiko :P) Says:

    Haha, I ALSO Googled “Second Life Sucks.” I played this game in late 2006 for about 2 days. I got used to building and I was pretty comfortable with all of the controls, but there is NOTHING TO DO.

    This isn’t a game.
    Lindin Labs forces you to buy their ingame currency. I waited 2 hours for 11 Lindin dollars and went off to buy something… The cheapest hat I could find was $300.

    I read on the official site that you could buy an island… for $1,000 and more! Oh yeah and its something like $200 a month. I’m talking real U.S. currency here.

    This virtual world.. er, excuse me, piece of garbage subliminal marketing technique isn’t worth of anyones time, money, or effort.

  80. fuutott Says:

    SL sucks like nothing. What are they(Linden Lab) thinkign.

  81. allthatyousee Says:

    Haha, I’m yet another person who came across this blog by googling “Second Life sucks”. And I’m from the UK, so I never even use the word “sucks” offline. Anyway, I’ve just heard all the media hype and was checking for reviews to see if it was worth playing, since I didn’t want to hand over my PayPal details and waste time registering an installing for something which to me didn’t look to promising.

    Looks like I was right. I wonder why all the media types and academics are so far up SL’s arse? It terms of media hype versus reality, SL is like the blogosphere^10. If you want a game, there’s countless online worlds that’ll fulfil your requirements to join an Orc horde or take sides in a zombie uprising (c/o Urban Dead, which has an amazingly active community and minimal graphics). I’m waiting on Minesweeper MMOG to come out… Anyway, games need structure and, more importantly focus. SL is too bourgoisie and libertine, and like all leisured aristocracies that are in no danger, decadence and erotica become their only reason for existence, along with the oppurtunists and conmen who attempt to make a quick buck. Unlike all other historical aristocracies, however, SL is not going to succumb to marauding Visigoths or a proletarian revolution… now that would be fun.

    In terms of social networking, SL is easily surpassed by chatrooms, forums, IRC, and social networking sites. It’s main flaw is attempting to simulate the real world, which isn’t really the best format for maintaining relationships. Again, sites like Myspace, with their abstracted “world”, offer much more flexibility and scalability. I never got into myspace, but I can see the appeal. It’s got an ugly and cobbled together look, but it appears the Dr Who aesthetic of putting it together yourself and showing it off to your friends appeals more to the masses than the smarmy artily-designed sites that only Mac-using journos appreciate. The main thing going for SL as a social site would be the simulation of an actual physical meeting; I think the Metaverse will begin with a Myspace type site that somehow include such a feature.

  82. slsux Says:

    I wish someone had warned us about second life before we foolishly paid to become a premium member – btw no refunds for any reason in their contract fine print. What a shithole that place is.

  83. DogSnack Says:

    All you really need to know is that the CEO came from Real Networks to know why Second Life sucks.

  84. Cocaine Jesus Bill Says:

    If you don’t like SL’s built-in animations, then you can make and upload your own custom animations in bvh heirarchy format.

    If you don’t like the fact that you can fly up without a ‘propellant’, then take your finger off of the Page Up key, genius. Problem averted. Beyond that, parcel owners have the ability to restrict flying over their land.

    A hodgepodge of hacks? Thats cute, but you only say that to make SL sound unappealing to people that aren’t smart enough to actually think about what you’re saying. If you liked SL, you would refer to those ‘hacks’ as ‘features,’ like everyone else does. Holding the Page Up key to fly is hardly a hack. On a related note, you say these hacks make SL “suck less.” Wouldn’t a more intelligent way to phrase this idea be “SL has several features which make it better.”

    Also a given server’s administrator has the ability to set the maximum number of agents (connections) allowed in the simulator. The fact that SL is a grid of simulators makes it no better or worse than Just different. Personally I don’t find the idea of dynamic land size any more appealing than SL’s sim size of 65535 sq. m. But thats all a matter of opinion.

