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Gawker sucks May 14, 2008

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A while ago I was banned from commenting forever on all Gawker blogs because I complained about the seemingly large percentage of gay male oriented posts on the fleshbot RSS feed. I still see comments in their blogs about how someone is tired that they are reporting on twitter or some other thing that they don’t “care” about, and yet they’re not banned for commenting on that. It’s the exact same complaint, except the first one deals with sexuality so it’s somehow homophobic/evil. I now declare Twitter homosexual and thus if you say Twitter is worthless and you don’t care, you should be banned from all Gawker blogs forever.

Have fun.


7 Responses to “Gawker sucks”

  1. Robb Says:

    I was banned for saying Oliver Stone should worry about filling theater seats. Then was threatened by Brian lam in an email as I complained that I was banned for political reasons. How many real editors swear in a response to an email and act like a 2 year old? Brian is one of them.

    • Garrett Says:

      This is why my comments don’t get approved. They say they are unbiased (on the tech/news side of things) but of course this is a complete lie. They are so touchy feely about their “snarky liberalism” that even swipes from their side of the aisle are looked down upon. I hate Gawker.

  2. Keener Wright Says:

    Gawker has lied about, character-killed, and attacked good kind people and felt they could get away with it because of something caled the anti-SLAPP laws but now Gawker is screwed all the way to hell because the new cybercrimes laws are going to bring them down. They cannot escape the cyber-bully laws in all of the states they operate in and the federal laws nail them good on cybercrime. Additionally, 4 new precedents allow anybody that Gawker attacks to sue GAWKERS SPONSORS and WIN! That’s right, if you have ads on Gawker you better pull them and cancel your ad budget with them forever because now Gawker will be the cause of their sponsors bankruptcies.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Hoo Hoo Haw Haaaa Gawker/Gizmodo (Same site), that front group for the young scientology crowd (Yes, Denton the owner mostly hires scientologists)got screwwed today when Google changed their algorithm to put Gawker, Gizmodo and all of Denton’s crap sites into the lowest search levels. (Google people HATE Scientologists).. I love it!

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