    And I agree about the crummy physics engine 😉 But personally I don’t really care that they still use an old version of Havok. So I suppose I can see past that where others can’t. LL recently open sourced the client code (its been since you posted this blog), so their focus can be on server end and scalability issues. One could of course argue all day that they did that out of laziness.. “here you OSS fanboys work on the mess of code we wrote so we don’t have to.” But it was a good move regardless of their motivation.

    And I have to say, people really complain too much about the scaling problems. I’ve been a member since 2004 and the SL world has grown in size by a jaw dropping amount, and in my experience, the performance hasn’t taken the great hit that the bitchers like to bitch about.

    I hear too many people complain that you need to invest RL money to make money in SL. This is incorrect. I’ve made THOUSANDS of USD in SL, and I never invested ANY money other than what I earned in SL from creating content (scripting/modeling/texturing). I’ve bought virtual real estate in SL, and yes, it costs real money, but the money I spend on land is always money I made in SL to begin with. And I still always make profit. Who cares if Linden Labs wants to make money off of SL. They are a company after all, not a charity. They certainly aren’t forcing anyone to spend money. At any rate, you don’t need money in SL. Many people, myself included, use SL for a creative outlet, social networking, live music, exploring etc.

    If you guys don’t like the SL sex scene, then stick to PG simulators, or regions where sexual activity is restricted. There are as many clean places as there are sleezy places. If you can’t find them, then you surely aren’t looking far.

    SL has its issues, but I happen to like it more than any other virtual world at the moment, and there is a good reason why so many people migrate to SL from There/TSO etc.

  85. webmouse Says:

    I don’t like SL. For a good talk I have friends and neighbours. As a ‘game’ it sucks, too slow and crappy 3D, spending money on some vectors and pixels? The real problem is when your wife or husband is spending too much time on SL instead of doing nice things together, it can blow your relation… keep your relation with your partner healthy, concentrate on your real life!

  86. jesse Says:

    Second life is not as bad as everyone says it is. I get barley any lag and everything loads pretty fast, guess some of these so called l33t should get better pc’s and fx cards. This game is not a game to be played all the time, I use it to find people to talk to, and dance in and sex in from time to time. It is a good addition to another game, mine is currently EQII

    If you don’t get this game then fine, don’t play it. Then you have nerve to google ‘second life sucks’ and come here to bitch about it then say things like ‘get a first life’ haha if you have time to google second life sucks, sounds like you need the life jackass

  87. SlSucksBalls Says:

    Sl Sucks balls. Why? You have to pay REAL DOLLARS to get SHITTY,GAY and CRAPPY[VIIIIIRRRTUUUUAAAAAALLL!!!] Money. What the ass? You pay real money for some shitty ass virtual gay money? ROFL. You know what,just let those rich ass kids:

    Rich ass kid: Mommy i want some credits on Second life so i can be the richest!

    Mom: I’m sorry but i can’t pay you!

    Rich ass kid: waaaaa,waaaaaa,waaaaa!(cry)

    Mom:aww there there,i will buy you a million lindens!

    Rich ass gay kid: Yay! 🙂

    Some smart dude: Heh,immature piece of shit.

  88. SlSucksBalls Says:

    Also, the graphics are ass,there is NO gameplay,the people are ASS, the programing is ASS the places are ASS. Everything is ASS!

  89. SlSucksBalls Says:

    also,Cocaine Jesus Bill, shut the fuck up you computer nerd. we DON”T care about your gay ass geekyness. You can script shit, whatever,you-re a nerd,shut your ass you fucking 50 year old virgin. Second life Sucks, everything sucks about it, it’s just a failure. Everyone that was involved working at SL is a failure,and should shoot his head but before that,call a canibal to eat his brains. Num Num. Yum! Nerdy brain. Once again, Jesus BIll,are you on crack or something? DO you get high on cocaine? Rofl.Cocaine Jesus Bill. your name is gay, now go crack yourself and show your geekyness on second life,you piece of bullshit sucker.

  90. James Says:

    Wow,someone who finnaly understands me. Everything is ASS about Second life, especially the people! They are jackets, they should go and fuck a rubber duck. What a shitload of fuck game. Bottom Line, second life is just a gay ass piece of shit! PERIOD

    Now go and have a boner on your mom’s shaking ass when she’s washing the dishes,you can’t get laid,you sick fucks.

  91. 007 Says:

    Second life is a great concept, but too big for its boots. The graphics suffer in part due to this game being too free format and the environments too poorly structured.

    There are simply too many permutations of custom designs that mean huge amounts of data have to be downloaded each time you visit the game. This could be avoided by sacrificing some of these free for all design in favour of more structured and standard graphics design elements. is ok but its too limited still. Somewhere there is a happy medium, given available hardware capabilities of PCs and networks.

    I would like to see a game that just focuses on one city to a higher quality of graphics and performance. Get it right first, then repeat it on an incremental scale. I think there are many things that could be done to improve the perfromance and game / sim play. The SL graphics and game / sim play engine needs a massive upgrade otherwise its surely dead in the water before long.

    The SL concept has yet to be grabbed by the throat and shaken up by a big oinline gaming company. Some are trying but have some way to go.

  92. Talrendis Says:

    eh if you want something horrible you can always look up cybertown hahaha

  93. CS major Says:

    I also found this by Google search. “Second life sucks”. I first heard about SL from my professors who were willing to pay me to play Second Life. They seem to think that my work will get more people interested in computer science. Personally I am embarrassed to even tell people I am involved in that project.

    Is this the future of computers, the entire world in reclusiveness, talking to losers rather than neighbors? The game is so frustrating …it takes several minutes of standing there for the maps to fully load. The prim utility is a joke. It’s way easier to make a mesh in 3D Studio Max and import it. I’d rather stick to VB or Java rather than Linden script.

    If you wanna play a game play Wow or Gears of War or something? At least there are points or an end to it. First life is fine the way it is. Why make it worse by reliving it through a toon, talking to snobby people, and experience lag (the environment freezing every 3ft it took).

  94. SL hater Says:

    Second life sucks

    Second life is pointless.
    “I use it escape from real life” or “real life isn’t as much fun as SL”
    Where is this fun?
    The game is never ending, oh’s not even a game.
    There are no points, no scores, no end to this poorly written software.
    At least other games offer senses of achievement for their time consumption!
    And if that laggy piece of s*%t brings you pleasure then I feel very sorry for you.

    Second life is a play ground for novice gamers who lack the coordination required of
    other games.

    “You’re just not mature enough for SL” says the snobby loser
    I am not. Not mature enough for s*%tty pixel porn and crappy animation scripts.
    I’ll stick to real porn, or real girl for that matter.

    Stop playing SL, leave your homes, and slowly rehabilitate yourself back into society.

  95. SL hater Says:

    Watch this, perfectly describes my feelings toward second life…

    click me

  96. hosterzru Says:

    Всем привет, смотрю что тут все такие подхалимы, что не коммент , то лесть полная….

  97. Kais Says:

    Second Life is ruining my life. It has consumed my friend’s life and that is all she does. I completely HATE Second Life. She has been on Second Life for 2 Months, 2 weeks -STRAIGHT! She only gets away from her laptop to eat, piss and sleep – if she really feels like it.

    What pisses me off even more is that she ignores everyone in our house and she boggs down the internet, making it impossible for anyone to check email or browse the internet. I want to take her f***ing computer and smash it to bits and pieces. I think of all the violent ways I can destroy her Second Life so that the rest of us can feel free to browse the internet without getting her permission. What’s even more annoying is that if you ask her to stop playing Second Life, she has the nerve to ask why. BECAUSE YOU ARE HOGGING THE GOD DAMN INTERNET YOU BITCH!!!

    I really think Second Life is one of the most horrible internet chats available. It consumes her life and she doesn’t care about anyone around except to please her self. I think its damaging relationships and she has no clue. She is totally happy in her Second Life that it has become her priority. She doesn’t do anything around the house, never asks to help with buying geroceries, paying bills, she is not even paying rent. She just eats, sleeps and playing Second Life all day long and all night long until she decided to quit for maybe a couple hours to snag a free meal, chat with real people and bum rides to places that she realizes she needs to go to when she snaps back to reality. F*** Second Life. I wish it would go away.

  98. Hai:D Says:

    speaking of mean spirited, fake, delusional, rl-male to sl-female, wannabe intellectual elitist with a degree in google search, bot farmer, stalker snobs… ( ) such a simple night indeed 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 smilezzz dirty boy

  99. Vicky Says:

    This is ridiculous. The only way you’ll find porn on SL is if you’re looking for it. Otherwise, you won’t find porn if you’re just going to PG and Mature rated places. The only thing pornographic are specifically the areas labeled ADULT. I agree that the physics of SL is wonky, however, it doesn’t suck. The graphics can be just find if you have a decent enough graphics card and not some cheap Dell laptop. Besides, if you’ve only been there for two weeks, that’s barely enough time to actually experience SL. I wanted to give up my first two weeks, but I stayed and actually met some very nice people. There are uses for it.

  100. -.- Says:

    SL = Abomination of assness

  101. Vicky Says:

    Scratch that. SecondLife does indeed suck. Now that I think about it, there isn’t shit to do there. The people there are rude as fuck. They don’t even bother to say hello to you or even say anything at all. It’s boring. Now I understand what everyone was talking about. Fuck SecondLife. The reason I wrote back on this is because I tried SL again for a few days, but then realized that everyone kept fucking ignoring me or walking away. That place is so full of pretentious fat pricks, who are so fucking full of themselves.

  102. Carlos Says:

    The one thing I can’t stand about second life is the whole free lindens thing. they try to make you fill out surveys in the hopes of winning a few lindens. Not only that, but the surveys are bull shit and fill my inbox with fucking spam messages. And I never get the lindens they promised me.

  103. salmon Says:

    only play sl if you are a remorseless sociopath.otherwise..make sure you stay clear of them..its a chat room for shutins and over 40 &under 21 year olds bleeeeeeech!

  104. Adrian Says:

    lol , i found this by googleing ” second life fucking sucks ” xD
    and it does , i have some friends who play it and go on and on about how great it is . So i decided to try it …… and it really really sucks , i dont know how they can waste their time like that . Play PWI guys its much better !

  105. I was looking at your page title Second Life sucks, why do bloggers like it? Tom Sucks and wondering if you SEO optimized it? I’m a beginner to blogging and my blogger blog needs some SEO guidance. Could you kindly contact me at ?

  106. TM Says:

    Second Life: Linden Labs steals $30,000 from victim’s account. (Yes, victim’s account)‏

    A friend of mine just had $30,000 dollars stolen from him in the form of “Linden dollars”. Here’s how it happened…

    Incident: A few days ago, while using Second Life, a stranger approached my friend and started chatting with him casually. He was pleasant, friendly, courteous. My friend shared a few thoughts with this stranger regarding the excessive cost of most items in SL and assorted outrageous land tier charges. The stranger suddenly gave my friend $30,000 in “Lindens” and said, “I’m really well off in real life and I have millions of Linden dollars in my account, and I really like you, so you can have this money so you can have a better life in SL.” (paraphrased). My friend was shocked and almost in tears over the generosity of this stranger. We have no idea how many other people this stranger has done this to.

    A few days went by and already my friend had spent at least $21,000 of those very Linden dollars by sharing the wealth with his friends and family in SL in assorted ways. At least 20 people were directly involved with my friend’s sharing of thousands of these Linden dollars. The number of sales of goods and/or services past this point cannot be directly measured, but obviously this would be exponential (by persons) and in ever decreasing amounts as the wave of money was passed from person to person.

    Yesterday while a SIM (simulation zone) was being reset, he was logged off and came back on to discover that his bank account had gone from about $8,000 Linden dollars to NEGATIVE -$22,000! Meaning he “owed” the staff of Second Life, Linden Labs, about TWENTY TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS in less than a few seconds reboot time! Of course he called their office by telephone to “find out what the hell was going on.” Linden Labs told him that “the $30,000 dollars he was gifted by that stranger was stolen money, and so they (Linden Labs) ‘took it back’.” Now, in order to continue being able to use Second Life money what so ever, he has to ‘buy’ at least $22,000 of their digital ‘money’ using real life money (cash or credit card) or his entire account is in jeopardy. Wait a minute here… who’s the thief?

    Second Life is the only place I know of where accepting fake digital (Linden) money from generous strangers can cost you hundreds of dollars in real life in order to keep using their system. Words like “extortion” and “fascist government dictatorship” keep coming to my mind. Why? Even the staff of Linden Labs can create fake new accounts in order to pose as ‘noobs’ to see how people are interacting within their own world. Systems operators are ‘like gods’ and can do anything they want, not just within SL. The point being, if Linden Labs can do ‘anything’, why are they attacking my friend for doing everything correct? He treated strangers with courtesy and respect, he accepted a gift with honour, he helped out others, friends and family with this gift, it added to their lives within SL in many diverse ways, etc. Why is he being robbed by Linden Labs and punished for being a VICTIM of their own mistake and lack of security? My second major point being… how do we know who this stranger, or ANY stranger for that matter, truly is within the SL world? We can’t ever know someone in Second Life unless we know them ‘real life’… and with acts like this taking place with close, personal friends of mine, it makes me never want to trust ANYONE in Second Life ever again, especially the occasional and all-too-rare polite, friendly and generous people I meet there. It feels like (once again, as with their reputation world wide) Linden Labs in Second Life not only don’t care about their victims, but they also treat their own customers as a mere cash flow into their own pockets and nothing more.

    Second Life system and ethics: Linden Labs runs their entire world without oversight or accountability to anyone but themselves, like most Corporations, and yet they consider themselves a ‘government’. (“Governor Linden”) This ‘government’ (RL corporation) can do whatever it wants without any accountability what so ever to its own users. Just writing this article about the truth of what goes on in Second Life could get my entire account and all money involved ‘removed from their system’ as well. (I have always been smart about this false reality exploration and have spent less real money than any other user ever has in SL within the last several years of research and exploration while there) I have had to make sure that anyone I trust in SL has external, independent and private means to contact me in case of any number of horrible reasons that they can no longer find me through SL. It’s a world where you have to constantly watch over your shoulder for ‘other users’ (spies, fake accounts, duplicate accounts, ‘bots’ that record your every keystroke within some regions, griefers, hackers, reporters (people who report everything you say or do to staff no matter how ridiculous), etc) and now we also have to be paranoid about random products and cash gifts from other users as well. Second Life has become as DARK and TWISTED (and as noble and honourable) as the great minds of (/b/tards). There’s no difference between the two groups other than the graphic interface – the attitudes and results ‘in world’ are the same. (Do your own research.)

    Do you understand why words like “extortion” and “fascist government dictatorship” keep coming to my mind, now? If those words don’t fit your personal experience of SL accurately… perhaps ‘anarchy’ will fit better… only then you leave out the ‘world government’ that can terminate your life at any time on a whim or ‘theory’ after they’ve taken all your money and destroyed your creations (days or years of work). Any form of ‘police’ or ‘human rights’ in SL are ALL financial based as they are 100% dependent on ‘making money’ (Linden dollars) in order to survive in SL to pay those massive land fees and thus have nothing to do with democracy what so ever, thus rendering the whole idea ‘moot’ (pun intended). Second Life is a ‘One World Order’ (global government) type of experiment, and it’s dying every day as more users exploit each other to the extreme causing endless frustration in their constant flow of departing users (dead and seldom ever used accounts). The only thing that brings most people back is, essentially, the chance to be alone creating self-made interactive objects to help pass the time as a distraction from their lonely ‘first lives’. I find this deeply saddening to read every week from thousands of frustrated users. I’ve had to counsel friends out of deeply depressed, lonely states of mind over the troubles with Second Life, first thinking the problems were predominantly the users themselves, later to discover over time that the very system that Linden Labs has created is most unjust, unkind and completely unforgiving on all levels. It is a fascist dictatorship, plain and simple.

    I have to question, though… Is this not merely the epitome of human nature following its own self-fulfilling prophecy toward its own ultimate conclusion? Honour (self-control, self-defense, actively helping one’s friends and family with pride, reason, logic, wisdom and control) seems to be a world long past and forgotten with today’s world of entitlement on every level (The “I, me, mine” generation). This conclusion, perhaps, was ultimately inevitable – and I am glad that I have never spent more than a couple dollars of my real life money within the Second Life universe, and I’ll gladly refuse gifts from pleasant, polite, respectful strangers for the rest of my life as an occasional user of Linden Labs corporate ‘services’ (‘government’) called Second Life, so they can’t rape my real life bank account like they just did to my trusted good friend.

    PS: After more than a decade of serious lag issues in SL for 90% of its users, they STILL haven’t manged to make their world user friendly to non-wealthy users who don’t own top of the line computers and spend their entire lives on the internet. I wonder why… (sarcasm). I guess LL ‘knows where the real money is at’.

    • Motoko Kusanagi Says:

      “Linden Labs told him that “the $30,000 dollars he was gifted by that stranger was stolen money, and so they (Linden Labs) ‘took it back’.” This is entirely plausible. TM, you may sound like you know quite a bit, but identity theft resulting in someone calling LL and going ‘where’s my money? i don’t have an account on this game’ resulted in LL realizing the money = stolen. They took it back because they had an obligation to refund the person whose bank account/credit information was stolen or they could be sued for that 30,000 that the stranger stole.

      I don’t think you considered the real reason, you were just mad at a company and all involved employees for upsetting your friend when they had no choice but to do what was right, because again, where did all that money come from? If LL had to take it back, there’s a very good chance it was fraud. Fraud is illegal, it’s what happens when you buy things with other people’s money that you don;t have permission to buy. Though I don’t expect you to know this, seeing as how you just flipped shit at a company when you have no real solid evidence that something of this magnitude was Linden Labs’ doing and not just someone who either gave someone a trojan or keylogger through a website (which happens quite often) and stole some credit card information, bought 30,000 worth of lindens with it, got caught and your friend was just an unfortunate victim of circumstance- in this case being in the wrong place at the wrong time when that stranger decided to give them 30,000 in stolen money.

      It’s stupid of you to blame the wrong person. Give me proof that it was LL and not this stranger, but, I don’t think you have any proof, now, do you?

      • T M Says:

        You’ve missed the point. LL claimed the money was ‘stolen’ from themselves. Anyone can own a company and make such a claim against their clients without any proof what so ever, just like cops today make arrests for absolutely nothing just to harass innocent people that they ‘don’t like’. It’s called fascism – maybe you’re too wrapped up in that way of thinking yourself to even see it when it’s written down clearly for everyone to understand in a public forum.

        To also be clear about this, I don’t argue with passive-aggressive internet trolls, even after I correct them on the facts. Only HELPFUL connections and comments accepted. Negative fearmongers and supporters of fascism and personal attackers are blocked, banned, muted and ignored once identified. Class dismissed (whether you passed or failed).

  107. Kristine Says:

    Hi there would you mind letting me know which hosting company you’re working with? I’ve loaded your blog in 3 completely different web browsers and
    I must say this blog loads a lot faster then most.
    Can you suggest a good web hosting provider at a reasonable price?
    Kudos, I appreciate it!

  108. Motoko Kusanagi Says:

    Well, let’s see;
    This page is full of people who either can’t handle mature content at all, or have no idea what to do, where to go, or the fact that there are different types of crowds and different people. If you look for porn, you’ll find porn and people who are also looking for porn. If you look for rude fuckwits with their heads up their asses, you’ll find them, they exist. People attract others like them, so it’s not saying much that you’d find rude people on a game when you yourselves are quite rude.

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